Video: Himpunan Turun 2.0 march in Seberang Jaya


A video clip showing the march around Seberang Jaya at the end of the Turun 2.0 rally to protest against price hikes yesterday afternoon.

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How the traffic condition at Kelawei/Gurney area pre CNY ?
Heard Pulau Tikus crammed with vehicles especially the market area.
Pls advise as we may need last minute shopping 🙂


Priyanka, i have not been to the ptikus market for one week. Should be very crowded as usual. i will go first thing in the morning tomorrow as i have placed some orders from an organic veggie seller. He has his own organic farm (small scale i suppose). His stall is a very small one inside the market, only selling few types of vegies. Try and look for him. My family and i we dont actually celebrate anything… Yes, Anil, one tin of kuih kapit they sell at RM28 in SP, whereas i can still find 18rgt and 22rgt in… Read more »


goodness gracious eggs in Penang island has (temporarily?) back to more decent pricing (size B RM3.50 for 10; was over RM4 last week!).

My chinese neighbour and i will be hunting for cheap bargains b4 new year. Hear most shops closed by noon tmrw. Mandarin oranges could be cheap when stores like Tesco or Sunshine clearing remaining stock.

Happy New Year to you, Kee. Same to you Yang 🙂


BN’s response is to get police to go undercover at market to check on prices by petty traders. already short of resources to tackle crime, wrong priority?


Our police now also get job enlargement to be Syariah Cop(?)


I am glad that Citizen Nades mentioned this in The Sun today: Last week, Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced that undercover policemen would be assigned to monitor the prices of essential items at business premises. There are several limbs to this spectacular gaffe. What purpose does monitoring prices serve? Even if traders have marked up the prices, what can anyone, let alone the policemen do? Even the “turun padang” by members of the Cabinet has not yielded any results except for clicking cameras and rolling video cameras. Shouldn’t the police be focussing on what they have… Read more »


Blocking of public areas, road and traffic and assembly without a permit does not constitute a peaceful assembly

Phua Kai Lit

Professor KangKung says:


Cant read properly? Phua was saying peaceful assembly. Bersih rally was a peaceful one and so was Himpunan Hijau, and also those rallies by Pakatan, the culprits (using violence) were the police and those umno/bn samseng…

Yes, Malaysians, as a whole are very naive or put it bluntly, very stupid so we need peaceful assembly to awaken them.

Didnt you surf the net to look at those pics and the witnesses’ testimonies? I did take part in a few rallies, so i know we were peaceful…

Phua Kai Lit

Happy Lunar New Year to all Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tibetan and Mongolian blog readers !

Eat lots of kangkung. This is auspicious in the Year of the Horse.


Peace to all.
No violence on places of worship.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Yang

You don’t agree with the Right to Peaceful Assembly ??


Phua : So you are saying that to get elected you must create rally and cause unrest. It means that you are no different from the people you are opposing.


Meanwhile BN ministers would say any dialogue has to wait until they completed the ‘media engagement’ course to be conducted by Apco consultants?

Phua Kai Lit

Without peaceful anti-Lynas rallies, how would the people of Kuantan have awakened and elected
the following politicians in the Kuantan area (formerly an UMNO Baru-MCA-BN stronghold) in GE13?

MP for Kuantan
MP for Indera Mahkota
ADUN for Semambu
ADUN for Teruntum
ADUN for Tanjung Lumpur
ADUN for Beserah

Phua Kai Lit

No, keep up with the peaceful rallies.

The First Law of Peaceful Rallies: “The number of law enforcement officers (uniformed as well as plain clothes) present is directly proportional to the fear of kleptocratic regimes of People Power-type peaceful rallies”

Effective political action = peaceful rallies in the streets plus parliamentary politics


Again, I like to repeat, these things can get manipulated. Just because its multi-racial don’t necessary means it can’t be. This time around, there is a religious-layer over the Supremacist. Remember, Najib just said they will change UMNO’s constitution for-Sunni-only. It may be thin, but a think layer of excuse with FORCE, its all still possible given that Najib we know will just run away when it gets too hard..

najib manaukau

By now this Umno regime has become immune to all the protests and rallies in this country ! Besides they have their … police to arrest the people involved in the protests and rallies.

Their lackeys will do everything possible to keep the protests and rallies to a smallest sizes just to show the world that such display of the people’s dissatisfaction and the frustration is no where to be near the sizes of their neighbouring counterparts.


Work to solve the issues not rally. We have seen one too many rally. First PR DAP, PKR PAS with Anwar LGE rally on the electoral roll not clean but they won almost 90 seats. Then they rally 505 and and about their 49% increase of majorities but does they not realize that is the system passed down by the British. Then they rally against Lynas which has fulfilled the world safety standard. How much more trouble do they want to create just to get into power. Don`t be misled by … the tokong, DAP LGE, … PKR Anwar and… Read more »


Lynas has fulfilled the world safety standard, betul ke ??? Then, why the oz government didnt allow in their own land???

If the plant were built next to you i wonder you can be so calm.

Human’s attitude is so long as it does not affect me and my family, who cares. Thanks to Wong Tack and many others who are SELFLESS and my utmost respect to the aunty who is already in her 70s and yet she is so determined to fight Lynas. Pardon, cant remember her name.

Yang is now driving on reverse gear, pitiful.


1 Feb 2014 dateline for property approaching.
Stock market diving.
Better watch out if you have speculated condos yet to dispose !


Another one of PR group comprising DAP, PKR and PAS out to create commotion and diversion