Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

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Bung Moktar (BN-Kinabatangan) said “Proton said it would cost RM700mil to produce a new car. If it cannot afford (to design a new model), then just close down. Do not embarrass the country. Proton has been doing research and development for years. Don’t tell me that there is no design that can make the people proud,”



Speaking of food, have you watched the documentary film ‘FOOD, INC’ or read the book itself?

I bet you will shun burgers after knowing how it is made and what it is made of. The commercially farmed cows are now fed with corn and not grass.

By the way, McDonald’s Happy Meal would not decay in 6 months according to an internet report. I guess plenty of preservatives are added(?)


RPK to Khairy:

We can stop questioning the Bumiputera equity target, as what you asked us to do. But how are we going to ensure that we reach that 30% target unless you can find a way to stop the Malays from selling what the government gives them and then secretly transferring the money overseas to buy property or to save in foreign bank accounts?


Only the cronies of UMNO are getting richer. There are still millions of Malays below the poverty line and are not getting help. The rich just want to steal more and more. They lie to the Malays that it is for them, but it is only for the rich cronies. Malaysia is not going to go far with this type of attitude. Don’t forget to add in the enormous cost over-runs for the various mega projects that were “given on the silver platter” to the Umnoputra cronies and their crony two-ringgit companies. And what about the fat projects that were… Read more »


Najib tells the Chinese that if they vote for Pakatan, PAS will run the country. Then he goes and tells the Malays that if they vote Pakatan, the Chinese will run the country. How about making an adjustment to your otherwise boring racial rhetoric which is clearly not bringing voters back to BN’s or Umno’s fold. For a change, you can tell the Chinese and Malays if they vote for Pakatan, the Indians will run Malaysia. Najib is a third-class politician singing different tunes to different goons. As long as these people remain ignorant and insecure, no amount of effort… Read more »


We all know that Najib (does not appear) sincere.
… however much sugar-coated his speech may be. Apco is doing a lot of pR for him an drosmah as evident in the reports on mainstream papers.