High density: The letter that was ‘withdrawn’


This is the MPPP letter that was circulating on the Internet which is presumably the one that has now reportedly been “withdrawn”.

Alas, when the MPPP tries to do something right in the public interest, they find themselves isolated, lacking in political support or worse, hung out to dry.

Now what prompted this ‘withdrawal’?

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tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, The decision of the MJOSC on 11.09.2012 to ‘freeze’ the Applications for Development Planning Permits (Permohonan Kebenaran Merancang) is timely due to objections to density increase from a maximum 30 units/acre to 87 units/acre. At least the MPPP and State Govt is reviewing its decision and thanks to Penang Forum for playing its role to oversee developments in Penang! Hope that before MJOSC comes up with a firm decision, MJOSC would consult the public, professional bodies and relevant NGOs to arrive at a better density maximum of say n units/acre! Let us bear in mind that if the… Read more »


tan, you are definitely right, having a density of only 30 units per acre is no longer feasible or economical, especially for affordable housing. I am sure no reasonable person here is asking for all development in Pg to be limited to 30units/acre. What we want is for proper zoning as well as for infrastructure and a transport plan to be incorporated into high-density areas. In other words we have to plan which areas are suitable for 87 units/acre and which are not. For example, you shouldn’t build a 30 storey tower in campbell st or in Pg Rd, but… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Padan muka Penang Forum, which chose not to fight lgE and claimed credit for the hard won battle that I fought tirelessly.
Who can respect Penang Forum which came out to do a damage control after lgE’s reputation has been seriously dented by my tireless effort?


Looks like they are starting to listen and hear our cries for affordable housing. We cant continue building low dense projects with only bangalows for the rich.