RECORDED: Uphold the dignity and quality of life of the people



  • Dr Medaline Berma, fellow, Academy of Sciences Malaysia
  • Dr Johan A Samad, chairperson, Sabah Action Body Advocating Rights (Sabah) Trustees
  • Darrel Leiking, Penampang MP, Sabah State Legislative Assembly member for Moyog from Warisan

Moderator: Dr Felix Tongkul, chairperson, Pacos Trust

Organised by the People’s Agenda

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IMO, having a Current Events/Affairs column for the comments of each month, as in the past few months, is a good idea.


Difficult to have good quality of life if our Ringgit continues to slide even now at 24 year old low 4.6 Vs USD. Many are moving to JB to shuttle between the causeway to earn SingDollar for a better life.

Omega 888

You mean like those foreign workers and maids who come here to work to earn good money to live a better life in their home country.


Refusal to change and stubborn with same old way will not propel you forward.

Kee Ling

Very true. Tough for us to have a dignified life with our Ringgit depreciate each day mostly because of lousy government. Time for change if you do not want your kids to cari makan and be discriminated in Singapore.


When you increase minimum wage to RM1500 without any productivity improvements. We suffer the consequences of higher cost of production meaning higher inflation. Double whammy with Ringgit not performing because of lousy government.

Dr Watson

Dr Medline is more like government spokesperson appearing on national TV and astro Awani, and sometimes she does not speak from her conscience especially on the need to prevent fund leakages.

YO Liew

Definitely not an influencer on social media that could have impact on young minds of today generation.


Previously readers have highlighted that nowadays nobody bother to watch such webinars. So it is really a syiok sendiri event that serves no purpose.

Alpha 888

Hallo, Mr. Fake Wyatt. Did you remember to fake your IP address also? What are you up to? This is the real Wyatt asking.

Kee Ling

Use Tik Tok as it will attract viewers. Long video of boring ceramah cannot capture attention and deem a waste of time.

YO Liew

TikTok is great for spreading political messages

In the past four years of its existence in the US, TikTok has become the most effective platform for any single user to communicate to the largest possible audience in the shortest amount of time.

YO Liew

Use YouTube shorts besides Tik Tok to deliver your short but effective message


Umno5 desperate for election during flooding to prevent voters turnout?

We must send Umno to oblivion this time, along with MIC and MCA.

YO Liew

Bantah PRU15 Semasa Banjir: Selamatkan Nyawa Bukan Jawatan

Please sign the petition:

YO Liew

A climate change expert has suggested the country only hold the 15th general election after February, warning that the floods situation during the monsoon season at the year-end might be worse than in 2021.

YO Liew

Early win or early demise for Umno?
Flooding is a blessing or a curse?

What say you, Anil?


When Azam Bakri said Penang has high corruption cases, it is just political statement. If there are cases, he will be happy to take action, especially if it involved PH states.

Azam himself is tainted with his stock trading scandal. Yet, he behaved like he is politician that no need answer to anyone.