‘Umno’s arrogance of power will backfire’: Anwar


Anwar Ibrahim has issued a strongly worded statement on recent oppressive developments.

UMNO’s arrogance of power will backfire

When Hamlet bemoans “the oppressor’s wrong…, the law’s delay, the insolence of office”, it is a classic case of art imitating life. Except that in our present condition, the powers that be are seeing it fit that life should imitate art.

So, as last week’s events have shown, in re-arresting Tian Chua, Tamrin Ghafar, and Haris Ibrahim just four days after they were freed by the court, the police plainly displayed ‘the insolence of office’ and showed utter contempt to the magistrate who had ordered their release.

Prosecuting them as well as other activists and opposition leaders for activities linked to the “Blackout 505” rallies therefore adds to ‘the oppressor’s wrong’ and nails the lie on Najib’s ‘reform agenda’ so proudly proclaimed not just to the nation but the world at large.

See the full statement here.

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Bark and cry all you want but get this clear…NOBODY in Msia dare to stand up to amno (1%) nor murmur a soft word for 50 years! Now, this is real power, ladies and gentlemen, and they desrved to be arrogant,proud,ego,ruthless,racist etc . Thus they also deserved to rule for next 500 years. We(99%) all are nothing but a bunch of turkeys.


Gerakan,there are laws no doubts,but it is the abuse of laws that matters. Moreover,the laws are made by the ruling party that commmands the majority in the parliament. The ruling party is abusing the laws to silence the opposition.

Gerakan K

There are laws and laws breakers. Lawless state aka cowboy state is BAD. Why championing the lawlessness ??? It looks like the madman needs more attention after another HUGE news overshadows the demo thingy.

My message to the madman, “constant demos will backfire”. Bila mau bersara ???

Andrew I

Correct, correct, correct.


Yes Gerakan K correct correct correct.

The one who say burn the bible … abolish mother tongue etc, 1 billions scorpene commission, Altatunya murder, violence and punching of silence vigil, etc etc are not lawless.

But fighting for the rights of the people against corruption & cheating in electoral polls, having peaceful assembly etc etc are wrong.

Yes you should also not forget that when your land or house has been sold and money taken, the house and land is still yours. If lawyer said No, then refer to GK, he may help you fight it out

Andrew I

Wow, guiness world record for thumbs up for Dino K. Does your internet savy friend owe you a favor, Dino?


The truth is UMNO arrogance that matters but Mahathirs. Like it or not, he determines UMNO’s arrogance. The rest of UMNO are sycophants, imitators but THE SOCIOPATH is only Mahathir.


There is only one crime:Hypocrisy


The arrogance of Umno is clearly demonstrated by Zahid Hamidi.

read more here:


Keadilan’s director of strategy, Rafizi Ramli, says he will reveal evidence on Wednesday that Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi violated the Election Offences Act 1954 by spending more than RM200,000 during his general election campaigning in Bagan Datoh.


Calon BN rampas kertas undi pos untuk dipangkah sendiri?
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Malangnya muslihat mereka terbongkar.
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