YouTube yanks off so-called ‘Anwar’ video


YouTube has pulled out a copy of the controversial video that was uploaded yesterday depicting a woman with someone purportedly resembling the opposition leader, clad in a towel, and another man.

“This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content,” said a message on the link where the video was uploaded.

Now, can we focus on the real issues?

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(They) Started Al Tantuya to de fame DSNAR ….it is back fire.Tit fot tat.
Poltics are dirty and cruel….look what happende to Sadam and Ghadafi…and Osama . They gambled and lost!!!


Those … politicians have successfully distracted many from the Al Kitab issue with Sarawak State election just weeks away.

People, get back on track to more important issues that’s facing country and Rakyat. Those desperados are jittery, and they will stop at nothing to discredit Anwar in their attack on Pakatan Rakyat.

Let’s stay focused on our march to PutraJaya!

Down with BN!

Gerakan K

Fight to regain Perak first before aiming at PutraJaya. If a small state like Perak also failed then don’t talk about PutraJaya.


This whole dirty conspiracy stinks to high heaven !
Do we want our children to live in such a Society ?- where powerful forces can go about with the support of Institutions that are supposed to protect citizens rights , to frame anyone they consider a threat to Good Governance ?
Oh my God ! How low can these 3 Datuk Totally Disgusting individuals with tainted background go ?
Anwar the TRUTH and Honour and the Majority of Rakyat are with you and Pakatan…

Gerakan K

Anil, put that video in your website so everyone has a chance to see it.

Andrew I

We’re not all perverts like you.


I think someone (we may speculate from which interested party) must have panicked after seeing the likes and dislikes posted on that you tube video and made a complain which subsequently led to the yank out.


I’m surprised YouTube pulled the video – there was no ‘nudity’ or ‘sexual content’ in it. They shouldn’t even have pulled it under their T&C for ‘harassment’ or ‘impersonation’, since the video was posted without allegation. What you’re celebrating here is censorship. Nobody who wants to live in a free world is going to cheering for this. In the name of ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ that video should be online – it will be available at other sites probably even as I write. By attempting to suppress the video you risk invoking the Streisand Effect: – as well as alienating… Read more »


How’s that for the same medicine? BeeEnders?
(Except this video has crossed the line of decency of behavior of cultured homosapiens…)


The Government should carry out a very high level inquiry to find out who (from our law enforcement & investigative agencies?) is/are leaking out all this info and videos to which only a few have restricted access. It happened in the Teoh Boon Hock case with the setting up of a blog T4TBH (Truth For TBH) when info from TBH’s computers (copy invoices) were published online and other bits and pieces appeared in several pro-UMNO bloggers’ sites well ahead of the coroner’s inquiry and the RCI. Similarly with the Saiful sodomy case. It’s obvious there is/are scurrilous moles within Government… Read more »


It will be refreshing to hear from UMNO … politicians, openly and unequivocally, state that they take responsibility for their despicable actions… for political gains. With UMNO … this is like asking the babies not to cry!!!…


Whether the video is authentic or not, whether its Anwar in the video or not, the rules of law must prevail. And so far it has not because the trio have not been charged for possessing and showing of pornography to the public which is against the law. When the PM & Home Minister with the coalition of UMNO & BN weaklings could not even respect a simple law, how could we ever let them govern the country. Why was the MCA pornstar not charge … Where are the rule of law in the Perak grab. Where is the transparency… Read more »


That’s d spirit!


Cant agreed more. But I always wonder why it took such a long long time to wake some people up. Yes, I meant only some. Are the people so foolish to let the M fooled for so many years. Didnt we all,MIC,MCA contributed and encouraged them. WE,the people have to think hard,what we should have done and not doing for the last twenty years.


I bet the dato t faction will say that it is not the “original” video.


Read the pro-UMNO blogs and forums, it has succeeded – its split the votes and that is all UMNO/BN need. Like it or not its relevant to our demographic. Focus on the issue? What? Get out of the country? – because that is the practical answer not some bull liberal seance.

What the heck

looks like split screen to me..see how it is done. btw, doesnt look a bit like anwar..


How to FRAME a person deemed a THREAT to Crooks who are stealing our Nations wealth. 1.Take a shot of Anwar in a hotel room with a towel round him after he comes out of the bathroom like all normal people do unless you are fr outtta space. 2. Next ask a video editing expert to join another shot of a woman in a compromising position. 3. Get a professional make up artist to add identical features to an Anwar lookalike ( see Bush or Obama lookalike on youtube,) 4. Get the lookalike to go into action with the unsuspecting… Read more »


Yes, we already have local capabilities to do special effect movies. For example, the KRU Bros has got the technology and studio facilities to make movies like Merong Mahawangsa and Cicakman with so much reality after editing.

Don’t forget Najib recently gave out awards to local malay technopreneurs in animation. Malaysia Dah Boleh!

Gerakan K

A clear cut spin

Gerakan K

There is news says that the video is *real* and that means no editing ???

Andrew I

Well, they haven’t yanked this one yet because it was done in the best possible taste…by cupid stunt.

Andrew I

Doesn’t she resemble Pamela Anderson?

Gerakan K

A troll detected !!!

Anil, do you job now censor it ASAP !!!

Andrew I

Are you referring to yourself? No need, with this new democratic system. The trolls are put in the drawer.


What is happening to the country? Selling sex to foreigners? Why must they treat Anwar this way? The more they push him down the more the people will support him. UMNO should play clean politics. The people are fed up with the kind of politics some politicians are up to. When Anwar is talking about national issues in Sarawak, here in KL some goons are talking about sex. The country will rot further with this kind of politics.


They sex-craze monkeys think YouTube is porno tube.
The world already knew our Malaysia Boleh Sex since the debut of Sodome 1. Too bad this video didn’t get thro’ the clean conscience of rightful behavior and gentlemenly conduct of the civilized 21st Century.
Can’t blame there are uncivilized ….

R.C. Watson

Like it or not, the real issue is whether someone who is trying to be PM of a Muslim country (or ANY upright country) is moral enough for the job, even going by the standards of a modern Malaysia. A former DPM who is aiming for the post (allegedly) has not only behaved improperly on SEVERAL occasions to disqualify him, he is (allegedly) unable or unwilling to curb his sexual appetites to allow himself to so qualify. A habitual and SERIAL offender of this sort must not be considered leadership material.