Who’s attending Najib’s ‘record-breaking’ feast in Permatang Pauh? (updated)


Some 20,000 to 25,000 people are reportedly expected to attend a record-breaking nasi kandar feast while seated cross-legged in Permatang Pauh later this morning (17 August).

The event, apparently dubbed Majlis Kenduri Rakyat dan Pemimpin Bersama Rakyat’ was held at Politeknik Seberang Perai from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

Organisers said the turnout was over 21,000, with the participants’ registrations to back that figure. My own estimate of those seated on mats was that it was about half that figure. Check out the photos here.

The organiser told the crowd that no one had been paid to attend and indeed there were not many buses around outside the main entrance of the polytechnic. But there was plenty of free food as well as a string of pasar tani stalls.

Just ahead of the event, about a dozen PKR youth activists were detained outside the polytechnic. PKR Youth had planned a flash mob to greet Najib on his arrival.

From what I hear, polytechnics in Malaysia are having their holidays this week. But one parent whose daughter is in this particular polytechnic told me that the week-long holiday at this particular polytechnic’s holidays had been postponed.

A Permatang Pauh Polytechnic student from Seremban, who was at the venue, confirmed this. “Our lecturers told us to attend,” she said, adding that she was not a BN supporter. “We were told attendance was compulsory. She added that their holidays had been postponed because of this event.

Indeed, groups of polytechnic students bunched together were seen wandering around the tents aimlessly, some of them taking selfies and looking uninterested in the proceedings, others enjoying the welcome break.

Others present included civil servants from various departments, teachers and federal village security and development committee (JKKKP) representatives from various localities. From what I heard, various schools in the state were apparently sending half a dozen teachers each to this event.

Najib’s visit to Permatang Pauh today is reminiscent of his visit to Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang on 8 December 2012, five months before the 2013 general election. Some 15,000 people turned up for that event, many of them bussed in from all over the state in blue factory workers’ buses and orange school buses (see photos).

In an apparent dig at Mahathir (though he did not mention him by name), Najib slammed those who made U-turns. “Tak payah sebut nama.” He then urged the people of Permatang Pauh to make their own U-turn.

Once again, this kind of event raises the question, how can the premises of an educational institution be used for what appears a thinly disguised political event? (Umno logos were printed on banners inside the polytechnic grounds.) Would the state government or opposition parties be allowed similar access?

At the afternoon event at Spice in Penang for the launch of the Northern Region Economic Corridor 2.0 blueprint, thousands of students from the northern region – including Kedah and Perlis – attended. A senior teacher told me school principals in the state were also required to attend this event after school dismissal today.

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These are ‘rent a crowd’ faces. You see them wherever mo1 goes. Free trip, free makan plus pocket money, who doesn’t want?


Najib’s 4 failures

Most Malaysians are feeling economically worse off today than they were 10 years ago, youth unemployment spiked by 13% last year, Malaysia is less respected around the world, inflation is making it harder for Malaysians to buy the things they need, and a recent Pew survey found that 73% of Malaysians expected the country’s economic situation to worsen or stay the same over the following 12 months.

Najib Razak is feeling nervous about this lack of success. He has four big failures to be ashamed of:


According to Rafizi Ramli, income tax collection is growing faster (almost doubled since PM Najib took office in 2009) than the economy. The cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of income tax collection from 2010-2017 is 11% but economy grew only 5%.

From RM60.3 billion in 2010, the collection is estimated to reach RM112.3 billion in 2017, according to data obtained from the Treasury Department. The cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2010-2017 is 11%, which was high when the average economic growth was only 5%.


Umno have held on to power by “generating the fear” that if Umno is defeated in a general election, Malays will lose political power and “become strangers in their own land.

How can Islam and Malays be threatened when those in power have been Malays for over five decades?

What have the Malay leaders been doing for five decades if Malays are still under threat?

The Malays must be wise enough to ask these questions.


The SEA Games will be used as propaganda for GE14. The list of gold medals won by Malaysia is impressive. On Merdeka day, the naive rakyat will react favourably when told that this was the “best ever” SEA Games and it was made possible only because of Umno-Baru.



Most Malays are oblivious to 1MDB scandal and are easily satisfied by BR1M handouts, however bad the national debt is going to be. We are counting on Tun M to reverse the BTN ideology started by him.


Yesterday Najib complained about Penang reclamation.
Why he did not make noise when BN reclaimed land at a Johor Pengerang and Forest City? How about reclamation in Melaka?


MO1’s visit to US is his clearly final move before GE14 to save skin because of 1MDB. To save his NECK he NEEDS RM BILLIONS from China … (allegedly) inflating the cost of projects like ECRL given to China. However China expects FAVOURS which affects sovereignty of Malaysia. By visiting TRUMP he hopes to use US President as a tool to prevent China from excessive demanding on the sovereignty of Malaysia. Geo political proxy of Malaysia between US & China in race to control South China Sea. Careful MO1, China is your only savior now, if they stop the fundings,… Read more »


MO1 too desperate for any ‘options’ without using Bugis otak!
“When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled”

But there is no escaping Karma Laws, whichever way one takes dangling a bargaining chip.
Not even a MH370 Houdini Act bargaining chip which either sides (US & China) want to get a hold of.
Comes GE14, let wise & awakened Malaysians decide who should lead this country out of the curses of Karma Laws stalking on certain individuals walking the corridors of power still ‘Nak Cheat’.


When there is no more grass, pls don’t talk about sands in rice bowls!


MO1 is going to White House to share best practices of Ketuanan Melayu with Trump’s White Supremacy?

He can teach Trump to eat cross-legged, no need to have dining table.


Trump prefers to save his own white skin facing possible civil wars in homeland & his downward spiralling popularity. And with less bargaining chips like extinct TPPA to nego with ASEAN, Trump has nothing but military options (just as he did with N. Korea) to ‘face-off’ PRC China in Spratly Islands.
Who would want to deal with a ‘blown-off-cover’ (aleged) thief with sinking submarines, infamous reputation & lots of debts to an opposing enemy who can sabotage?


MO1 must be brave to see Trump while courting PRC cash. President Xi would want MO1 to state his priority, USA or China. He cannot have both however greedy he can be.


Lim Guan Eng has hit back at the prime minister’s accusation that DAP will neglect rural development should the opposition win the next general election, saying Penang has, since 2008, spent almost 80% of its development funds on less-urbanised areas. “It is not true what the PM said,” said the chief minister. “From 2008 to last year, we spent 77% of our development funds in Seberang Prai, mainland Penang, which has more rural areas. “Until last year, Penang, under Pakatan Harapan, spent almost RM2.38 billion to develop Seberang Prai. “We spent only RM698 million on the island,” he told a… Read more »


not reported on local mainstream media, obviosly.
better read Buletin Mutiara.


Malaysia’s Education: More Sound and Fury https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/392722 COMMENT | The outcry over the disclosure that 402 schools in the country have been classified as “hotspots” with disciplinary and drug issues is yet another distraction from what should be the major priority of our politicians and bureaucrats managing the education system – that is, implementing deep reform of the national primary and secondary school system, especially beginning with the national schools of the Bahasa Malaysia or Malay medium, and predominantly Bumiputra attended, stream (SK and SMK). Although the furore, when set against the larger and more important backdrop of the overall… Read more »


Blue Ocean means thinking big about how you as a political warlord can gain. In schools, we have more workbooks, (incorrect) textbooks, (useless) teacher training and never-ending renovations. Coming soon: iPad equivalents. In higher education, we have 40,000 people trafficked from Bangladesh alone through around 30 fake institution in the last 3 years, many of them cheated of about RM 50,000 each (Star 14/8/17). In medicine, we have unrecognised qualifications (in some cases derecognised mid-way), undersupply AND oversupply of personnel, replacement of good drugs with more expensive versions, and evasion of the need to regulate prices (See CAP). In transport,… Read more »

Eric Kuek

Meanwhile Singapore is stepping up efforts to improve the quality of its pre-school sector.


Perhaps Singapore can learn from Rosmah’s Permata program?


If you want generations after generations to take over & run a country, you still need to start them from pre-school. Education doesn’t stop but morphs according to the times.
No point in having the latest ‘cangih’ computer labs with hi-tech furnitures when the brains are not trained & prepared to learn.
‘Cangih’ without substance is utter foolishness.
Singapore’s leadership has the substance & vision to lead & empower its people.


New Sejarah syllabus will include Bank Negara Forex Losses, Memali incident, Anwar black eye incident, formation of 1Malaysia Negaraku…


Malaysia urban education now mostly subcontract to tuition centres as kiasu supplement to be examS-oriented.

Parents both working. Depend on bus sekolah or worse retiring grandparents to send the children to tuition centres.

Those with children going to tuition very likely to compromise their desires for state of art gadgets like smartphones, for the sake of children future knowing under barang naik gloomy ahead if no A grade education.


Sea Games Msia football on the high now. N Thanabalan getting popular now with his scoring prowess. MIC may get him to hoodwink Indian community to counter Hindraf appeal? Not a bait for Raj666 to respond but Subramanian likely to get Thanabalan for ge14 roadshow???


Heng, i don’t watch sports, however, sportsman represent Malaysia can be paraded by MOI or from Indians robbers party. It’s like Lee Chong Wei was paraded and given a Dato title. Is it MOI decision or MCA decision? Don’t compare a robber with Hindraf. Hindraf has more cloud with poor and the middle-class Indians. Don’t compare Hindraf with Indians robbers party but Tokong and the accused sodomiser label Hindraf a racist. MOI take the opportunity. However P. Wyathamurty gentleman enough to resign when he knows MOI taken him for a ride. I just hope the 2 brothers patch up since… Read more »


THE END for be-end ?


I don’t think the next election will be peaceful.The last one and half year shows how violent pro-MOI supporters behaved. MO1 silent and the law-keeper silence without any action. They just warming up beating the opposition supporters.

If the ruling party lose the next election, pirates (might not) allow peaceful transaction of power… Heng you should know the history of pirates works especially the modern pirates have plenty of $$$ to higher mercenaries.

rajraman. You never answer my question Heng, What’s make you think I am – please read my reply.


Dr Mahathir is now reportedly courting supporters of former MIC president G Palanivel to attract Indian votes for Pakatan Harapan in the next GE.


The Kutty will do anything now but Tokong and the accused sodomiser doing nothing. Can i say both of them errogant although Hindraf already send a new olive branch. rajraman.Maybe both of them need olive oil to speak as lubricant to speak.This Political Traders saliva dry up when comes to Indians community.DAP given all new village a new lease of life by a stroke of pen in Perak under proxy rules but the Indian selling kacang putih in Kampung Buntong in Perak their pen dry up. What you think Jerome? Anyway long time i never see kacang putih seller.Long time… Read more »


http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2017/08/24/false-sense-of-security-holding-back-malaysians-says-sociologist/ ( for Heng )

and a very sad story for me.http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2017/08/23/activist-thasleem-dies-at-68/ ( for people’s everyone who believes in moderation in religion and champion the poor Indians.



Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) believes Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad is taking a page of out Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s BN playbook by courting Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PHM) and former MIC president G Palanivel’s supporters.

PSM central committee member S Arutchelvan noted Najib too had courted PHM during the last general election.

“It’s just a political ploy to get Indians to support (Harapan). This was what (prime minister) Najib did last time.



rajraman. YES, whenever any Political Party needs Indians votes they will look for Indians but after voting over they will give Indians some left over. Do you agree with me Balasundram?


indian votes has never been so important.
they are likely to be lured by bn’s instant handouts. sigh!


Prominent lawyer and human rights advocate Ambiga Sreenevasan could not help but to lament the lack of Indian representation in the Pakatan Harapan line-up.

Her observation came in response to reports that Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad is wooing Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PHM) chief P Waythamoorthy as well as former MIC president G Palanivel’s supporters to work on possible collaboration.

“Well, I suppose he’s opening up channels of communication. I personally think it is important to engage with the Indian community.”


The Kutty open the channel but the Tokong and accused sodomiser still closed their mouth. The accused sodomiser Party still want to works with the Party who promised heaven and 72 virgins. If Najib call for election now Harapan will be dreaming to win the election rajraman.PKR now is the spoiler not PSM.PKR led by ANWAR through iron bar and Azizah through glove hand is anti climax Party.Even the Kutty can’t topple MO1 if MO1 call for election next month.The opposition still fighting each other and time not in favor for opposition.Kutty already buried PAS but PKR trying to unearth… Read more »


Surprisingly, DAP, AMANAH and Kutty Party very quiet about accused sodomiser Party begging for PAS.

rajraman. Wondering DAP, AMANAH and Kutty Party quietly supporting PKR to bring in the GOD party.


Wanna run a successful country & make everyone (irrespective of skin colours) a happy + loyal stakeholder? Learn from Successful Singapore, a country not different from ours in terms of multiculturalism & aspirations like race unity. Hsien Loong: Malays fully involved in developing Singapore http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/world/2017/08/21/hsien-loong-malays-fully-involved-in-developing-singapore/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+FreeMalaysiaToday+%28FMT+News%29 SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is happy that Singapore’s Malay citizens are fully involved in the government’s efforts to build the country and prepare for the future. “This commitment will drive us to progress and overcome the challenges together as a united society,” he said in his National Day Rally 2017 speech in Malay… Read more »

Eric Kuek

PM Lee’s National Day Rally Speech Puts A Malay Family In The Spotlight As Exemplary


“In January, I presented Edusave Awards to my residents in Teck Ghee. One family I met moved me.

I presented an Edusave Merit Award to Adam, a student from Teck Ghee Primary School. After the ceremony, I met Adam’s father, Aziz. He showed me an old photo of him, receiving an SBC House Union Bursary from me in 1986! So I have presented awards to father and son, 31 years apart! It was a special moment for Aziz, Adam, and also for me.”


Now praising. Missing out~ singland are buying most heritage property in pg and singland is a “fine” country and not tidak apa and everything can kau tim


Penangites now support BN, says Rahman Dahlan https://malaysia.yahoo.com/news/penangites-now-support-bn-says-090718207.html Either you are talking bulls or plain spreading lies. You want to know our hearts & minds? Come to Penang. 60 years of your ultra racism + discrimination have hardened many of us Indian + Chinese + Eurasian + Sikh Penangites – race tagging, education, economic opportunities, business licenses, savings, housing, religious practice + place of worships, media, culture & festival observations, employment quotas, university quotas, SJK school quotas, unilateral conversions & others which plainly show you are damn wrong. Pls try harder to change our hearts & minds. Also, shower us… Read more »


Rahman Dahlan: Penang losing out due to ‘confrontational attitude’
Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/08/20/rahman-dahlan-penang-losing-out-due-to-confrontational-attitude/#8UmdEEciavcKJBgZ.99

A clever spin, now that GE14 is nearing!
Who is the one who discriminate esp. against an opposition controlled state?
Tell us who among the states pay the most taxes to the Feds?
You gaji is not paid by MO1, mind you.


Teng followed miNI words to be confrontational? Now he tries to show his h… to confront n challenge LKS! Who engineers such do or die move?


Better start to sing praises now or next election umno will speak like MacArthur ~ I will return and splash less on other races


Umno vice president Hishamudin says “I hope the people can judge for themselves, do not sacrifice peace and harmony. I am not saying that BN is perfect, but the alternative is actually not a good option either.” …….. He said BN is NOT perfect; He then said the alternative (Pakatan Harapan) is actually not a good option EITHER. Dear Hisham, the Rakyat already knows and understand that BN is a perfectly corrupted government ruling at the federal level and currently at the several states. The Rakyat knows that Pakatan Harapan had not yet ruled from Putrajaya but their coalition government… Read more »


The real question is, WHAT IS THE POINT? Why do this even if its Anwar’s backyard, in Penang? Najib’s main problem is Mahathir/Bersatu and Amanah. PKR comes after and DAP, the lowest priority. THIS is not a priority even if they can chip away at Anwar’s seat and PKR will not lose this seat not with Mahathir/Bersatu-Amanah at their side. Why waste so much resource, no matter how abundant on this? UMNO/BN is NOT going to win Selangor and Penang back, not with Mahathir-Amanah on PH side, that is just a guaranteed reality, its the very foundation of PH cooperation.… Read more »


Better start to sing praises now or next election umno will speak like MacArthur ~ I will return and splash less on other races

Eric Kuek

Opening ceremony of SEA Games KL was a big disappointment despite big budget production. Najib was ready for SEA Games, what about GE14?


Very poor coverage of SEA games events on TV, remember not every rakyat subscribe to Astro. RTM and TV3 must buck up.


Today buzzing with news PKR, likely Azmin Ali, to be friendly with PAS/UMNO to secure his Gombak seat.
Waiting for Anil’s more reliable comment on this.

Also note that Anilnetto.com less squabbles lately between tunglang-zorro, probably both know in times of crisis, both know the urgency to unite to combat kleptocracy.


If opposition politicians can work hand in hand with Dr M, why can’t we the commoners work together to get rid (once & for all Malaysians) the Nyiamak Blue Ocean Strategy-of-Failures + Nak-Cheat Regime?
I do this for the future of my children & others’ children.


A positive remark from tunglang.

Time for zoro to take a step back to be united for better Malaysia, especially Ahmad Zahid at Gelugor yesterday had instructed Zainal n Teng’s engineers to reclaim Penang.


Teng C.Y. should retire playing golf with MO1!
Or better still shake legs @ old world kopitiams sipping inflated price kopi-o kau kau with Gelakan retirees regretting the lost opportunities to win hearts & minds of Penangites. Also, gelak-gelak at its leadership when Amino-Acid hot-head goons stepped on Koh’s photos without Gelak-Gelakan protest!!!
Now, who want that type of bo-hoot, bo-chiau political leadership for Penangites?
To be stepped on for the next 4 years of utter discrimination & bullying is not exactly our cuppa of kopi-o kau kau!

Vote for Harapan, vote for DAP. That’s your best bet.


Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad claimed the government would use the money it had to bribe the people into voting for Barisan Nasional. “The money they have is being used to bribe people. I hear that a village in Alor Setar with 5,000 residents has been getting Umno visitors. “The people from Umno knock on their doors, claiming to be conducting a population census. When the villagers open the door, each got RM100. “RM100 each for 5,000 people means RM500,000. That’s the way they try to buy support, using money from tax collected by the government,” he said at… Read more »


Many Buses at Spice yesterday not from Najib’s supporters. A low key extravaganza by MBI for its exclusive China members being held since yesterday.

Words that a special concertg by Eric Moo to held to entertain MBI China members tomorrow night at Spice stadium.

Anil can snoop for juicy details?


These are now normal, at public cost in public buildings: Political meetings and feasts in government buildings – only for some parties. The guests may even be given packed food to take away. Also, books and posters with the photos of some political leaders.


You are allowed to attend, support and praise, but not criticise or oppose? This is not idolatory?


“…how can the premises of an educational institution be used for what appears a thinly disguised political event”? Indeed! Early this month, there was this comment on M’kini about a school being used for UMNO’s politiocal purposes: “…why on earth was SMK Bandar Sunway’s hall being used for an Umno divisional meeting? Elected representatives in Selangor have been barred from school functions on the premise that schools must be free of politics. Hannah Yeoh, the state representative for Subang Jaya, was not even allowed to attend a function of the school she had been head prefect of in her own… Read more »

Eric Kuek

Janji Manis Najib untuk orang Permatang Pauh:


Just go for the food courtesy of the rakyat & leave before the speech.

Eric Kuek

Najib’s visit to Permatang Pauh reminds us of his Chinese New Year open house visit to Penang in February 2013 with his unforgettable public relations disaster when he introduced Psy of Oppa Gangnam Style fame. Najib asked the crowd 3 times then ‘Are you ready for BN?’ The crowd at the Han Chiang college field shouted ‘No’.


Mahathir to be at Kepala Batas/Bertam tomorrow (Friday) to pull away Pak Lah’s supporters.


Looks like Anil to report from mainland for his followers again.


Hindraf chairman attacked, told not to mess with govt

P Waythamoorthy believes the attack was to prevent him from supporting the opposition in the next general election.


Parti Socialis PSM is adamant to stand as lone ranger, and split the votes?

Hindraf beaten once twice shy when janji 505 DiCapati!

What $ubra gonna say to rural poor?

Eric Kuek

Political writer with Tamil newspaper Tamil Malar, K Muthukrishnan, 69, was allegedly assaulted by several men for penning articles in support of the opposition.


Former school bullies recruited (RM50?) to beat up those not aligned with your political views?


The Indians should not forget how BN embraced Hindraf in GE13 with a MOU to swing the indian votes only to ditch them after winning the election. But it is possible that the Indian community would take the MIB bait again only to regret later. Raj666 can elaborate.


Jerome. If Tokong and the (accused) sodomised guy in jail can work with Mahathir who brought Malaysia to Bugis Pirates rules then what’s wrong give HINDRAF a chance by the Tokong and PKR. Out of the blues, Mahathir now a HERO by the same people’s who hated him. Make Hindraf as Hero and give more publicity to Hindraf working together whatever Harapan Party. A mere 10% swing by Indians in marginals votes area will bring the former Pharough to Power. MO1 did it the last election using P Waythamoorthy. The former Pharough for 22 years met P Waythamoorthy.He knows well… Read more »


Raj666 must be brave to speak his mind without fear and favour. OK to respond to my query but please do take more than 35 minutes for your logical mind to override your emotional appeal towards MIB. We certainly need your convincing words to sway 5% of Indian votes towards Harapan, and not be tempted by the immediate goodies from MO1/MIC before GE14.


This without thinking.Ask Tokong and the (alleged) sodomised guy works with Hindraf. What 5% peanuts. Harapan will get lock stock and barrel.
Why all the time blaming the poor hand to mouth Indians.The rich Chinese still voting MOI.

rajraman. Posted without thinking. However i don’t know the meaning of yours MIB. Is it MAN IN BLACK JEROME?


I suspect the Indian votes could play a vital role in those marginal seats. So important that they do not succumb to the lure of instant goodies, and suffer again for next 5 years.


I am new to this blog, but I heard seasonal die hard commentators like zoro, tunglang, rajraman666 etc can be influential enough to convince the fence-sitters to wake up to reject kleptocracy.
Imagine in less than 35 minutes your words can save the nation by convincing let’s say 35% of Anil’s 6 thousand fence-sitting followers to swing for a better Malaysia.


Can you please explain what makes you think I can convince the fence sitter and from where you heard I am seasonal die hard commentators? If anyone asks me a question I will reply if I have posted my comment.

rajraman. I don’t know whoever eaten MOI sponsored food from tax payer $$$ actually eating “Nasi Kangkang” for MOI next voting.



MIB = Malaysia Indian Blueprint

More like “Mesmerising Instant Bait”.

Pak Siuman

Makan Nasi di Permatang Pauh in morning.
Dapat NCER Tshirt dekat Spice in afternoon.
Free free free belanja saja besok hari tax hotel, tax kopi o, tax roti canai, tax char kway teow kerang. U muflis hutang I enjoy permata … memang munafik.

Haji Bakhil

Najib to be at Sg Nibong this afternoon after Spice NCER event, to launch a housing project there. Teng and his engineers will be there who knows if you are lucky Najib gives you a free home there. Anil may cover the event there.