Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • Photo slideshow of launch of Tanjung Bunga Coastal Park #
  • Who was Rachel Corrie (1979-2003)? Rachel’s 5th grade dream #mygaza #rachelcorrie #
  • BBC uses the term “pro-Palestinian activists” – but US leaders not called “pro-Israeli”. Why? #RachelCorrie #mygaza #
  • I am not in Ipoh though, just sources informing me. #
  • Quite a few juicy revelations in Ipoh tonight! #
  • Nizar has also revealed what Raja Nazrin told him at the Perak State Assembly sitting in May last year. #
  • Let’s just say Nizar’s allegations, if true, would be sensational – though few would be really surprised. #
  • Nizar is making a couple of startling allegations about who was behind the BN takeover of Perak and their attempts on Selangor. #
  • They have just played Najib’s “you help me, I help you” video at the DAP ceramah in Ipoh. #
  • A standing ovation for Ibrahim Singgeh who pased away at Monday aged 92. He was the DAP Adun for Tapah Road (now Air Kuning) in 1969. #
  • Some 4,000 people are at the “From Sibu to Putrajaya” ceramah in Ipoh. Chin Woo is full to the brim. #
  • Former US Ambassador Edward Peck says flotilla activists
    were defending themselves:… #
  • MV Rachel Corrie is now less then 150 miles from
    Gaza and should be approaching the exclusion zone at 8am… #
  • About to write an article on the govt’s plan to remove subsidies. Any thoughts to share? #
  • Eat only those foods that your great grandma would recognise #
  • Robert Fisk: Western leaders are too cowardly to help save lives #
  • Update: Pas Adun for Meru Dr Rani Osman is safe in Dubai #
  • Dr Rani is in Dubai RT @elizabethwong: False alarm: Dr Rani is not on the #flotilla but his colleague is on it. #
  • What is APCO’s response going to be on the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid ship? #
  • Condemn the Israeli attack on ship bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza. Up to 16 killed. Two Malaysian media personnel on board. #
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