Video: Khairy vs Rafizi debate


This good-humoured debate between Umno Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin and PKR director of strategies Rafizi Ramli was held in the UK on 29 January.

I thought Rafizi, though sharp and eloquent, was being diplomatic and let off Khairy somewhat lightly on certain issues, especially over how serious the government was in its so-called ‘reform’ initiatives.

For instance, when Khairy brought up the episode about Kedah MB Azizan’s controversial support for the use of Auku against the Kuin college students, Rafizi could have countered by pointing out the authorities’ heavy-handed action against the Sultan Idris College students.

Khairy, in a dapper suit, was of course being Khairy – witty, suave, articulate but ultimately, given the track record of the BN on progressive issues, hardly convincing.

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27 May 2012 11.43am

Khairy should debate with UMNO to question why he cannot get a ministerial position despite being the Umno youth leader, while that a/l Apanama can be a minister and tipped to be future MB of Kedah!

Sam Sopiee
Sam Sopiee
2 May 2012 3.27am

While I love Rafizi’s personality and down-to-earth manner, I find most of what he’s saying is reactionary. It’s easy to punch holes in paper and talk about gaps in history. If he’s in Khairy’s position in the ruling government, would he be able to achieve the same?

Khairy looks like he’s doing the harder work of actually affecting change in Malaysia today – reforming laws, transforming old principles, updating us into this new media age. He’s substantiated all his opinions with things that he has done, and is doing, and wants to do.

Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
8 Feb 2012 12.33pm

Why shouldn’t university students take part in politics?
They are the leaders of the future.

Tun Abdul Razak, Lee Kuan Yew etc were all involved in politics
as students in the UK. They were part of the Malayan Forum.
Please read up on the story of the Malayan Forum and
the struggle for indepence from British colonial rule.

Asam Garam
Asam Garam
8 Feb 2012 11.08am

Khairy has been a flip-flop person taking sides here then there with no clear cut stand …

Andrew I
Andrew I
8 Feb 2012 3.18am

Debate in English in the UK on whether to have a single national schooling system as opposed to a vernacular one. Students should concentrate on their studies and not on politics. Don’t use your children as shields. The need for reform.

Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you, but it’s impolite to name names.

8 Feb 2012 1.29am

When is Najib dare enough to take on debate with Anwar?

8 Feb 2012 12.31am

I am most impressed with Rafizi. This is the first time I hear him speak. Most sincere, professional and most importantly give an impression of honesty. I am sure he will make a very good leader.

Khairy speaks good too but some reasons he just do not sound convincing. He does not come through as sincere and honest as Rafizi.

Probably it is because Rafizi speaks from the heart with passion while Khairy just speaks from the mouth.

25 May 2012 12.36pm
Reply to  NegaraKu

I watched the debate.
Honestly Khairy’s argument is quite flimsy.