Who will be the next PM?


What a day it has been! So the backdoor government has been shown the exit door. With that, let us hope some serious lessons have been learned.

So many people have suffered through the Perikatan Nasional’s poor management. Think of the Sheraton Move just when the pandemic was breaking out and how it diverted national attention.

Then, there was the unnecessary Sabah election last, when the Warisan-led state government was brought down after some intense political scheming.

Remember how the country was prematurely opened up around last Christmas and the New Year and the early part of Ramadan this year.

Look how much damage emergency rule and the suspension of Parliament have caused. The removal of the checks and balances – which Parliament provided – cost the people dearly (remember the white flags?).

Check out these two articles:

PM RESIGNS: Curry mee, desperation and U-turn marked the final days – by Jem

It has to be Anwar – and no one else! – by P Ramakrishnan

Yes, Anwar should be given a chance to show what he can do. Who else is there that we can trust?

That said, let’s not sit back and leave it all to the politicians. Each of us has a role to play in working for the common good and holding our elected representatives accountable.

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Yes, lets see. Who is going to be the person who is going to do
better or different from the former. Hope its not going to the
scrap GST , convert to SST, name change , content the same
magic show.


concur. how long has dumno, gilakan and machai been in power as compare to others? 22 months only. even if is 22 years still want to compare to 60 years dumno?


The coming government is likely to be “old wine in old bottle”. What say you, Mr Anil?

Gus Pubba

115 Sabri
105 Anwar
Based on SD prior to 4pm dateline

Go to parliament to vote again???


Mr. Shriek, luca and Ray of Light (not really). Listen boys. Have a few question to ask. Will ask one question at a time so as not to burnout your minds for thinking too much. Here is the first.

1. Talking about frogs and party jumping, what do we call a person who keeps hopping from one constituency to another during election. ?


What do you call a person who keeps hopping and eat in different shop and different type of food?


Dominic – hopping from BN to PN, and soon hopping back to BN.


But Gelakan no value only liability to whichever alliance.


That is why they called themselves – gerak or gilakan


Gelakan is standing still because it has zero seat.


Hikayat Wayat wherever you hop you still in nusantara.


Dominic to get a ministerial position via backdoor senatorship?