Will Ku Li leave Umno?


Tengku Razaleigh explains his stand on various issues and tackles the questions: Will you leave Umno? What will happen to Umno?

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….probably the honourable ku li is ”apprehensive” what with ‘strongmen’ like dsi, zaid and nizar ‘waiting’ in the wings.

since you are a more elderly man, and with your recent’uswing’ popularity , perhaps it is worth a try.

you wont know if you dont try……. whether you could find your way to putrajaya.

or you rather live out your now comfortable life as a kelantan prince or die as a HAS BEEN”?????????


………..personally, like nick says pr will win big in the next GE if ku li takes the initiative.

……… this is your second chance, after which there will not be anymore. want to BET?

……….surely as the sun rises in the east each day, he will be the catalyst for TOTAL uprising to kick the corrupted fellows OUT…..


I hope he does.If this happen for sure PR will win big next GE and wipe out the ruling gov. once and for all.GOD bless Ku Li..


“So be it!”

There is too much attachment to UMNO, he’s still in denial that the party is rotten to the core messed up by a bunch of corrupt evil leaders since Mahathir took over.

He still thinks he can change them(by throwing stones) and has too much to lose by leaving UMNO(?) but do they care?


His reasoning for staying in UMNO is not really solid. Firstly, its UMNO Baru and not the true UMNO. UMNO Baru has strayed too far from the real UMNO and does not represent what he says his reason to stay is. If he is really an UMNO (the real UMNO) man, its nothing to leave. I think he does not buy into PR and does not trust Anwar. Also he is does not feel like battling with the problems that comes with joining an opposition he does not 100% believe in. He is basically self-interested at the end of his… Read more »


Fairdinkum ,
the time and platform is very conducive for you
to walk out of umno and speak your mind. UMNO
is like a spent shell………..

Fire melts Iron

Tengku, in the best interest of the nation and your honourable self, leave when it matters. The timing you decide, you are still healthy much healthier than TDM and you can still do alot for the country and people. You are much loved and respected by a sizeable number of Malaysians and you can make a difference. Act when it matters Tengku, fight to win, and do not be hasty, like previously. Now, the pool of dissatisfied Malaysians waiting to vote UMNO Baru out is enormous! Just act when the time is correct. God be with you! Gerakan K, For… Read more »