Another hill project – 110m above sea level


How is this possible? A project to build 17 three-storey luxury bungalows on Bukit Gambir advertises the site as “a serene 4.1-acre hill land of lush greenery on an elevation of 110m above sea level”, when the usual permissible threshold is 76m.

Doesn’t look like much lush greenery left here.

beverly heights

beverly heights 1

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Have a look at the project website here.

Apparently, these bungalows are going for RM4.5m to over RM6m

What to say?

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LGE, are you corrupt?

Is MPPP corrupt?

Or are Your Concillors corrupt?

As i understand it, Your Councillors with the aid of MPPP Chief can over rule all the KOMTAR jokers just at the flick of a finger.

Gerakan K, is this true?

Remember the famous saying inspired by a certain MCA Chief? “The rot of the fish begins at the head”

Gerakan K

Lawan tauke like Dr Lim Mah Hui ???


Damn it… expensive. Good for the land owners. Just make sure to take care of safety.


Could it be that the 76m (250 ft) is applicable only to high rise condominium.

Gerakan K

Nice spin and let us see whether the UBAH mantra still working or not


Not a spin that says the land (BP Pala) is yours when it has been sold and the court order has said so.
And you could not even digest our Could it be and is it applicable

Batu Ferringhian

Dah…I won’t be voting for anyone in GE14. Makes no difference

Gerakan K

You can consider voting for independent or smaller party as PROTEST VOTE.

Andrew I

Or one that is kedai tutup.


Yes it will make a difference. Its a vote for the corrupt, a shrewd or a liar.
Which one do you want ???

Gerakan K

People, it is 4.5 million affordable housing project. No wonder even UBAH can twist & turn, cha cha or rock & roll.

Penangites has picked the wrong gomen in Penang ???


Yes who respect the law nowadays. You can appoint a minister even without first appoint him as a senator first. Who is twisting and turning. Check the guidelines first. Its not condo but landed properties. Is landed property subject to the 250 ft guidelines.??

Nk Khoo

DAP runner, the core issue is MPPP has never approved land clearing. May be LGE nodded his head verbally to Tan Sri for go-ahead(?)

What excuse you are going to give?


Chey Shua Khua Hai (live on hilltop/hillside, enjoy sea view).
Some cannot, some can (by loopholes, by laws, by breaking laws & getting slap ‘lightly’ on the naughty middle finger).
Who respects the land laws nowadays? You know who lah.

Anil, the seaview pictures above looks ominous.