‘We have to consume less’ to save the planet from climate chaos


A couple of climate scientists speaking on the sidelines of the UN climate talks in Warsaw have called for radical economic change, including economic de-growth especially in developed nations, if we are to have any hope of curbing global warming. They also said high energy consumers, especially among the wealthier classes, have to reduce their carbon footprint.

It may already be too late, as we seem to be on track for a 4- or 5-degree rise in global temperatures, well above the 2-degree threshold that could lead to alarming climate change.

Meanwhile, a group of activists walked out of the climate talks over what they perceived to be the failure of political leaders to take any meaningful action beyond spouting err, hot air. “Polluters talk, we walk,” they chanted.

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Don Anamalai

Many questions have been raised on various aspects of our PM’s spending, including the utility bill for his official residence Seri Perdana in Putrajaya, his use of government aircraft for official business, his penchant for using consultants and the mammoth budget allocation for the PM’s Department.

Rakyat need to know how taxpayers’ money is being spent. However, there is no full access to information on such spending. The only source so far is parliamentary meetings, and opposition MPs are playing watchdog to the hilt.


Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit

The way national wealth and economic growth are calculated need to be changed e.g. “bads” such as environmental pollution and health hazards need to be deducted from GDP and GNP. Then we won’t have witness the phenomenon of Mainland Chinese technocrats pursuing high rates of “economic growth” while ignoring environmental devastation and generation of health hazards. Simon Kuznets (the father of these) originally wanted household production to be added to national wealth calculations. But this did not materialise. So, the wealth of the poorer countries is under-estimated to some degree (household production for own consumption and not for sale on… Read more »

Don Anamalai

Eat in moderation.
Do not waste food.
Support Soup Kitchen.

Do not frequent those restaurants (those gourmet ones) that put too much emphasis on food plating and presentation, as they are likely to discard lots of edible food that is deemed not ‘presentable’. They are charging high prices to cover their food waste.

Food waste footprint:


IF these people can give Najib to reply why LKY have his air-cond on 24 hours at perfect 22 degree ALL the time, yet his electricity bill is NOWHERE near Najib. then I will pay them some attention..

semuanya OK kot

The heating due to climate change was reversed by the 2 World Wars especially by the Great Depression. It will reverse again – after a few billion people die. This may sound unpalatable, but such is our greed and inertia.


Eat very very less meat and more vegetables to sustain the lifespan of earth.

“Production of 1kg of beef releases greenhouse gases with a warming potential equivalent to 36.4kg of carbon dioxide.The production process also led to fertilising compounds equivalent to 340g of sulphur dioxide and 59g of phosphate, and consumed 169 megajoules of energy.”


start now. for example ask for less meaty liao in your hor fun; no lard in fried kway teow etc. Do your part and less lamentingabout doomsday lah !


While the earth is heading towards Armageddon, you mean more dancing around coconut trees ala Bollywood style & singing with head rotating like cobra 🙂 ?


tunglang, Even as the world is coming to end be happy. After all what can we do except to live and enjoy the fullest till the end.


Just do our little part, whatever. Earth is our only liveable home & paradise. Physical trans-planetary migration is still not in our engineering capability. Entry & Exit Portals to other dimensions, maybe not far off. Mars, the nearest planet with water was a forsaken planet left a long time ago (before earth’s beginning with thriving living species) by a civilisation far advanced than us. So, what you say, leave our fragile fate to chance just as it was in Mars? Just like Coast-Mud-Politan of once beautiful Gurney Drive? Think responsibly. We left Penang’s fate to a CHANGE hope for a… Read more »

danny k

not just bollywood but hollywood dancing to rejoice while the earth is stll spinning and forget the sorrows of escalating cost of living and pending demise of earth ?!

Dedicate this cheerful song to all regular readers/commenters of anilnetto.com :


Population is estimated to be 10 billions within the next decade so how do you expect to reduce consumption. India population may be higher than China soon but China is now going to relax the one child policy and so there will not just be an arm race, there will be a population race. Europe and America may follw suit. Remember how m kutty wanted our population to be 70 millions and why it is so. All because of colour >>>>


Instant gratification or sleepless nights, short product life cycle + even shorter brand-model Bing Chui, 6-month cycle for new product/version release, fake & pirated products flooding 3rd world markets, easy credit access > buy first, suffer later, ingrained personal branding (Bing Chui) above Joneses (or Ah Beng) – mesti ada gaya, fast food culture > food wastage & thrashes of take-away packagings, one-time use & thrash conveniences, 24/7/365 Facebook show-off > covetous influence of must-have-also lifestyles, MLM frenzy volume selling beyond actual personal needs of product leading to unwarranted wastage, government ‘uselessness’ of hands-are-tied mentality / apathy, who cares, not… Read more »


Don`t worry too much. We still have Mar to migrate to or may be Europa moon of Jupiter which is full of frozen water that will melt when we reach there.


Reduce consumption? In China alone, people buy 12 million cars a year. The earth is doomed.