Utusan front-pages video-stills


True to form, Utusan Malaysia has front-paged the video release with the headline, ‘Video seks didedah’.

See its front page here.

I wonder if this will help boost the paper’s flagging sales.

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There is a police report on the matter. The police are investigating. The Tro are investigated. Then why the need to bring the matter to the public or the parliament. To seek political mileage? Let the police do the job. We have too many “sick” newspapers/media and politicians in the country. This is the problem. If RCI is the solution on pictures and videos, there are many “naughty pictures” of children – hugging women and carrying bottles of liquor, “tulen” I suppose – on the Internet in acts of “bikin malu” their parents who are leaders, that needs RCI treatment… Read more »


Utoosan…..berapa lama mau tipu orang kampong….????


Feel dirty after visiting Utusan Malaysia. However, why blur out the picture. Might as well go for broke and show the whole face.

Takutkah Utusan Malaysia. I dare you to put the face up as well.


Bila pula news yang menguntungkan pembangkan disiarkan dalam utusan? ataupon sekorang-2nya news yg seimbang.

Pi la. entah depa tu machine propaganda ataupon akhbar perdana?


Bila news merugikan pembangkan, macam-macam la kau cakap.

Gerakan K

Sokong, anil memang BIAS !!!

Andrew I

Bukan bias, FAIR.


Andrew I and Gerakan K. It looks like both of you are talking together on Anil’s blog. Even twin blood brothers are never that closely communicative! Is it fated?

Andrew I



Looks like one way to me. But to be expected when one talks to a troll.


That’s criminal offense, and those responsible for such gutter politics must be arrested and punished!

What’s PDRM waiting for, still dragging its feet and waiting for instructions from above?

Those … must be so fearful of Anwar’s and Pakatan Rakyat’s march into Putra Jaya that they go to such lengths, what a desperate act! Shameful.

charlie chan

today our journalists practsise gutter journalism, no ethics , no conscience n totally subservient to their master n lies n slander seems to be the agenda. what a sad day for journalism


What’s happened to Ku Li? Razaleigh dot com has been unavailable for a long time.


Blame the ruling masters… All part of a depraved, concerted and orchestrated attempt at holding on to their ill-gotten power and wealth. The face in the pics has deliberately been pixellated a wee bit, yet clear enough to suggest it was Anwar. You can see the physique isn’t of Anwar at all… the breadth of the shoulders, the rump, the midriff…

Why, it looks like Gerakan K!

Gerakan K

Err apa masalahnya anil ???

Tugas Utusan ialah siarkan berita dan video tersebut ialah berita yang terhangat pada masa kini.

Karpal Singh juga minta video tersebut disiarkan dalam Parlimen. Jadi, apa masalahnya ???

Saya juga tertanya-tanya jika berita ini boleh menambah sokongan kepada pr ???

Andrew I

Kedai ini telah ditutup.


Now that the video clip of ‘unidentifiable people in towels doing nothing remotely similar to sex’ has gone from YouTube, people will have to buy Utusan to see.


the video guy size 40 something fat-tub not alike dsai’s body lah!

Andrew I

Look on the bright side. Anwar can still make it to the front page. It just goes to show how much of a threat he continues to be.

Sometimes, it’s what we do which says it all.

Andrew I

And who would know him more than his own wife:

“It is not him. It is clear that the body and physique of the actor’ in the video is extremely different from that of Anwar.

“This is strengthened by the fact that for over a year now he has been accompanied by his children whenever he exercises and undergoes physiotherapy as part of the recuperative measures for his injured spine,” she told a packed press conference.

Gerakan K

Kredibiliti isteri sebagai saksi bagi suami sendiri adalah amat diragukan dalam kes ini atau kes-kes yang lain.

Sila minum susu selalu supaya sihat dan pandai

Andrew I

Kau tahu lebih dari isteri dia . Harus minum susu untuk menjadi seperti anda.


Dia tak tahu lebih isteri sendiri


…so I’d better stay away from piece of …junk like that.