What happened in Jalan Kebun last night


A group of stick-wielding youths on motorbikes gate-crashed an Anything But Umno(Abu)-Hindraf forum in Klang last night and disrupted the event.

Check out this Free Malaysia Today video.

Now, you might not agree with Hindraf’s politics (and I have reservations about its political approach and some of its claims), but this kind of disruption is unacceptable.

From the video, it seems clear who the aggressors are. But the police said nothing much really happened, just some pushing and shoving…

The cast of intruders look suspicious. Are they really ‘local residents’ or other parties impersonating local residents to give the impression that there is local opposition to the gathering?

There’s simply no excuse for this kind of loutish behaviour nor should it be allowed to creep into our political culture.

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Don Anamalai


Any new update on the direction of Hindraf for the coming GE?

UMNO/BN once said that Hindraf was an illegal and outlaw party and banned it. Now with the GE looming near, PM wants to meet up with Hindraf to get brownie points from the Indians. So far none of the 18 demands made by Hindraf was looked into, yet najib want to nambikei the Indians?


This is indeed a sandiwara by Hindraf and ABU to gain the rakyat’s support. The attacked and the attackers were all friends, staging a show to tarnish the image of UMNO/BN. I wonder who directed this Sandiwara, the producers were indeed Hindraf and ABU.

Dragon Boy

Another reason why PDRM is losing its credibility.

Mr Bean

The one leading the mob is allegedly a special branch officer? Prove it. That would be UMNO’s Achilles’ heel. But I don’t think they are that stupid even though arrogantly so at times.


Just read on Haris Ibrahim how, after most of the rempit types had left, he pointed out one of the mobsters who still hung back to uniformed policemen, and later saw the same mobster chatting with policemen near a squad car. And later found out that the mobster was (allegedly) a SB chap.

UMNO, & PDRM, at their sterling best


I was impressed by the self-control on display by Hindraf, but I laughed out loud at the police escort at 5:24

What was he doing – saying “hold on, let me get the door for you”?

Xin nian kuai le!

Malaysians can think

Firstly its not your duty to bring any form of justice with your own hands. Secondly this is a supposed to be a democratic country, any political party can have a rally anywhere they want to, if you dont like it just dont attend. Stop embarassing yourself by acting like hooligans attacking old people. We malaysian be it malay chinese or indians and everyone else have the freedom to choose. Stop making decisions for others!

Mr Bean

This is a matter for the police. Let them do what they need to do.


You are really indeed one Mr Bean, the Police Chief of Selangor said, no one was injured, nothing happened just that the residents @ Jalan Kebun not happy, that was all.

Please watch the video before you comment and make a fool of yourself needlessly.

Now, i understand why there are so many crimes around !!!

For Malaysiakini’s subscribers, please read Mariam Moktar, TQ.


If this comment was intended to be tongue-in-cheek, it didn’t work, Mr Bean.

Mr Bean

Allow me to re-phrase. Do not let the police look upon the incident as something more than just a case of battery, assault, trespass by what appears to be neighborhood bullies. What excuse THEN would they have in NO T taking any action against neighborhood bullies, bent on making a public statement, who felt that their rights have been trampled by outsiders — assuming this story that appears here on your blog can be believed?. We already know these are (allegedly) thugs in the payroll of UMNO let loose with the prior blessings of someone high in the police hierarchy.… Read more »

Penduduk jln kebun

Firstly, we are the resident of jln kebun and we are not satisfied with the provocation by the outsider from hindraf and political party that organize ‘meeting’ at mbsa hall nearby. They used to provoke our community with these words ‘ melayu …’ n melayu … and many more. Thats why the people of jln kebun react to teach them how to respect people when they were into our area! Pls be fair to us! Ok


Creep into our political culture? It has been there for a long time, methinks. There are grounds to consider if it is a tried tactic to block, intimidate and maybe worse. From Najib, as UMNO Youth chief in 1987 at the TPCA stadium… to the UMNO mob that broke down the APCET II conference room door in 1996… to Khairy’s Gerak Gempur goons at Ijok in 2007, and manymore incidents in between and since… Opposition candidates for by-elections have been threatened, their vehicles vandalised and entry to some areas blocked. Fair campaigning denied. How many of the culprits have been… Read more »



AMMO Najis and BN have gone too far with their abuse of the judiciary and government. Below are some of the list which we should know and we must now unite to kick them out for the good of the people and country. (link?)

Ahmad Sobri

Such acts as lawlessness can only be committed by people associated by the greatest pain to Malaysian society……….UMNO/sycophants! Just how could they expect the non Malays to vote UMNO/sycophants with such kinds of criminal intimidations? They are such a bully and no sane minded Malaysian will support them. The political culture of intimidations had now descended even worse to the use of criminal force to deter political opponents. Shame, real shame! To all readers of Anilnetto who celebrate the Chinese New Year, we wish you all Selamat Tahun Baru Cina and Gong Xi Fa Cai! After your New Year, we… Read more »


the police said nothing untoward happened. video says otherwise. but dont try telling the police is wrong and make a report. you could be the receiving end, who knows.
just accept this is UMNoland where BN thugs are well protected.


This is really serious. This somewhat foreshadows what could happen if or when pakatan forms the new government.

very worrying…especially when there’s no one to ensure that something like this won’t happen. PDRM could care less…


PRDM said the incident never happened, The Star, Utusan & all other MSM did not report it. So as far as what UMNO wants us to believe – ot never took place.
Stupid dUMNO guys take 3 steps back for every one step forward, & say only BeEnd & DUMNO can protect the citizens rights
Disgusting … gangsters & Mat rempits


I could not believe what i saw…!!!

Picked a free copy of Star today but it reported nothing about
the ugly incident…

ABU !!!


Thats why I never buy the Star anymore

Andrew I

Who does?


Most probably GK


Star Paper?
I use it once a year on Cheng Beng.
Even the Indian flower sellers use it for flower wrapping!
Recycling is the unofficial utility motto for Star Paper – low end use without the news worthy of glancing or proof reading!