Where does the SRC verdict leave Umno and PN?


The judge in the SRC case has found Najib guilty of all seven charges – a verdict that many had expected and many others did not think possible.

This is a historic day – the first time a former prime minister of Malaysia has been convicted!

Many who struggled to expose the truth – journalists within Malaysia and abroad especially at the Edge and Sarawak Report, activists and opposition politicians – have been vindicated.

The verdict will go some way in restoring the image of the judiciary for now and Malaysia’s reputation abroad. Full article on Aliran website

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30 Jul 2020 7.35pm

Even if all UMNO leaders with cases are put in jail forever, like it or not, Muafakat Nasional will dominate in the next election. Unless Sarawak can be taken and Warisan dominate Sabah with PH, there is little hope for PH. This country is already split on racial religo lines that is already damaging it inside out, failure is certain unless Sarawakian and Sabahan stops it

30 Jul 2020 7.46pm

Muafakat Nasional is a hegemonist coalition. Hegemonist do not stop, they keep going unless stopped. That is what the verdict really means..

30 Jul 2020 4.10pm

Umno president Zahid Hamidi today announced that the party will not be part of Perikatan Nasional and instead concentrate on strengthening Muafakat Nasional alongside PAS.

Not the end if the world (as MO1 said) but the end of PN and BN?

Bersatu to join Muafakat to dissolve Perikatan Nasional? What is MCA and MIC left with?

Ma jiji
Ma jiji
29 Jul 2020 11.18am

Too bad, UMNO will be left without a boss which means no more “moneys” in future.
Will it then deteriorate and “attenuate” ?
A big win for Muhyiddin in a way ?

29 Jul 2020 9.30am

UMNO 3.0 in the making?

Purging of disgraced ones and recruiting of returning ones?

Anyway bossku still can appeal and drag on the conviction …

28 Jul 2020 3.30pm

What is the brand name of the current gomen? Is it registered?

When was the chairman of Bersatu and his supporters expelled from that party?

How is Umno evading de-registration?

3 Aug 2020 8.17am
Reply to  glissantia

Democracy in US – profits are privatised while losses are socialised?
Is that what Asians (Hong Kong folks) want?