Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

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”Sacred” May 13 is to frighten the non-Malays into voting for them. Secondly, it is to mislead the Malays into believing that the non-Malays are trying to bring down a Malay Government which UMNOB is; that the Malays must be ready to defend UMNOB even if it means ”loss of lives” or ”crushed bodies” Accusations that non-Malays non-Malays refuse to join the Armed Forces because they are ”unpatriotic” is tantamount to telling the Malays to be wary of the non-Malays and their hidden agendas, and that the Malays must unite against them as the country belongs to them while the… Read more »

Thangathirai Joe

The non-Malay students in Penang are discriminated in the state level school exams co-ordianated by Majlis Guru Besar Pulau Pinang (MGB) and Jabatan Pelajaran Pulau Pinang (JPN). All students in Penang SK schools are forced to take the same state level termly standardise exams papers which may seem good but what is NOT GOOD is that all the non-Malays have to pay cash for the papers whereas it’s free for all the Muslim/Malay students. Why is this still practised under the 1Malaysia concept? All the Muslim/Malays students are also given free tuition classes with free “classified” UPSR modules and papers… Read more »


Discrepancies in Yen Yen’s replies raises eyebrows.
Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen’s latest parliamentary written reply on her travel itinerary is RM300,000 less than a similar reply two weeks earlier.

Labu Labi

MCA buys 42% stake in Star for RM1.28 billion. Imagine all papers like NST, Berita Harian, Utusan, Star and bla-bla all own by political parties in BN.

What kind of news do you expect to hear from the arrogant BN.

Do you expect BN to print news that favour the oppositions.

These papers are only use as brain wash medium, what an unfair political tools they have.

How can a political party controls almost all papers in a country?????.

What kind of truth can you read from papers nowadays???


No need to read mainstream papers if you have access to internet. Save money.

Wadi Janggong

Now MCA also (allegedly) want to buy Da Ma Cai (3D) to collect duit judi (haram?) for umno election warchest(?).

Philip Tan


I am awaiting your report/analysis/assessment on the flood in Kedah/Perlis. Hope to understand the root cause making it the worst flood in the history for both states.

Is the flood caused by:
1) 100-year freak storm?
2) Change in the weather pattern ‘El @#$%’ effect?
3) Choking draining due to Gamuda twin track construction?