Umno split: Even Ummi Hafilda has had enough!


If you thought the divisions in Pakatan were bad enough, Umno itself is split. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this clip.

How bad can it get? Even staunch Umno supporter Ummi Hafilda has had enough! Now, isn’t this poetic? She helped in the effort to remove Anwar as DPM and now here she is in tears over the ouster of DPM Muhyiddin! Boo-hoo-hoo. You reap what you sow.

So many things have happened in recent days, it is hard to keep up. Sifting through the news, I have been struck by the following:

The cabinet reshuffle is being seen as an attempt to disrupt the 1MDB probe. Have a look at how the international media are viewing all this. Facing corruption scandal, Malaysian PM fires officials investigating him

The reshuffle has thrown into serious question the continuing 1MDB investigation by the PAC. Even though the PAC still has a quorum, its opponents argue it does not have a long-term chairman and the composition does not reflect the proportion of parties in Parliament.

The removal of the Attorney General is also controversial, as he was in the midst of the 1MDB probe.

(By the way, what kind of documents were burned in the Bukit Aman fire and what was the cause of the blaze?)

As for Muhyiddin’s removal, for the first time since Musa Hitam’s resignation in 1986 (which heralded a split in Umno), a serving Umno deputy president is not the deputy prime minister. Now, of course, this is just convention and there is nothing to say that the Umno deputy president MUST be the DPM, but it does indicate how much the party is in disarray, with party elections having been deferred.

Muhyiddin’s statement in Mukhriz’s presence about Najib allegedly admitting he had received RM2.6bn into his own bank account is just the first salvo. Najib will now have to contend with a formidable ‘3M’ force: Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Mukhriz. It looks like an implosion within Umno waiting to happen.

Down south, the Umno stronghold of Johor, the party’s birthplace, can no longer be considered a ‘fixed deposit’. Johor Umno won’t be happy with Muhyiddin’s ouster. And the statements from the Johor Prince are not going to help Najib. One PKR strategist I know was relishing the prospect of the next general election in Johor.

So Najib has surrounded himself with loyalists while the dissidents have been purged from the Cabinet. They are circling the wagons, preparing to make a last stand against the opposing ‘marauders’. While this will ensure Najib’s short-term survival, in the long run it probably is not the smartest move. Now Najib has inadvertently enlarged the pool of opposing marauders – and crucially, he won’t know what his party foes are doing beyond the circle of wagons.

While all this is going on, we have almost completely neglected the upcoming conclusion of the negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which will open the floodgates to transnational corporations to assume greater power in our economy.

The United States is so desperate for Malaysia to sign on to the TPPA, it has upgraded us from rock bottom Tier 3 to Tier 2 in the human trafficking grading – this, after the global headline revelations of the death camps along the Malaysia-Thai border. How hypocritical can the US get!

And now UK Prime Minister David Cameron wants to come to Malaysia to peddle more jets to us. For all their talk of human rights and good governance, these leaders want to cosy up or play golf with the likes of Najib just to sell their latest toys and network on behalf of Big Corporations.

Elsewhere, Harapan Baru appears to have found a new party vehicle in Kita and is building up momentum. This could be worth watching. Now law expert Aziz Bari has joined the DAP. So things are shaping up well for Pakatan v2.0, under the circumstances.

Meanwhile, the campaign in Solidarity with The Edge and Sarawak Report appears to be breaking new ground while Bersih 2.0 has announced a new rally. More on this soon.

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Dr Aziz Bari beri pendapat mengenai pemecatan Gani Patail


TPP means goodbye to national sovereignity. Even the people of advanced partner countries will not benefit. WTO, NAFTA and other FTAs have proven this. Only the biggest capitalists will rule.


To make up the loss of members and support after the sacking of Muhyiddin, Najib’s Umno could possibly form alliance with Hadi’s PAS? Already Najib is singing praises of Hadi Awang over what he termed as the PAS president’s ability to properly evaluate the 1MDB-related allegations against him. MCA and Gerakan ought to watch this closely, as hudud card could be bridge to this alliance. Religion is now entering the fray to defend Najib as the JAKIM’s on its Friday sermon commemorating Warriors’ Day, has claimed that those who critize 1MDB and Najib are allegedly victims of foreign powers that… Read more »


PAS spiritual leader Haron Din and president Hadi Awang met PM Najib three times to talk about implementing hudud in Malaysia, an Islamic non-governmental organisation source who knew of the meeting said. Putrajaya’s nod for the Islamic penal code was also signalled at a meeting during Ramadan recently, when Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom implied that the government was serious about ensuring its implementation in the country. Jamil Khir said this when answering questions by participants at a dialogue and breaking of fast event organised by Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim) at the Federal Territory Mosque… Read more »


Former Umno minister Datuk Seri Raja Nong Chik has thrown his support for his party to establish cooperation with opposition party PAS, saying that it can unite the Malay community.

In referring to two PAS leaders’ recent statements, which alluded their support for Najib, the Umno Lembah Pantai division chief said this showed that the Islamist party’s openness to cooperate with Umno.

What say you?


You forget to ask Mr yang ??? Who is bedding with who now.


Mahathir said he would no longer speak about 1Malaysia Development Bhd’s (1MDB) debts as it was now considered a “crime” to raise questions about the troubled state investment firm.

“I cannot answer any questions about 1MDB now because it a crime to talk about 1MDB, he told reporters today (July 31) after an event at the Prince Court Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

gerak khas

He has to be careful as his son’s Kedah MB position is under threat?


I am highly dissapointed that the left-wing blog like this fails to point the most relevant fact – that the Muhiyiddin video means there is little plausibility that Najib has not commited CRIMINAL BREACH OF TRUST – misappropriating someone funds, UMNO/BN at the very least..UMNO/BN may not care but technically it still CBT. Ruling leaders are not just disconnected from grassroot. THEY ARE DANGEROUSLY UNTOUCHABLE BY ANYTHING.. Especially with the help of Hadi’s PAS, there is NOTHING they are accountable to, nor can the people make them accountable. Najib is a cheat – from a boy to adult, his family,… Read more »


Too bad. Leftist blog being hijack by extreme right. They know how to blow water and cow supporting a corrupt, racist and religious extreme system. In past, we send money back to tong Shan. Now we have to ask them to send money. They are leaping well advance and Hong Kong in certain areas overtaken by Shenzhen. Corruption wise, quite a number of ccp and military are taken to jail. The rightist think they are smart but dunggu in long run.


In short, Najib is giving them the rope with which they will hang themselves with once Najib comes out to explain and reveal that all these people who had been whacking him all this while knew the real story all along.


The standard can only cow Malaysians. But no ding dong to WSJ. …


Cameron meet PM Najib and snubbed the opposition. The opposition only het to meet his advisor.


Ironically Cameron warned that foreign fraudsters and corrupt officials can no longer “stash dodgy cash” in London’s luxury property market as he announced a major review of ownership rules. He said that the international community has “looked the other way for far too long” when it comes to corruption“, which he called “one of the greatest enemies of progress in our time.


There are just too many problems lately and the Rakyat are now even fighting hard over their ever rising daily household costs. If, petrol prices are again up come tomorrow, we must (condemn) the govt by all strengths and means we would have gathered !
Just what is Malaysia NOW ?


Malaysia’s ringgit dropped for a third month and reached a 16-year low as a political scandal linked to a state investment company weighed on investor sentiment already flagging from a slump in oil.

A multiple probe into the finances of debt-ridden 1Malaysia Development Bhd. spurred demand for the relative safety of government bonds, with a Bloomberg index of local securities rising for a seventh month. The ringgit is Asia’s worst- performing currency this year and foreign-exchange reserves have declined to the lowest level since 2009 on suspected central bank intervention to stem the losses.


In its latest posting today, Sarawak Report today published (alleged) draft of the charge sheet purportedly done by former A-G Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail against the prime minister and a former managing director, who was arrested by a government special task force and later freed on bail, and Nik Faisal Ariff Nik Othman Kamil. Sarawak Report reported that the (alleged) charge sheet against Najib had let to Gani’s sacking on Monday although his contract as A-G was until October. The site said that Gani was abruptly removed when he was “on the brink” of filing corruption charges against the… Read more »


Is there a conspiracy using doctored and fabricated documents by one of the former PM to topple a democratically elected PM & govt with the opposition jumping into the wagon. Its a well known fact that this former PM had used his influence to get rid of his immediate successor but then he got a better adversary in Najib. Najib did right in reshuffling the cabinet and neutralized this fellow and the opposition. They just do not care about the people and country but their ego and political interest. His 22 years is proof enough. Attorney-General: Sarawak Report allegations false… Read more »


Is Mahathir to be blamed for the current political mess in Malaysia?
Read this interesting analysis on Singapore’s Today online:


From day one, the issue is not about 1MDB but how to bring down Najib by a former PM at all cost even to the extend of (allegedly) doctoring, fabricating, stealing, lies and deception. This article will never be published in Malaysiakini, Chronicle, Free Malaysia or any sites that is link to the opposition. When this issue become hotter and hotter since the past 2 month, I wanted to see the truth and the facts that it is not about 1MDB but (an alleged) CONSPIRACY which is why I give my full support to Najib. . A (alleged) conspiracy by… Read more »


Remember the advice from tunglang:

Given a choice, I would rather have PR run this country. At least I can sleep well knowing our Ah Kong’s monies is in better hands than being siphoned to buy coloured diamonds & high flying lifestyle of the rich & famous for diamonds, handbags, airplanes, etc.


Too bad M…. You are a doctor from well know sing uni. As a doc, u can easily accused of doctoring docs. No evidence. They can’t prove, no ding dong to sue WSJ. No PAC interim report and yet blow water and cow. As crony, self interest. Clear where the £€$¥ goes.

Phua Kai Lit

Foreign exchange reserves being used up to defend the Ringgit ?


Mr Steven Yang, you are the one who is intoxicated and even to the extent of like demon possessed is a known fact to all the sober readers here.

Since Pg government imposed the housing restrictions to protect the poor and the middle income group you have been running amok in Anil’s blog. Sad!

Phua Kai Lit

For certain people, when their economic interests (class interests) are
negatively affected, they can bounce from the “left side” of the
political spectrum to the right side (maybe even the
far right side).

Raved against BN in the past and now praising
BN and its 1PM King of Cash leader to high heaven 🙂


Phua you are right. Look at how Cat senior will cohabit and sleep with the DEVIL at all cost for their political interest just like me for my economic interest. Do you think the Edge boss is not writing for.his interest. He was one time crony of the defacto


Zahid was also a crony if Anwar. Same as ezim. When Anwar was under arrest, he is the one claiming he has boxes of evidence. Of course the magic portion and tongkat Ali is £€$¥. Everyone has self interest but £€$¥ has overwhelming power


Rosmah : Abg, nak gi mana tu?
Najib : Nak kluar jap tukar kabinet.
Rosmah : Yeayy..Mah nak suma kayu tau..
Najib : Jgn risaw, abg tuka suma memang kayu!!


After all her past misdeeds and mischiefs ruining peoples life, and with her case pending, she now
wears a tudung to endear her image to the public. A hypocrite.


Ooomee Matilda was conned many years ago & it took so long for her to wake up!
Now that’s Karma at work.
DSAI must be senyum for that comic Matilda!

S Tee

Yang and isupercally also split over 1MDB fiasco?

S Tee

Mr T back from senses after being inflicted by yang super charms? Conflicting events now unfolding likely to have break the cyberbomoh spell?


Ummi can create dramas on behalf of Muhyiddin to spill dirty linens of 1MDB.
However her method is outdated, assuming she is a ‘same old way’ (sow), and may backfire on Muhyiddin.


Mr Anil, why bother about this woman ??? Dont tell me you are a fan of this Ubi ??? No offence please. Thks


Anil loves good rojak


Do you all know what the people refer to her. She is one tib big ………………..


Anil head must be unsober or intoxicated putting up this video and then referring that UMNO is now.splitted. I really had a good laugh