Penang DAP election results


759 valid votes. These are the results, according to FMT.

  1. Chow Kon Yeow – 520 votes (69%) [2015 – 654 votes (86%)]
  2. Jagdeep Singh – 468 votes
  3. Yeoh Soon Hin (Penang exco member) – 458 votes
  4. Lim Hui Ying (Guan Eng’s sister) – 448 votes
  5. Phee Boon Poh – 442 votes
  6. Ramkarpal Singh Karpal Singh (Bukit Gelugor MP)— 439 votes
  7. H’ng Mooi Lye (Jawi assemblyman) — 435 votes
  8. Steven Sim Chee Keong (Bukit Mertajam MP, Deputy Youth and Sport Minister) — 424 votes
  9. Danny Law Heng Kiang (former Penang exco member)— 405 votes
  10. Lay Hock Peng (DAP veterans’ club chief) — 377 votes
  11. Ng Wei Aik (former Tanjong MP)— 377 votes
  12. Soon Lip Chee (state exco member, Bagan Jermal assemblyman) — 359 votes
  13. Wong Hon Wai (Bukit Bendera MP)— 357 votes
  14. Teh Lai Heng (Komtar assemblyman, political secretary to Penang chief minister) — 353 votes
  15. Phee Boon Chee (exco Phee Boon Poh’s brother) — 336 votes

The Penang DAP committee members for the 2018-2020 term are as follows:

Chairman: Chow Kon Yeow
Deputy chairman: Jagdeep Singh Deo
Vice-chairman: P Ramasamy (appointed)
Vice-chairman: Zairil Khir Johari (appointed)

Secretary: Senator Lim Hui Ying
Assistant Secretary: Yeoh Soon Hin

Treasurer: Wong Hon Wai
Assistant treasurer: Danny Law Heng Kiang

Organising secretary: H’ng Mooi Lye
Assistant organising secretary: Lay Hock Peng
Assistant organising secretary: Teh Lai Heng

Publicity secretary: Steven Sim
Assistant publicity secretary: Syerleena Abdul Rashid (appointed)

Political education director: Soon Lip Chee

Committee members:
Phee Boon Poh
Ramkarpal Singh Karpal Singh
Ng Wei Aik
Phee Boon Chee
RSN Rayer (appointed)
Lim Siew Khim (appointed)

Delegates eligible to vote: 1,086
Attended: 798
Uncollected ballot papers: 10
Ballot papers returned: 788
Spoilt votes: 29
Valid votes: 759

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X Man

Rayer and Ramasamy must encourage more Indians to join DAP.
They cannot depend on the party’s goodwill to co-opt them into Central Committee. They should not behave like that MIC chief barging into airport VIP lounge in slippers without showing respect.


How come use special lane for daughter? She VIP otherwise misuse of office. Even daughter of HK chief executive is subject with security check. Who knows what is inside the bag? Further who come in or go out should be carefully screen. Try enter other countries

V Ramesh

MIC chief still act as though he is the boss?
Airport security should not be compromised!

Call Me Handsome

Could be their own strategy to have less Indians to consolidate their perennial positions without threats?


Oh Tong Keong is the new Penang Gerakan chairman

Hopefully Oh can initiate a library plan to win back BB.

Wei come no comments on bill passed to limit CM tenure to two terms ? guess giving credit to DAP state government is taboo to the egoistic NGOs….hehehe

V Ramesh

Like drowning men clutching at straws, the country’s former leaders now under investigation for mismanagement will do anything for power, including stirring up racial tensions, according to the National Patriots Association. Without naming anyone, its president Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji suggested today that such former government leaders were behind the calls urging Muslims, Malays and other Bumiputera to rally in the national capital next month to protest a proposal for Malaysia’s ratification of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). “Cui bono, or who benefit if there are racial strife and ruins? The answer… Read more »

Seng Hai Tan

5 unelected-appointed members, 1 sister of the Supremo-Uno and 2 pairs of brothers. Cool brotherhood and family.


as long as theirs is not a dirty family…who cares ?

Elvin Ang

Elected democratically. No complain.
Those co-opted ones should be thankful and must reflect why they lack support.


A party that’s trying hard to shed its image as a “Chinese” party just voted out all its Malay and non-Sikh Indian candidates.