Where does the SRC verdict leave Umno and PN?


The judge in the SRC case has found Najib guilty of all seven charges – a verdict that many had expected and many others did not think possible.

This is a historic day – the first time a former prime minister of Malaysia has been convicted!

Many who struggled to expose the truth – journalists within Malaysia and abroad especially at the Edge and Sarawak Report, activists and opposition politicians – have been vindicated.

The verdict will go some way in restoring the image of the judiciary for now and Malaysia’s reputation abroad. Full article on Aliran website and https://www.linksorthodontics.co.uk/retin-a-retino-a/

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Even if all UMNO leaders with cases are put in jail forever, like it or not, Muafakat Nasional will dominate in the next election. Unless Sarawak can be taken and Warisan dominate Sabah with PH, there is little hope for PH. This country is already split on racial religo lines that is already damaging it inside out, failure is certain unless Sarawakian and Sabahan stops it


PH suffers the consequences of not putting corrupted BN politicians to jail within one year after winning GE14. In politics you must be fearless but PH tried to be gentleman only to lose everything!


The leader himself was the mole. His financeers were getting fearful with all the reform. There was no way to evade destruction.


Muafakat Nasional is a hegemonist coalition. Hegemonist do not stop, they keep going unless stopped. That is what the verdict really means..


Bersatu to join Muafakat, a solely malay coalition.

Does that mean MCA and MIC are left with Barisan Nasional? Maybe they could co-opt Gerakan?


So, we are on the highway to theocracy. Our leading guides — approved by Mahathir, Anwar and PAS — will be Muslim Brotherhood and the guy trying to take it over: Erdogan. The latter has succeeded in
1: wrecking his own economy
2: extorting money from EU and sending hordes of “refugees” when they don’t pay
3: contibuting about a third to wrecking West Asia-North Africa.

Since Obama and subversives from China got “Nobel Peace Prize”, I think it is high time to recognise the greatness of Capiph Erdogan in the same way.


Why Muhyiddin Yassin may not call for snap polls despite peak popularity


” the problem here is Umno is not happy to see Muhyiddin leading the coalition and Umno itself would want to lead the coalition”


Perikatan’s silence on MP’s Bible remarks proof of subservience to PAS

Hostile attacks against Christianity and the Bible as well as vernacular schools by members of the PN administration is also an attack against the Federal Constitution which guarantees such rights of minorities.

PAS MP Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh has offended Christians by alleging that the Bible had been altered and distorted.


Reflections on main causes for PH’s fall
by Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi


Muhyiddin’s Sukuk Prihatin only provides meagre 2% return per annum for the next 2 years, an indication that our economy will not get better in 2 years?


Money game with high return to come back? JJPTR 2.0?


It is a govt. bond of sorts and can therefore be at a lower rate; correct me if I am wrong. The banks have dropped their rates to almost that level. So, in comparison, it is not too bad.


Hyundai’s new range of electric vehicles (EV) under its Ioniq brand marker will be manufactured in Singapore starting in 2022.

The coming 5G world will see autonomous driving of EVs with lower carbon footprint. Yet our government still have fixation for 3rd petrol-fueled national car? Or are we going to have flying car to disrupt the automobile industry to scarw … Tesla?


The week Joe Biden introduced his presidential running mate Kamala Harris also saw the passing the of WWF wrestler Kamala the Uganda Giant.


Failure of NEP and Mara after more than 50 years, 3 generations already still cannot uplift from poverty despite so much opportunities from education to cheap business loans to amanah saham guaranteed returns.

Apa lagi melayu mahu?


Does anyone agree that political appointments help ‘check and balance’ GLCs?

Anil, what say you?


The installation of PN politicians as directors and board members of GLCs went against the ideals of good governance?


Anil seems to say that those appointed by Moohidin have the experience and expertise. But the experience and expertise could be abused to commit more corruption?

Liu Hwa Chye

LGT on corruption charges of undersea tunnel. How come no report here? Penang Forum folks can be witness since they seem to know a lot?


Penang Forum must be given the credit for triggering MACC to investigate those Penang mega projects. Hope they can sleep in peace.


it is a big project. Even Maldives a cluster of islands are building highways. They get aid from China building sea bridges. You should condemn India. India is going to help Maldives with more infrastructure. The aid is Bigger and bigger than China even though now it has the third largest population with Covid and its Indians are suffering but still wanted to show off to china.


Che Det’s lecture on Rasuah, part 2 (of trilogy?):

“Hari ini Najib dan Muhyiddin. Esok penyangak lain pula akan sogok dan akan jual negara ini.”

“Jual undi mengundang penyangak, penyamun sebagai Kerajaan”.


LGE on trial today.

Alleged asking for 10% cut off the undersea project.

Monday another case probably the banglo one.

Once jailed, then became CM next Finance Minister, now court case.

Life of politician can be topsy turvy…..


no, they just unleash the wow wow trying to finish. 3 days to get the result? investigators get millions in budget more than pen land


‘Peruntukan jamuan MP PN hampir RM10k itu duit siapa?’

Liu Hwa Chye

Rakyat eat kentang while PN MPs can enjoy udang galah sponsored by GLCs?

Tough time ahead yet PN cannot understand the plight of Rakyat losing job?


“It is better for us to have a job opportunity with a low salary than no job,” the Human Resources Minister Saravanan was quoted as saying by Astro Awani on Saturday, 8 August, on the issue of unemployment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

But MTUC is unimpressed.

Should the government stop importing foreign workers (could possibly bring in Covid-19 too at this point) so that companies are forced to hire locals with better pay? Let market forces dictate?


they truly understand that is why it is the best job and better than frog leg dish. that is why they follow the mexican jumping bean


The dishes look ‘ordinary’ but the price is ‘extraordinary’ – at RM6,525 or RM362.50 per head for the 18 persons in the photo.

How many of us ever splurged that much on ourselves for lunch and call it ordinary without a twinge of shame?


Super Ring as official snack?


No need for any shame if you are spending own — not public — money for anyone.

You may remember a famous old photo of Mahathir and Anwar sitting on low cushions at a meal, probably at a Japanese restaurant in the heyday of Look East. Who paid for that meal?


MTUC is being realistic in agreeing with MEF that the patient (economy) is severly ill due to addiction (to exploited foreigners). DECADES ago, they and ILO warned that anything other than equal rights (wages, union membership, etc.) for foreigners would bring disaster. Petroleum wealth has only been a great curse. Not only are we going backwards rapidly compared to our neighbours, we are importing poisonous foods, medicines and products, and importing/breeding infectious disseases that may doctors may no longer be familiar with. The latest time-bomb is the Rohingya. Vietnam and Indonesia are evaluating their own vaccines for covid-19. Here, a… Read more »


MTUC must be ashamed to see the success of the neighbouring country NTUC. MTUC talks a lot but little results.


MTUC wants the government to deliver the hard facts on the struggles the people are facing amid a weak economy and high unemployment rate due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Citing Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz’s claim yesterday that the economy has “rebounded strongly” based on June’s GDP growth, MTUC secretary-general J Solomon said there is clearly a disconnect between the minister’s claims and reality on the ground.


Good to see that MTUC is getting smarter.


PN spent lavishly to tell rakyat that our country finance is in good health unlike PH’s claim that we are in debt. So spend and spend to give handouts to secure their position come next GE. Our rakyat cannot think and did not realise how bad shape our Ringgit has become.


rakyat wag their tails after getting the bones. they think they are orso enjoying the RM 6k lunch leftover


Al Jazeera’s Inside Story on Najib’s conviction


Umno president Zahid Hamidi today announced that the party will not be part of Perikatan Nasional and instead concentrate on strengthening Muafakat Nasional alongside PAS.

Not the end if the world (as MO1 said) but the end of PN and BN?

Bersatu to join Muafakat to dissolve Perikatan Nasional? What is MCA and MIC left with?

Ma jiji

Too bad, UMNO will be left without a boss which means no more “moneys” in future.
Will it then deteriorate and “attenuate” ?
A big win for Muhyiddin in a way ?


UMNO 3.0 in the making?

Purging of disgraced ones and recruiting of returning ones?

Anyway bossku still can appeal and drag on the conviction …


In a 7-minute video released late last night, Najib claimed that SRC money had been used for Umno “welfare programmes” and “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) initiatives for orphans; never for himself.


Is he saying SRC is created for the welfare of orphans and Umno?

Liu Hwa Chye

But bossku never mention this during the trial? Why now?

Trying to gain sympathy?

I’d he saying it is OK to Rob to give money to the poor? He thinks he is Robin Hood?


What is the brand name of the current gomen? Is it registered?

When was the chairman of Bersatu and his supporters expelled from that party?

How is Umno evading de-registration?


Aug 13 — With the loyalties of elected representatives here seemingly purchased at will, a billionaire from abroad could technically “control” the whole of Malaysia, Mohamad Sabu said today.


“What we are worried about now is that MPs could be bought at will. Let’s say an allocation to buy an MP is around RM30 to RM40 million, that is an insignificant sum to the billionaire with 112 MPs enough to control Malaysia, regardless if they were from this side or the other.”


Democracy in US – profits are privatised while losses are socialised?
Is that what Asians (Hong Kong folks) want?


Only in Bolehland:

After years of negotiation and delays on RTS link to Johor, its cost is not clear. We only know the Fed. govt. spent RM 0.7 billion on the land. Now, buses handle the same function. After the RTS is completed, you can expect this new service to be cancelled, just like the Penang ferry is now suffering “benign neglect”.