Live – Mahathir speaks in Penang


Mahathir: “When you believe you can become popular by giving the people money, then you will find that the people will demand even more money.”

“The pay of a prime minister is not enough to buy support… So what do you do? You [allegedly] steal!”

Pointed words indeed.

Mahathir is urging Malaysians to sign the Citizens’ Declaration. “Our detention centres are big. But they are not big enough to hold 10m people. They are not even big enough to hold even one millon.”

The more people who sign, the safer you are, adds Mahathir. There is safety in numbers.

If we don’t do something about this, then our children and grandchildren will have to pay the price, he says.

Tonight, Mahathir is also speaking at the Millennium Hall in Kepala Batas at 8.45pm.

My comments:

A relative of mine pointed out, “He (Mahathir) is the main cause of all the problems we are facing today.”

Indeed, as Mahathir was speaking, I felt he glossed over his role in propelling Najib to the top, even though he must have known Najib, as former defence minister etc, was no angel before that. Mahathir could have groomed Razaleigh or Musa Hitam instead, but perhaps there was too much bad blood in the past for that. The country would have been so different if someone like Musa Hitam was at the top.

My relative still remembers how Musa took a principled position after the PBS had won the 1985 Sabah state election and Usno was trying to get appointed assembly members to boost their elected ranks. What happened to leaders of principle within Umno?

Mahathir also glossed over his role in the constitutional crisis in 1983, when he clipped the powers of the monarch: he argued he never foresaw that a leader would steal public money. Really?

Still, whatever Mahathir’s motives may be now, at least he is trying to do something to atone for his wrongdoings during his 22-year rule. Many might feel he has not gone far enough by actually tendering an apology for all the harm that he had done. If he does reach that point of contrition, then he would win renewed respect. But sorry, as Elton John sang, is often the hardest word, especially for politicians.

When Mahathir was responding to Ariffin Omar’s question about whether the former premier was prepared to countenance the downfall of Umno, I detected a slight shift in Mahathir’s position that he would like Umno to remain in power.

After all, if as Mahathir maintains, many key Umno people have received money, then Mahathir himself, let alone Umno, would find it hard to point to a suitably untainted successor to Najib (unless the party looks to its fringes for those few more principled ones had been sidelined by the party in the past).

Nonetheless, there is no denying the value of what Mahathir is doing now, by giving Malaysians who care about this country a rallying point to express their concern and some semblance of hope. Who knows what will come out of it, but I am optimistic that the ripples of hope will translate to action that will have unexpected results.

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Forum ‘Quo Vadis Malaysia?’ – Ucaptama Tun M


Che Det wrote: Now the world knows and believes that Najib has misappropriated a lot of 1MDB’s capital. And the world laughs sarcastically at Malaysia which has become the most corrupt country in the world. And Najib is allegedly the worst Finance Minister in Asia. Heads of Umno’s divisions and Umno Members of the House of Representatives could not be so deaf and blind as to not know about Najib’s misconduct. But they continue to support Najib and defend him. Do not they feel any shame knowing their prime minister is this rotten, openly humiliated by the world without being… Read more »


The purpose of his daily twists and turns and is to distract from any action on his ill-gotten wealth and the brutality to achieve it. He is brilliant in that everyone who was around him still claims there is no proof, despite the massive scale and number of these: give-aways to cronys, useless foreign debt, loss of public wealth, dud projects, direct harm to people and environmental destruction. Just ask about one single project: Putrajaya. What does anyone know about it?


tmn manggis, bungalowgate?
how about good star and imdb?
billions of dollars vanished.
whose money?


Najib learnt the trick from Mahathir.


I find it amusing that people even bother to listen to him after all his track record. I would say that almost every problem we are facing today can be directly traced back to his and his iron-fisted rule. He’s just manipulating the Opposition and Malaysians to achieve his own agenda.

BTW, can we move on to more urgent and pertinent issues? There are so many issues in Penang as in the BungalowGate, Taman Manggis, rape of the hills, etc. Yet why we are more concerned about the raving of an Old Man and the Sarawak Elections ?


again apa lagi mau? you not happy armo macc question cm and tv 3 constant boardcast? you have more info with ard your money roller. you contribute a lot of info in ang’s blog and you come here and want info from us? what a …


Q: When you created a Kronic (an insidious crony appetite) Dependent Mentality & Desire in a system that fermented for almost half a century, how can you Absolutely Vodka change that? I must be drunk for asking Dr. Mad Hatter of Helang Island. Khang Thau (kronic cronyism) > Corruption > Haram Money are 3-combo demons eating away our national wealth, killing our potential & hungry talents, & taxing the already ‘pok-khai’ Rakyat (for whatever excuses even in the name of financially rescue thy beggar country). To treat that Kronic Disease requires more than euphoric road show speeches here & there.… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

UMNO Baru-BN is essentially a mechanism to transfer
money (from income tax, GST, pension funds, oil money etc)
to a parasite political class.

Rebecca Wilkinson

Video is blocked Huh?


How come he is asking us to clean up his own mess.
The late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was right about Mahathir & Umno Lama and Umno Baru.
That is all i can write in Anil’s blog. As the rest can and could be seditious.

Johan Khun Pana

It is just too bad that “we” have to help him out.
And it is “we” who gets to do his dirty business.
Pakatan can’t even organise a simple seating arrangement among themselves as if they are amateurs and yet wants to be a giant slayer.
Face reality about Malaysian politics , it is beyond hope .
Let those from umno bashes up each another kaw-kaw.
Or “Chinese” will get the blame again and again.
Come election time, am going fishing.


Johan, can i come along? Thks

But, again, withholding our votes would mean one vote for BN !!! Maybe, you can write a letter to pkr and dap if you still love he country.


Forget M & N. Lets focus how to sustain life with imminent global recession this time to hit Malaysians with reported RM33 billion out of RM52 billion of 1MDB already looted and cannot help local economy.

Now property speculators are suffering in silence, and The Star to earn revenues from Property Fair news and no conscience to warn you and me to stay away from buying properties right now, shame on you!


He is still in dilemma whether UMNO should stay on without Najib. Replacing Najib new breed of UMNO to create another round of scandals because Cash Is King already in their genetic profile!

kampong lad

1.pak lah wud have been our pm today, still, had he appointed/chosen mukhris instead of his menantu as no.2 of the umno baru youth then. 2. had najib made mukhris one of the umno baru vice presidents, wud bapak penswastaan care two hoots abt 1mdb, rm2.6b donation or even the muder of the mongolian woman? 3. najib curi duit? let’s all wait & see since the case is being scrutinized by 6 foreign authorities. kalau dia buat, dia kena tanggung. yes, mahathir tak curi duit tapi dia ambil duit rakyat (legally, but as a wakil rakyat?) & bagi kepada cronies,… Read more »


Even Mahathir is getting it wrong. It’s not just the money that is propping up Najib, at least not that we know. It’s Hadi’s PAS and he got nothing. It’s possible Hadi is already in Najib’s pocket – Mahathir should hire mercenaries to investigate. But short of clear evidence he can attack Hadi’s PAS, he does not have enough ammunition against the corrupt regime he designed himself.


Only when you admit your own mistakes will people support you.
No point lambasting on something that germinated from one’s own seeds.
Be a man & just admit it.