Youthful protesters put BN on notice


One eye-witness said the vast majority of the people at the ‘blackout rally’ at Kelana Jaya Stadium on 8 May were youths below the age of 35.

Many of them wore black T-shirts, probably the latest ‘cool’ thing in town, and blared vuvuzelas.

Blog reader J Steen reports from Johor:

I was at the JB rally. The atmosphere was simply incredible. This rally witnessed the true spirit of one Malaysia in action. I have never seen a more rousing rendition of our national anthem than the one sung at the end of this rally. People of all races, young and old, drenched, some perched on rooftops and trees singing loudly in unison. The incessant blare of the vuvuzelas is still ringing in my ears. Blackout tee shirts were being sold like hot cakes from the 25-plus stalls. BN, you have been duly put on notice. The Rakyat is not taking the election results blindly.

In another sign of the times post-GE13, I heard that at one local university, students openly questioned a visiting government official about the unfair media coverage before GE13 and challenged the official’s reasoning. This would have been something unheard of only a few years ago.

Then we saw courageous university students from Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia marching to the Election Commission office in Putrajaya on 11 May to submit a protest memorandum.

The youth are less encumbered by the baggage of the old politics of race and religion and any sense of ‘hutang budi’ or ‘racial polarisation’ that the BN appears bent on inculcating among the people. Read Azmil Tayeb’s excellent ‘Whither neo-feudalism?’ on the Aliran website.

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Ahmad Sobri

I will certainly congratulate BN if the issues of the 29 Parliamentary seats where fraud were alleged to occur are investigated and actions taken. You can continue to sleep, Malays not supporting DAP? I think, I should not give you free lessons on politics, because you an embarassment to your political master. Your thinking is so shallow, try another five years, perhaps you can learn a little thing or two. Let me tell you the political situation today is either Bangla Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat! No more UMNO/PAS/DAP! And to think back, 400,000 popular votes lost is a huge margin.… Read more »

Andrew I


Bangla Nasional.

Classic. Nice one, Ahmad.

Gerakan K

Wait until BR1M touch RM1200/RM600 per year. No need to talk nonsense, it was only Chinese tsunami. UMNO/PBB are strong as usual.

Ahmad Sobri

I told you pre May 5th, people like you should not waste your time and go out and vote. Win or lose you will be the favourite punching bag of UMNO, and how true! Only blind people like GELAKAN Kid, cannot feel the actual feelings on the ground. Despite all the free foods and beers, ringgits, it was clear Penangnites are going to vote PR and present the impotent MCA and frigid GELAKAN an EGG!! It was an insult to Penangnites, the “campaignings of BN”. void of issues! They simply have got no issues against PR! And. the “I’ll be… Read more »

Gerakan K

Come on Ahmad Sobri. Let’s congrat BN first. 133 Parliament seats they have won. Put aside your bangla/blackout stories. No problem if the defeats by Gerakan and MCA eventually made BN won the GE. Malay votes are more important than chinese votes because they are the majority of the population. FACT. No chinese support for BN still ok what ??? Just unable to win with super majority. Dap never win anything outside Penang. It is PKR gomen in Selangor, it is Pas gomen in Kelantan. Still want to brag kah ??? Dap can only win few feats outside Penang provided… Read more »

Andrew I

Dino K still using Gherkin name.


Yes I will congratulate UMNO/BN for winning GE13 but at what cost to them and all the gerrymandering. The BN coalition does NOT enjoy the support of Malaysians and they have to be thankful that Sabah and Sarawak came to their rescue. Don’t forget those parties are NOT call UMNO and they are NOT obliged to return the favour. Look at what PRS is talking about NOW. I will NOT be surprise that they will pull out of the coalition and whether they do crossover to PR is immaterial or remain as independent. What matters most is that the Rakyat… Read more »

bujang lapuk

Betul lah!

Orang2 muda macam ni tak dapat “tipu akal”. Tipu rakyat macam UMNO dapat. Tapi “tipu akal” tak dapat ! ;-))