Will Najib become PM now?


By now, many are thinking – and worried that – it’s a foregone conclusion that Najib will become the next PM.

But Tengku Razaleigh reminds us the Agong and Parliament have a crucial constitutional role to play:

Let us understand very clearly the transitional situation we are in.

1. The incumbent Prime Minister is about to resign as he has solemnly promised to by the end of this month.

2. On the appointed day (which like so many things in this administration remains a mystery) the Prime Minister will tender his resignation and that of his cabinet to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. With this the government of the day comes to an end.

3. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong will appoint the next Prime Minister at his sole discretion from among the members of the elected lower house of Parliament, the Dewan Rakyat. His Majesty’s choice is guided by his own judgment of who among the members “commands the confidence” of a majority the members of parliament.

4. The new Prime Minister will name his cabinet and form the next government.

5. The Agong’s choice may at any time be tested by a vote of confidence in the Dewan Rakyat. If the Prime Minister is rejected by the Dewan, the King will have to re-appoint another person.

Razaleigh goes on the discuss the implications:

1. Whatever undertakings the present prime minister has made with his deputy or with his party about his successor are external to the constitutional process. To think otherwise is to imagine that the prime ministership is a private property to be passed on from one potentate to another at whim. The behaviour of some leaders might have conveyed this unfortunate impression, and caused the public to find the party arrogant and out of touch.

2. The fact that the President of UMNO has also been appointed as Prime Minister is only a convention, as Tun Dr Mahathir, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz have asserted recently. This convention was based on the assumption of Umno’s absolute dominance of Parliament. That condition no longer holds.

3. Statements in the media that it is the right of Umno and BN to dictate to the Yang Dipertuan Agong who should be Prime Minister deny the constitutional right of the Yang Dipertuan Agong, and deprive him of perhaps the most important of his few discretionary powers. Such statements turn the Agong’s role into a rubber stamp for the decisions of a political party. I am waiting for Umno to strongly denounce such statements, especially as we have recently rediscovered our concern for the rights of the Rulers.

So it’s not over till it’s over…

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anna brella

Don’t think so somehow.

Perhaps a miracle will happen to change hearts and minds.


“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.

agadam nagadam

On the 1st of April 2009 – Pak Lah will call Najib to his side at a gathering in PWTC, hold his hand up together with Najib’s and say to the congregation – APRIL FOOL….

” I was only joking ’bout handing you the PMship….”…

Andrew I

K, you said: So if you do develop some discomfort while reading comments, may I invite you to disregard them?

Did everyone else, Antares and co, get that?

Great, we all know what to do now. How silly of us not to think of that in the first place. Could have saved ourselves all this trouble.



K, how can najib instill reforms when he himself needs to be reformed? loads of accusation on najib? why didn’t the police properly investigate balasubarmaniam’s SD or his u-turn SD? he was last wt the police b4 he made a u-turn SD and then vanished.the fact he had made a u-turn which favored najib under police interrogation was no accusation, it was the truth.the fact that he had vanished from this country where he shud hav bn barred from leaving the country to clear things out is the truth and the police didn’t issue an arrest warrant on him in… Read more »


Andrew… I see that I had misjudged your motives to be noble…but alas I was wrong. Initially I accepted your critique in good faith but now I realise that it wasn’t my language that troubles you as much as my stance on certain issues. There are plenty of people here write so poorly that it requires considerable effort to recognise their postings as English. But the fact that you decided to use a highly condescending tone to only one person (myself) betrays an ulterior motive that is certainly not linguistical in nature. Perhaps I would like to bring to you… Read more »

Andrew I

Well, going by your own justification and the improvements shown in your later comments, perhaps it might be a good idea if you were to post comments when you have more free time, which, contrary to what you might think, is not an exclusive privilege enjoyed by bored pensioners. You might also like to consider taking up a course in time management if time constraints are putting you in a bad light. Writing properly shows that one is being courteous to others. You’re not one to shove your way to the front of the queue because your time is more… Read more »


Dear Andrew I,

Good points and I do concede to most of it.

However, you got to understand that many of us here are not some bored pensioners with plenty of free time on hand. I believe many people here (like me) are busy working folks who post their comments when they get some free time while at work. We don’t really pause and ponder to think much about grammar, spelling or the structure of the sentences due to the time factor. That would explain the grammatical errors and less than perfect language.


Dear K, I seldom make any comments but your dismissive statement really caught my attention. If you demand a more objective view then let us disregard the motivations, agendas, actions and moralities of all the other actors in this Boleh-land Wayang Kulit show…be it LKS, DAP, DSAI, PR, PAS … let us narrow down the focus to Najib alone. Truth is: NAJIB is simply UNELECTABLE. The office of the PM …the highest in Boleh-land (as is the case with similar top positions in all other countries worldwide) must be held by a person who is not only clean, fair, principled,… Read more »


Antares,you are definitely head on the nail.I salute you.that guy always try to put contrarian views that was obviously misfired.Nizar is a qualified engineer graduated from England.He had years of experience working in western countries.Surely not ‘katak di bawah tempurung ‘who dream of malaysia bolehland.Nizar is definitely a future leader with high EQs ,definitely destined for greater playing fields.Nga Kor Ming is highly rated for his oratory skills.Just ask Datuk Tajol,the defeated MB.I can attest for that as I had heard his speeches numerous time.Do you know that he won debates competitions since his primary school days to the u.… Read more »


Najib may not be the best option but like it or not, he is the only option we all have at the moment. Anything else would be anarchy. Just look at what is happening in Perak…

For me, the elections ended in March 2008. Let’s stop all these stupid petty politicking and give the guy Najib a chance to fail first before we judge him. If he fails, then let’s crucify him and his coalition at the next polls. What say u?

Andrew I

You see, a little criticism goes a long way, K. Your second comment shows how much one can improve if one tries. It’s not about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Good English requires thought and effort, traits which are sorely lacking in those who are giving this country of ours such a laid back image. Try not to belittle those who do make an effort, but do not have the intelligence that you obviously have, albeit for some unknown reason do not wish to use. Can I introduce you to the Concise Oxford Dictionary Eleventh Edition… Read more »


Dear Antares I breaks my heart to disappoint and report to you that my real name is not Kenneth nor I have any association with that particular gentleman. In fact my pseudonym not even is K. Unfortunately for some unexplicable reason Anil had decided to censor and shorten it to “K” even though it is neither vulgar nor offensive. Well, I am equallly troubled on how anyone can accuse someone of a murderous and monsterous crime based on SD issued by some delusional fat blogger who has the credibility of a pirated DVD peddler. mut : To answer you, it… Read more »


>>This is an idiotic argument. There is no objective attempt to discuss the issue, with personal agenda blinding common sense and logic.<<

Which part of the above posting (quoting from Ku Li’s blog) defies common sense and logic? Or maybe the consti or the law?

Care to share? Maybe you did espouse your points but it escaped our attention.


K… I bet K stands for Kenneth, as in Kenneth Eswaran, the guy who introduced the Swamiji from Kerala to R & N…

Well, it’s hard to understand how ANYBODY who isn’t completely diseased on the soul level … could possibly endorse the likes of Najib Razak as PM!


Dear Anil, The son of our 2nd PM has now “Destroyed” his own Malay, Muslim Hadhari party UMNO beyond “Redemption” Even this BOZO Muhyiddin is still in Euphoric Denial Mode Dreamland…. This Incoming Deputy President Wannabe must be really “Desperate” to do his “Overkill” on his rival contender Ali Rustum & “Praising” his “Wannabe Incoming President”…. More so for his “Political Survival & his Business Agenda”, than for his Wannabe Incoming President, UMNO & the rayaat. Therefore it would be his proposal for the invitation to Mahathir & not Pak Lah’s. He badly needs Mahathir (More so his & Mukriz’s… Read more »


Like a cornered … getting lots of C4.

The good thing about going to hell is when it’s all over there won’t be any illusions left.


I’m sure the people will overcome the ruthless ruling party. There will always be splinter group… Decades ago, when we speak about dictatorship, its referred to one single person and his wife; now those dictators are still exist and come in the form of group of people that lead by 1 person and his wife. BUT, it’s a simpla math, and simple arithmetics on how to cancel out and make the equation turns to big O and neutralise! change the variables, then the constant will become negligable! maths person knows what i mean. Dont let King Louis & Queen Marie… Read more »


Dear Ahmad Ismail… My apologies for not using the Queen’s English for blogging here. You see I am just a boy from an estate Tamil school and a local uni grad. I wasn’t half as lucky as some people who had papa to provide money to study in some foreign universities. I had to slog through the exams so that I can get one of those limited places reserved for non bumis in the local universities.Also during my time they didn’t have PPSMI. As such my command of the language is only up to local standard. But I some how… Read more »


You sure or not? Najib bent on reforming. …
Najib has credibility? You sure ar?

Burung kakaktua

A common sight of everything turns havoc when darkness prevail and evils rule…speechless!


After Najib takes over, we should see the “attack” on the pearl of orient. The advance force is already in position. The number of negative Penang is on the increase.


I still don’t understand on how UMNO can reform when for the last 25 years it staff personnel all over our government and civil service based on affliation not on merit. Are you telling me these people that don’t deserve to be in these places will just move aside like nothing ever happened? It is hard to reform if the corruption web run so deep that if he even attempt to do it he will probably run into a concrete wall. If rakyat does it by voting in PR than it is the most powerful tools to unroot and kill… Read more »

johanssm / khun Pana

I dont think our Agong will create another controversy. He did created a chaos for umno when he refuses their choice for the position of MB. He did it once but that was for his home state. Terengganu is his tuft and so it was a different scene. Just like Perlis , the Raja of perlis dictates his choice for MB. What more can we say of Perak? If Agong gonna do this to najib, Agong cant do this alone just by his own decision.As this involves the country not just a state. He will need the support from the… Read more »


All Malaysians is at stake here. Whatever happens to Malaysia will affect all Malaysian. I still do not understand why until today, no action whatsoever is taken against the french Journalist and the newspaper concerned or any attempt to get a written apology from the french government for such serious allegation against Najib. And worst still Nazri said Puchong MP deserveed the punishment for calling najib “pembunuh” and supported by his idiotic reasoning “what if people call your mother a prostitute”. I for one would have sue the accuser till kingdom come. Come on BN, our country dignity is at… Read more »

thepplway 求真

hopefully,not najib 。