Wishing you all a blessed and …


Wishing you all a blessed and joyful Easter!

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Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

Dearest Anil,

My apologies for the belated wish…Nevertheless, here’s wishing you a blessed and beautiful resurrection day of our good LORD, Jesus Christ, and hoping that he will continue to shower you with his blessings and keep you & your loved ones safe always.

Warm Regards,



mahathir came to umno by getting rid of abdullah and this m should leave all malaysians alone for the sake of peace. hey m you think you are very smart and noble and now all mt toes are laughing loud and clear. please go away seeing you on the tv gives me sleepless nights. … not even the malays appreciate you. you sacked judges … cos whne najib became the pm you just turn over your selg overnight. please don’t appear on the tv. najib will have to pay a heavy price for including mahathir as a advisor.najib please go… Read more »


A blessed resurrection day to you Anil. Thanks for the great work you are doing to bring us the ‘real’ news.

umar rentaka

God bless you too Anil. Thank you for your kind prayers.


You have a Blessed Easter too, Anil and keep up the great work.


The Malaysian Insider says Muhyddin and Mahathir wonder why the Chinese and Indians have disdain for the BN. Why are MCA, Gerakan and MIC doing? Can’t they do a correct analysis and provide an answer or is UMNO not listening? There is no hope for peace in Malaysia when the people ruling the nation are ‘confused, perplexed and puzzled’ why part of the populace show disdain towards it. They think tossing millions of ringgit to build Chinese lanaguage schools should do the trick for them. This as what they did and it worked for them in past. The Chinese now… Read more »


Anil, wishing you a Happy Easter as well and thank you for your great blog.

Thanks, Ganesh! All the best to you. – Anil