Under the Democracy Tree: Remembering Perak power grab


Perak Pakatan reps gathered under the Democracy Tree in Ipoh on 6 February to recall the third anniversary of the power grab in the state.

Photograph: Kinta Kid

Remember how Speaker Sivakumar was literally dragged out of his chair?

Kinta Kid has the full story with pictures here.

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Bowen Liu

also all must remember not to believe in all those threats from MCA, and their lies that only they can safeguard the interest of chinese.

Andrew I

Can safeguard you from hidden cameras whilst you are enjoying yourself.


Woii Wira, can’t read ah, this thread is about “Remembering Perak Power-grab”, why gate crash? Go somewhere or tell that to your mom and dad at home!


It is about power corrupts and why and how a PR government can be ill advised by those who aspire to power.

If things can be bad for some Penang folks, it may not be all rosy to every honest citizen for his or her right can be trampled upon by a PR government.

PR, please pay attention to justice in states you already possess.
Don’t lose it because you don’t care.


PR can do no wrong?
As long as it is run by the people for the people, it must in no uncertain term (or harbored intention) bring back injustices of colonialistic or class-bodek thinking.
Globalisation or Cosmopolitan don’t give one an illusion of excuse to twist the rights of ordinary citizens, who must come first than foreigners.
Unless PR is worshipping a new mantra of : Money Talks.
(After many moons of cash drought by the Feds)


The rakytat must be eyes and ears and watch out for abuse of Government/State vehicles and buildings by Umno/BN in coming GE-13.


Can’t wait for GE-13. We have waited so long to get rid of this illegal govt rejected by Perakians! The whole country will be watching when Pakatan is elected back to power in Perak better still, taken over Putrajaya.


It is downright disappointing that despite many pleas to the state government and communications with Guan Eng’s secretary (Jeffrey Chew) who promised that Guan Eng is taking a personal interest in this matter, the Liason Council members of Bukit Jambul Country Club (BJCC) were unable to arrange a meeting with him together with the management of the club (Owner of Taiyo which was awarded the contract to run the golf club) to resolve this issue. Many senior golfers of BJCC feel that the state government, in awarding the contract to run the club, had short changed members’ interest in that… Read more »


Global Cosmopolitan standards of unequal treatment?
If you are a Japano, Koreano or HongKeeno, special class of preferential treatment is given as if entitled to, from makan-makan to golfing.
Alas, overt slippery cleanliness obsession for green grass is not practical, not even if you tell the free birds at BJCC not to s… from overhead sky!
Next they PR will tell the sun not to shine too hot for these comfort-conscious foreigner golfers.
Woi, PR. Wa Lang Si Penang Lang.
Ang Moh (colonialist) thinking is irrelevant today.
Why reinvent into Japano, Koreano or HongKeeno class-colonialism?

Gerakan K

Anil, according to my extremely reliable sources in Perak, the current people MB, Dr. Zambry will win the next election EASILY no matter what ‘tree’ or dramas presented by Nga+Ngeh group.

Why ??? Because Dr. Zambry is performing extremely well as the people MB. Less politicking but doing his jobs quietly.

What power grab ??? People already move forward to receive his/her RM500 aid from BN government. Sensationalizing the old but settle issue will make pakatan like a fool. Yeah, only stupid people do meeting under any tree. Such boring drama sudah tak laku !!!


WOW brave words, bring them on!
Perakians have been waiting out their long necks the past 3 years! Just make sure Zambry Mamak Abdul Kadeer be at the main counting station on night of polling day. If kalah, kalah lah, be MAN enough to congratulate Nizar, can?

Andrew I

Gerakan tak laku lah.


Have you taken ‘Hee’ Frog Leg Soup lately in Ipoh Town during CNY? No wonder your writing seemed to ‘improve’ by frog leaps and frog bounced!
This I give you my verbal ‘Like’ (can’t click cos my finger was bitten by a ‘Hee-Hee’ Frog in Botanic Garden!)


According to very reliable sources (not my) Zambry would not be standing as a candidate in Perak due to the squabbles among the UMNO fractions in Perak. He would be booted out from Perak. This speak well for PR who are now stable and united more than ever after the ruckus by many of the MP who have left PKR, PAS or DAP such as Zaid, Zahrain, Noordin, Tan Tee Beng, Hee etc etc. A good example is Zaid knowing full well that he will lose his deposit and so decided to dissolve Kita. Zahrain, Noordin, Ibrahim, Tan Tee Beng… Read more »


I beg to differ on Zaid.
I think he has finally realised that he could no longer stand the stench of the ‘garbage’ he had picked up for KITA! They were problemetic and a liability to him and party.


Yes in a way you are right.


I hope your ‘very reliable sources’ on Zambry are right.
It will save him the embarrassment when this “1MB of Perak” gets flushed down the toilet. Don’t think his ‘rent-a-crowd’ buddies will be able to help him then.


Recalling event of Perak Powergrab in Feb 2009, a sad day indeed that follow the dragging of elected people’s elected Perak Speaker Sivakumar by UMNO-led BN politicians with the aid of VVIP force and PDRM to interfere in politics of the State, was a major error that will never be forgotten by Perakians as long as we live! It was a total disgrace the world had come to know, their rowdy behavior left much to be desired! It had not only made Perakians angry and disgusted but very much stronger today. What they did was most unforgiveable. Perakians have vowed… Read more »