Zunar comes to Penang


Malaysia’s leading political cartoonist, Zunar, will be in Aliran this evening.


Zunar could be charged with sedition later this week, following investigations into his cartoon books.

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Statement from Zunar: Since the inception of this issue last week, I have had to face questions from my customers from all over the country asking whether their personal details will be exposed to the police if they place their purchases from my website. In their (MOLPay) statement, they have failed to answer the most basic and important question – “when the Customer Care made the decision and informed us, was the list of my customer’s names already given to the police?”. Therefore, as a MOLPay customer, I am claiming from MOLPay to furnish me with: 1.A copy of the… Read more »


Zunar, who sells his books online, uses MOLPay Sdn Bhd as his online payment gateway. You’d think that these sites would protect your personal details, right? Something something about not disclosing it to a third party and all? Well… When the police sent a letter to MOLPay to get the payment receipts of those who bought the ‘Komplot Penjarakan Anwar’ book, they handed the information over. And get this. Zunar told CILISOS that the police didn’t have a warrant to get these information from MOLPay.


gk ong

No personal data protection policy at MOLPay? Then we should avoid it.

Simon says

Zunar’s next cartoon shall reflect the volatility of our KLCI stock market – now we knew it’s not resilient afterall as it depends quite heavily on oil price in the world ! Yesterday tumbled over 40 points while our ringgit fares poorly vs US dollar. Also now Singaporeans to flock over to JB to shop shop shop now that RM is deemed damm cheap to S$. The ringgit was quoted at 2.6262 to S$1 in late Asian trading on Monday. This is 1.2 per cent lower from Friday’s quote of 2.5949. It is also the ringgit’s lowest level since Feb… Read more »

Simon says

Off topic but I believe you would start a new cover story of impact of dipping oil price on Malaysia’s economy and hence the critical suffering of rakyat (dependent on BR1M judging by long q at Beach St yesterday morning) as the result ?

As crude oil prices continue to fall in the global markets there is mounting concern that low oil prices could put a spanner in the works of Malaysia’s already fragile growth story, its budget deficit and its currency, the ringgit.
Oil price drop could be Malaysia’s Achilles heel :


It is good to ‘diversity’ your Ringgit ie. keep your assets in other currencies besides the Ringgit?

eng hock

some “diversify” ringgit by buying condos – but now it’s not the right time.

gold now also dipping low and you can considr it when it hits rock bottom, but when your guess as good as mine.

if u have families (children) studying/working in Australia or Spore then only wise for you to invest there.

Aminah Sobri

Zunar’s comic should be available tonite at Jelutong.

Kee can buy there with peace in mind.


Aminah, i missed it as i was not around… sigh !