A little game: Spot the traffic laws, MPPP regulations being flouted


This photo, a scene from Burma Road sent in by blog visitor Kevin, seems to show the little regard for traffic rules and MPPP regulations in Penang – and no doubt elsewhere in the country as well where similar rules are being ignored.

MPPP regulations and traffic laws flouted?
Flouting of council regulations and traffic rules in Penang. Does anyone care? – Photograph: Kevin

If there is so little enforcement, what hope do we have in creating safe comfortable pedestrian walkways and dedicated bicycle lanes?

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This inconsiderate woman parked her car at the side of the road with double yellow lines and also part of yellow box in a middle of a rush hour traffic jam. Besides breaking traffic rules and being inconsiderate, she scolded me when I horned her for obstructing traffic by wrongly parking there.


“If there is so little enforcement, what hope do we have in creating safe comfortable pedestrian walkways and dedicated bicycle lanes?”

That’s not always true. The authorities can be very efficient, I assure you, in selective enforcement.


Penang has been my home for more than 10 years now. I was so proud to tell my family and friends, I don;t have to go for a holiday fro I live in a holiday destination. But now, sad to say it’s not anymore. People are not friendly anymore, business operators serve selected customers only, traffic congestion, unhygienic foods and eateries and lots more. Like bro Damien said,even if you are on the right side better keep your mouth shut. Can’t blame MPPP though they are slow in response,yet the blame falls on Penangities itself. No respect for law and… Read more »

Alex Munang

Flouting the law is becoming our habits and with the weak enforcement of those laws, we somehow think we can be above the law.

Papa Sensible

I just sent you 2 photos i took yesterday on vehicles/ctructure blocking kki lima which are common sights in heritage area causing inconvenience to pedestrians especially the disabled.

Also a photo showing you can buy a Curry Mee for RM2 from a hawker stall. Cheap but may be extra ingredient gotta pay for it.


Leandros lane, pulau tikus, the corner coffee shop is so dirty with all the sampah sampah by the side… and also bandar baru ayer itam minimarts at pulau tikus, the front parking area is an eye sore, plastic bags, papers are all over…

It is time Mppp to impose fines on law breakers and make penang a better placefor all.


MPPP sure bring the best out of Penang.


It seems there is a selective or non existence enforcement by MPPP. For examples in Jln Masjid Kapitan Keling there are two sets of rules being applied. In one half of the stretch, if you leave your car for a couple of minutes your vehicle will be clamped but at the other half you can double park your car for hours and there will be no action taken. The worst I think is in the Weld Quay area. A perfect ‘cowboy’ town. Hawkers and businesses operating in the middle of the road, double parking and even parking is free because… Read more »


None of the Bolehland(TM) municipal council able to enforce law to ban highly polluted swiftlet rearing inside a town, the task is so simple, just slap a huge fine and auction the whole properties if the owner refuse to pay the fine and stop. If such simple office desk paper works municipal councils zombie also cannot do, do you expect them to enforce this kinda “on the field” works?


We are looking at the result after decades of gross mismanagement by local town councils subservient to local government; which in turn subservient to the federal government. Third world management, therefore, third world mentality.


Even if you are on the right side of law, do not argue with traffic offender or you may run the risk of being attack.

Even Minister Kamalanathan also got punched (by Umno youth, literally). So be careful if you are challenged.


If one walks along the ‘go-kaki’ (5-ft way) outside Pulau Tikus prewar houses, be ready to walk like a Gurney Drive crab – sideway walking & zig-zagging to bypass obstructions. There is one sundry shop that blocks the entire ‘go-kaki’ as if its ‘akong’ owns the entire public space. The one-way street of Pulau Tikus Speedy Gonzales is meaningless & dangerous when you have cars & bikes parking along yellow lines (of no parking) causing obstructions to free flow of traffic. Mana ada enforcement? Should have a speed limit & pedestrian crossings & made it mandatory for vehicles (motorbikes &… Read more »