What could have happened to the missing AirAsia plane


A former air accident investigator, David Gleave, gives his view on what could have happened to QZ8501.

It has emerged that the pilot had apparently asked “to avoid clouds by turning left and going higher…”

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gk ong

The AirAsia flight QZ8501 had not been cleared by the Indonesian authority to fly the Surabaya-Singapore route last Sunday. Perhaps Tan Sri Tony could clarify this matter.


If the flight is ‘not authorised’, then will it complicate the insurance claim process?



Cant help hving a dig at gibberish


Si bangang is for trolls. Since u r uncomfortable and a respect of your blog i will henceforth cease to use the word. My apologies.

gk ong

Umno did not object to the bangang label, so MCMC will not take action on you.

gk ong

Accoding to a report on TheMalaysianInsider.com, the sheer volume of flights in the skies over Southeast Asia is putting pressure on outdated air traffic control and on pilots to take risky unilateral action in crises such as that possibly faced by AirAsia flight QZ8501.

Pilots who have flown the Indonesia to Singapore route say it’s not unusual for delays to requests to increase altitude to avoid bad weather – and for requests to eventually be rejected due to the number of other planes in the area.


Abb, waste no time in replying to these people…

The country perishes because we still have too many of them… sad !


While the PM and his minister is down in the field monitoring and helping in the flood with rescue and aids we have DAP goons from Tony Pua, Liew, Sivarasa and a host of others complaining complaining complaining this and that. And Kee, the best you can do is to call those not on your sides bodoh. You don`t have to reply to people like us because you have nothing constructive and with reason to rebut with the exception of calling others bodoh.


Kee, Since that our country would perished soon and that you have permanent residence in so many European countries, I was wondering why you are still here gooning. Really make me wonder ????


PM fly to Indianapolis from Hawaii in mainland USA before coming to Kelantan, why?


And he was supposed to migrate one country nearer to our own with a population consisting mostly of his own kind. I too was thinking why he is still here.

Dr Syam

“Bangang” debate between iSupercally (formery known as Gerakan K) and abb to carry on in 2015 ?

Ed G

Probably some of the blog followers may have noticed that there had previously been a few versions of *Supercally******** (all with the same light blue icon), but just for curiosity, how is iSupercally identified to the Gerakan K?


They are one same unit of cybertroopers asking readers to 1together for Malaysia as status quo without Change?


Dr Sham is making a guess and he is wrong


Blue wave army on the prowl on cyberspace. This blog is infected too.


One reader has mentioned that Anil likes these bangang fellows to ‘cetus kontroversi’ in order for more comments to gain more publicity for this blog. Stupid is allowed but not celaka!



u r just incredible. plane crashes are connected to over development?
talk about over-development and consequences. dun forget highland towers.
next time, u hv constipation, blame it on the one man who wants to be PM but am not now.
meantime, just spare a thought for the victims family.
i expect ananars to tick me off


Abb ; Next time think before you talk. I am talking generally not in particular


God, the Source of All created everything for a reason, his reason!!! LOVE, BEAUTY, ABUNDANCE… he loves all his creations, he shows beauty in every thing, every where on Earth and in the cosmos. The seeds are in the pure soil to grow in abundance, in unpure soil seeds cannot grow in abundance. We get what we need, not what we want. You want more??? You pay the price!!! From ease to disease!!! Empires are not build by God they are not his Source…not his Creation Empires are build by men. Men are creators and destroyers God, the Source, also… Read more »


The world is in turbulence. For the past many years we have natural and others calamities like flood, earthquake, plane crash and disappearance, ship burnt and sunk, war and human, atrocities etc etc in almost every country in the world. Don`t put the blame on God. It is our doing in the quest for development of jobs, houses, material gain and like what Tunglang said Bing Chui. Penang is one good example. Look at botak hill and its becoming bigger despite the heavy rainfall that could have covered up the areas with bushes and trees but its still there. In… Read more »


Do not forget to mention those botak hills in Cameron Highlands that have caused massive and fatal flooding. This incident may have impact on the political fortune of that MIC chief and Pahang MB.