Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

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Racist article on NST

Funny how history repeats itself


Tun Maverick in his twilight years must understand that his time is over, he no longer is in power.

There must be equality to all, there must be 1 Malaysia. No one is saying take away the Bumiputra special rights. What the Rakyat wants is a better distribution of wealth ie all Bumiputra to enjoy not a selected group of Bumiputra. Perkasa and Tun got it wrong.

We must all understand and appreciate what the current PM and BN wants – a better distribution of the nations wealth to all Bumiputras.


If Najib had any real will to strengthen Umno, the best he could do would be to end racism, cronyism, corruption and the NEP, abolish ISA, allow a truly independent judiciary, stop politicising Islam, stop interfering with the media, stop buying outrageously expensive military equipment that don’t work, and stop allowing the building of overpriced palaces, mosques and stadiums that collapse.

If he did just one of these things, Malaysians would start to feel happier about being Malaysian, Umno would reap the benefit of positive public perception, and camels would fly.


Umno’s recent ‘anti-Perkasa’ stand is just playing both sides and trying to trick non-Malays into supporting the BN.