Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • Ganesan orders Nizar out of the Perak State Assembly ; Nizar refuses to budge. LIVE – #
  • Live – Coverage of Perak State Assembly sitting this morning #
  • 300-400 people gathered at Brewster Road for the Ipoh vigil last night. (No arrests – apologies for incorrect info last nite). #
  • Shu shi released. But has to appear in court tomorrow for mention of charge re section 19 police act. #
  • They are now serving shu shi of awam with a warrant of arrest in penang in connection with a 2008 case. #
  • The 4 arrested in penang will be coming out soon. We are waiting near the station. Abolish the ISA! #
  • 4 people have gone into the police station in penang to post bail for the arrested 4. #
  • Lawyer told me that ocpd promised that the 4 arrested in pg would be released on police bail tonight. #
  • 30 people are holding an impromptu vigil outside Jelutong police station, penang. Motorists honking in support. #
  • Cops have given 5 mins for pg vigil to disperse. But many already left. Others leaving now. They have made their point. #
  • Syd Ibrahim chief of GMI and Mafrel arrested in PJ. #
  • lly lighted their candles bright. I horned as I passed and they were so happy to respond, just like carnival time!
    Its officially over. … #
  • tat one arrested. #
  • Eyewitness from IPOH – vigilers gave polis the slip by gathering at the other side- other entrance of Parkson Grand on Brewster Rd. Ap … #
  • Eyewitness from IPOH – PEACEFUL but one was arrested. I was driving, circling trying to get in but all entrances and exits were closed … #
  • FWD fr eyewitness – Now we gathering in front of pj police station to show support. Fru in front of police station protect their station … #
  • to catch ppl. #
  • Suaram penang coordinator ong jing cheng arrested in penang. #
  • Darshan Singh, Kris khaira, Chon kai arrested at ISA vigil at speakers square in penang. Now in truck. Cops outnumber protesters. #
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