Will Abdullah spring a surprise?


Hmm, I wonder what’s going on… Are we in for a surprise?

Mahathir, for one, suspects that Abdullah has something up his sleeve:

It is said that on 9th October, the day before the divisions are to hold their meetings, he will announce that he will not stand for election as President of UMNO. The question is, will he announce it? I have this suspicion that he will not. If he does not it would not be surprising. He is not a man of his words.

There really is no reason for this extension unless it is because of a possibility to influence the divisions into countering the Supreme Council and its demand that Abdullah steps down. In which case the extension may be further extended. Already SMS messages are denouncing Najib.

Meanwhile Suara Keadilan, citing sources, has a report predicting that Abdullah will defend his Umno presidency.

I guess we will just have to wait, won’t we? But if he does defend his post, then we are in for a spectacular ride. It would put Najib in a fix, especially since several candidates have already decided to go for the deputy’s post. Will it be Abdullah vs Razaleigh? And what will happen with Anwar in Parliament from 13 October?

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Surprises are in store for everybody when Pak Lah announces his decision to defend his Umno President post tomorrow or when he decides to do so. He needs to leave on his own terms and not be forced to do what he is not yet prepared to do so yet. He will decide that his time is not yet come to step aside.

More surprises when the transition is not to Najib but to somebody else. Interesting possibilities, albeit hypothetical, at this time.

youth attack

there’s no need for Abdullah to resign.i’m sure he still has many supporters around.and that supporters will urger others to give supports towards Abdullah to stay at his seat.


i still prefer AAB rather than someone who lied too many times and fool people in the name of rakyat. whatever!


I am more interested if there will be a motion of no confidence in parliament on Oct 13. But like you said, it doesn’t really matter as Anwar has lied few times before, whatever he said cannot be taken seriously.


This sleepy flipflop lame duck guy will only do as his … SIL and 4th floor … told him so. He has already completely lost all sense of directions how to resolve the country issues. At least he is harmless although unless as a leader running the country. But here again, if he ever step down, his number two takeover is definitely NO BETTER. As a matter of fact, it can be worst off than what we are now today in terms of race, corruptions, religion to name a few. Actually, we are caught between the devil and the deep… Read more »


I do not think it really matter, as he lied many times, whatever he said cannot be taken seriously.


I hope he’s not buying time so that his sil can be put in place. I reckon his sil is one of the most hated in Malaysian history. Everywhere I go nobody has a good word to say about him. He’s also one of the many reasons of his fil’s downfall.
For a young man he’s very arrogant and have no qualms stepping on others to ascend up the political ladder.


either way, I would definitly not like ANY ONE, EITHER PM OR DPM TO STAY!!!! But if things have to go the correct way, pm should stay until DSAI takes over. But having said that, what do you expect from our pm? He’s so incapable of running this country! Having his .. power crazy sil does not help either! Do you think all of them read our comments? It’s so shameful, isn’t it? NONE OF THE BN/UMNO … HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY AT ALL!!! VERY SAD INDEED!!!!


The king of conspiracies is always suspicious of everyone. Living in a constant state of paranoia is befitting for once empowered cowards.

For all his shortcomings, Badawi is a gentleman and a stark contrast to the great whites circling him.

Egg Banjo

He already had been humiliated by some UMNO supreme council members when pressured to hand-over the presidency. The second humiliation was when he was pressured again to bring forward the handing-over date. Who knows? he might have the last laugh.


I say he (Pak tak apa lah) will defend his post…now Najib’s plan is alter again…


I would agree with Rashid, Pak Lah will leave with a more honoured way which is to fight for Presidency. In my imagination, maybe he will listen to Anwar, who knows?! After all, wasn’t Pak Lah the one who released Anwar in the first place. Then Pak Lah’s next step (could) be be to sink Najib deep underground with the Mongolian case and together with Mahathir’s proxies who controlled him from the beginning and finally let Anwar takeover with a smooth transition. … in the current scenario, Najib (appears to be) the no.1 enemy to both Pak Lah and Anwar.… Read more »


He won’t give up his PMship. He will flip & flop either way…!

He has NEVER made up his own mind for the country. NEVER…!!!

He always have to consult his SIL first…!

You & I & the rest of the MPs don’t know what they discuss after hours…!

Malaysia’s billions of ringgit are in their hands for them to play with…!

Wanna give up on that…???????????

Ya think…?

Think Think

Yes. He will stand.
On going RPK’s court case signals on the No. 2.


FIGHT or TAKE FLIGHT !! That’s the only choice left for AAB. Taking into account the global financial meltdown bbesides our political uncertainties, I must affirm that it’s not the time to take flight. It’s a time to pluck some courage even in the midst of the odds and hang in there and complete the job as AAB had promised, Another option would be to sit down and talk to PR and negotiate a power sharing, just like it was done in Zimbabwe. I suggest this as an interim measure. Giving th seat of PM to Najib would be a… Read more »

Edwin SJ Ng

I strongly beleive he will stand and fight for the presidency. After all why should he be told to leave or rather be sacked !

He was buying time. After breifing the BN component parties,he will announce that he will fight in March to put Najib and Muhiyuddin in a spot.

If he loses….at least he goes down fighting and not being told to do so.

This PM has more pride than we think. And this is good. Najib should not get such an easy passage.


Abdullah was elected by UMNO members and later by electorate as PM. Its up to the members and Malaysians. Not a few power-brokers / warlords… he should stay and fight, preferably teaming up with Muhyiddin and Najib and Zaid Hamidi will be in for a dribbling, for sure… let the game begin!


He’s so useless as a leader he won’t be missed. In fact we all will stand up and clap hands….. but wait who’s taking over? Hang on a second Pak Lah you can’t go yet.


Maybe he will spring a surprise and if that happens then a battle royale will take place between him and Najib. Najib has crossed the line and it will be very difficult for him to move back especially with Rosmah pushing him on. Abdullah may yet have some surprises in store, you dont know what is his hand of cards, maybe there are aces to be used at the right time? You never know, Badawi might pull it off or at the worst create so much devide in UMNO/BN that next GE will be for Pakatan Rakyat. Maybe this is… Read more »

Eagle has landed

Please don’t belittle Pak Lah. I believe he still has his pride intact. The last GE was not totally his fault. Najib and the rest of BN are blameworthy too. And the whole UMNO warlords must face the music for being arrogant and lost touch with the rakyats. Pak Lah should realize by now and know himself. And Pak Lah should be himself and stop trying to be a tough guy and passing uncalled for remarks and comments not worthy of a Prime Minister. As Prime Minister and incumbent UMNO president, he has the advantage and he has to make… Read more »


He has no choice but to defend his post otherwise he will leave in utter humiliation and no one, I repeat no one will cry for him. He has a choice. It is interesting that those who want to slaughter are demanding that he should hand over power to them.


If Abdullah is man enough, he should stand for the Presidency and not allow his dis-tractors, to determine his future. He owes it to the nation and her people. Leaving now, with full of uncertainties on the global financial meltdown and political instability at home, will endorse him as the worst PM we ever had. We shall see, whether he has the courage to put the nation above his party, UMNO.


What’s up with all this? Does it really matter? Isn’t Anwar suppose to take over the government? He’s been very quiet lately. I pray he still has the numbers when parliament convenes.


I think the whole of Malaysia will in for a shock when he announces he is staying except for the man that knows him the best,his sil.