Heavy server load: site crashed


This site crashed at around midnight due to a heavy load on the servers. Apologies for the disruption which lasted around six to nine hours.

Traffic over the last week has been more than double, at times triple, the usual volume.

Since last night, I have moved the site to new servers. It should be back up and accessible to most people by this morning.

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Your site may have crashed but my condolence goes to the deceased pilot of the crashed helicopter in Sarawak. RIP.


I don’t understand why sr.o isn’t using round-robin DNS and putting static copies of their content up on other servers. It’s their content that’s vital – hiding new servers with a silly name like www1 is going to ensure most of their visitors will never come. The only people who will see www1 links are people who are regularly online visiting ‘alternative’ websites and need no further convincing.

Mosquitoes ?

Ha ha ha…. ! …Gerak K playing the role of the innocent or ignorant !

Looks like the BN Cyber-troopers are swamping sites that published articles that they feared the truth !

Relax, anil. Your know how they worked, kan?

Gerakan K

Anil, remove the comment voting system. I’m very sure that it is the cause of heavy load on your hosting server.

Some people revisit your articles few times a day just for thumb up his comments or thumb down other people comments


Dont fall for this.

Gerakan K

Anil, as usual your site is very fast serving web content. Do you use shared hosting, virtual dedicated or dedicated server ???

Can you tell me who is your webhost ??? I also want to subscribe to their service as my current webhost is very slow and have a lot of downtimes.


To discover where Anil’s website (or any other for that matter) is hosted, use ‘dig’ or any other tool which will resolve anilnetto.com to an IP address – like ‘dig anilnetto.com’. Now use ‘whois’ to look up the info on that IP address – like ‘whois’. You’ll see who the IP address is registered to. In some cases that won’t be the organisation the website owner rents services from – it may be a company whose service is being ‘re-sold’ by a 3rd party. But almost all of the time, that’s the organisation you should approach if you want… Read more »

Gerakan K

Thanks for the technical info. Do you know any good hosting company ???

I’m willing to pay RM1000/year hosting fee.


I don’t know any good webhosting companies. I’ve used several in the past and they were all different kinds of not very good. I use unmanaged VPSes for my projects now – but you have to setup absolutely everything yourself on unmanaged VPS. You could easily get a VPS for less than RM1000 per year, but if you have to hire someone to set it up for you that might blow your budget.


Anil. Please do not give out any info. I dont have to tell you why.

Chin Xiong

Possibly a sabotage job from people who do not want you to reveal the truth in Sarawak?