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Ray of Light

Now Mahiadin in PM8.5.

When he switches back to Muhyddin mode, he still can become PM9 later.

Very soon, many will switch attention to the political careet progression of Azmin and even Xavier.

Ray of Light

Malaysia political landscape can be reflected in the realm of anilnetto.com.

Many KPKB to champion their ideals and interpretation of “justice”.

Wyatt being shrieked out may be out of frustrations. It is better to seek and not to hide such that inner feelings are not being suppressed but being let out free flowing.

Then all get to review and accomodate each other to derive a more acceptable and fairer “justice” for all.


Malaysia’s currency fell to a one-year low today and analysts forecast further pressure on the country’s financial markets as the prime minister’s resignation raised the prospect of protracted political instability and uncertainty.


Gus Pubba

Dominic Lau of Gerakan without BN now PN.

Should he just focus on Penang first and not not ambitious for federal position?

What say you?

Ray of Light

Sound like a question for Wyatt [being the vouce for Gerakan?] to enlighten us?

Likewise Shriek(s) (many cyber versions but all under one komtar roof) can be the spokeperson for rocket (not bound for the green moon)?

Contrary to Shriek’s assessment, Milk Tea is not the moon proponent but an independent observer just like Luca.

Tunglang legacy is anilnetto can be forgotten now once a new food maestro is expected to enter soon (no pun for Ah Soon).


Ismail-Hamzah PN2.0 combo will continue with failed policies, relegating the nation to Kerajaan Gagal 2.0.

Ray of Light

Ismail can be abandoned by supreme council for acting on his own to seize power with no regards to party protocol. May be forced to hide in turtle shell to cool things off.

Amzah a known backdoor schemer and with demise of Bersatu 2.0 (post M era) may have no choice to join hand with similar dubious character Min to quit politics prematurely else to face worst consequences. Both can afford to acquire local Sheraton hotel assets.