Bersih 3 more peaceful than Jackie Chan’s Police Story 3


DBKL says that it only allows national, sporting and cultural events at Dataran Merdeka, but it didn’t mind a Hong Kong production unit unleashing ‘mayhem’ in the area surrounding (and above) the venue during the filming of ‘Police Story 3’.

Watch the “chaos” from 1:16:30

Let me see, does a film starring Jackie Chan full of staged violence and mayhem fall under the category of national event, sporting event or cultural (what culture is this?) event…

Swiss multinational corporation Nestle held its 100th anniversary celebration at Dataran last month. The square was reportedly also used for US fast-food multinational McDonald’s Olympic Day Fun Run (July 2011), German multinational corporation Siemens Run (September 2011), and Singapore’s OCBC Cycle Malaysia (October 2011). Who can doubt the rising clout of MNCs?

Now DBKL tells us that the venue is not for political and dissenting events. But wasn’t the huge gathering at Dataran to mark the countdown to midnight on the eve of Independence a political event?

To be sure, Dataran Merdeka (formerly known as the Selangor Club Padang) existed long before KL City Hall, which was only formed in 1972.

By any stretch of the imagination, it is a public space.

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The mayor of KL is a political appointee of Putra Jaya.
He can only act what his political master permits him to do.

Please don’t try to reason with him.
Go pressure Najib instead.

Richie Hee

What about Mat Rempit at Dataran Merdeka:


I think you made a mistake. DBKL says its not for political AND DISSENTING event. Meaning so long as its pro-opposition don’t care if its pro-opposition is going to save lives or cure cancer, cannot lah.. This is really about Najib’s nonsense administration that is simply about trying to just contain the opposition while they cheat behind their backs. Its about frustrating the opposition and winds of change systematically. But the real news is they do it badly and it fools no one. They do it badly because the frontline guys like DBKL just don’t know how to do it.… Read more »


sit in peace tak boleh.

violent act at dataran merdeka by Jackie Chan considered “glamour” by Datuk Bandar so ok ?

cuba pikir pikir mentality itu ….


What ever happen and where ever it is held , I shall be there.
If Pak Samad at the old age of 77 year old has the courage to lead Bersih , how can I not be present ?


LIES!! There goes his integrity and credibility, scumbag!


hey he is an UMNO appointee. an unelected mayor. if there is a local election, you can beat him hands down anil.
his subservient behaviour to the UMNO taikos is to be expected. would you not if you are in the same position. samad coined it neatly. its called carma.

here we come Bersih 3.0. afterall, the intellectually challenged minister said there is no security threat!

Richie Hee

Datuk Bandar has to ‘ikut perintah’ to safeguard his pencen!