Zunar’s new blog


Malaysia’s top political cartoonist Zunar has a new blog.

zunar dan majalah

You can find the site at www.zunar.my Check it out.

Zunar is a great guy to know – his ability to rustle up humour from everyday events is only matched by his booming and infectious roar of laughter.

But his life is made easier as some might say we have a bunch of comedians in politics who provide fresh fodder for his cartoons. After all, you can either laugh or cry at Malaysian politics. Zunar helps us to laugh – and we have to thank him for the humour therapy; otherwise, many of us could land up wallowing in bouts of depression.

So who is the real Zunar? To find out more about the man, read this interview with Zunar by Aliran’s Soon Chuan Yean.

And watch this video of him sketching a cartoon.

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Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
24 Jul 2013 10.23am

Zunar’s cartoon is funny but the incident of taking your meals in school toilet is not funny!

25 Jul 2013 10.48am
Reply to  Don Anamalai

I am surprised to see the Deputy Education Minister Kamalanathan strongly defended the Guru Besar in the Shower Room Canteen incident at SK Seri Pristana and even apologised on his behalf on TV! He is so quick to rule out “race or religion” as the rule was enforced on Muslims and non-Muslim. Clearly the rule only affected the non- fasting non- Muslim and not the fasting Muslim. It’s equally appalling to subject the school kids to this degrading treatment. Most of us however see the action as segregating and subjecting the non-Muslim children to this appalling treatment and the deputy… Read more »

Chong Shing
Chong Shing
23 Jul 2013 3.13pm

Untuk menyambut Hari Raya yang akan datang, Pusat Komuniti Johor Jaya akan mengadakan ceramah “Perkembangan Politik Melayu Di Malaysia” pada Bulan Ramadhan. Tujuannya adalah untuk kaum-kaum yang lain lebih memahami tentang pembangunan dan perkembangan politik melayu dengan islam di Malaysia.

Dengan ini, Pusat Komuniti Johor Jaya telah menjemput Ahli Parlimen Saudara Liew Chin Tong sebagai penceramah. Beliau menamatkan pelajarannya di Australia dan salah seorang penyelidikan pakar dalam bidang politik melayu dan politk PAS. Beliau juga menerbitkan sebuah buku tentang analisis politik melayu pada tahun 2007.

Tarikh:28 Julai 2013
tempat:Pusat Komuniti Johor Jaya

28 Jul 2013 3.55pm
Reply to  Chong Shing

A good forum indeed now that Tun M is bashing the Chinese ahead of the Umno assembly in Dec.

23 Jul 2013 12.34pm

Zunar best sekali.
Better than LAT who have sold his soul to NST.