As chairs fly, Umno could be lurching towards implosion


It used to be that flying chairs were associated with MIC meetings. No longer.

The big news today should have been Mat Taib emerging as a surprise contender for the Umno deputy president’s post, joining Ali Rustam and Muhyiddin.

But flying chairs at the Seremban Umno meeting, which left two people injured, have added to the litany of serious troubles facing Umno.

It is not just one incident that suggests that Umno is going through a testing time. Serious money politics, factionalism, the return of the old guard and Mahathirism, bitter leadership struggles and protests at divisional meetings are all evidence of a party in crisis. The big question now is can the party pull through unscathed at a time of economic turbulence or will the fissures that are now evident lead to a final implosion?

Najib is reported as saying that 900 complaints of money politcs had been received by the party’s disciplinary board. 900?! We have heard top Umno politicians complaining about attempts at vote-buying and money politics.

At the Rembau meeting yesterday, a commotion broke out when a number of delegates complained that nominations were closed prematurely.

Over in Tanah Merah, several members managed to get an ex-parte injunction from the Kota Baru High Court to defer the division’s delegates meeting. Controversy surrounds the status of 32 branch heads and alleged phantom members.

And that’s just the news over the last two days!

One commentator told me that Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat won’t have to do much: they needn’t bother looking for defections from MPs who lack conscience or principles. Instead, PR leaders can just sit back and watch as Umno, after the heavy blows it took on the chin on 8 March, stumbles around like a dazed and ageing heavyweight fighter trying to avoid hitting the canvas for the final count.

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This is the norm for UMNO. Last time there was an election, same story. This year there were also incidences where police were called. … And UMNO tells the world that PAS is a violent, fundamentalist party! What kind of madness is this? Money talks, and it is whispering in the ears of the Agama, Bangsa dan Negara crowd. Hence the pandemonium at UMNO meetings as rival groups try to outdo each other by fair means or foul. Too much money at stake here. Understand this, then you can understand the antics of Federal ministers in protecting their periuk nasik.… Read more »

anna brella

Oh, goody…can anyone tell me when I can expect the said implosion please, so that I can chill that Bollinger Grand Annee appropriately….smile.

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon


The nominees look like a r… gallery
How can this bunch … be allowed to even stand? …


just wondering why razaleigh is hanging around in a party of money.
and i think zaid ibrahim is leaving the party soon. but not too many will follow him coz there is too much money at stake.


Dear Anil,

It is very sad to note that despite all that has been exposed, (certain of) the ex corrupt stars still see it fit in making a comeback. All they need to do is to put up a new outlook and the people will buy it without thinking twice. UMNO badly needs new progressive Malays who can look beyond race and religion to lead them out of this quagmire. More young Malays need to think like Barrack Husain Obama.

telur dua

This is life imitating art. We have watched it often enough in movies. When things are smooth sailing and loot aplenty they… are all hunky dory and brotherly.

When things are down and the loot scarce they … betray each other. There is no honour… after all, but only greed.

UMNO is the epitome of all the above…

telur dua

In many democratic countries, pseudo leaders like Ali Rustam and Mohd2 Taib won’t even get nominated by their own party members let alone stand for election for the post of Deputy President. And in the unfortunate event that either of them is successful and by tradition will become the DPM. Again, by tradition, should the PM resign in disgrace or ill health or die in office one of these … leaders (lacking in quality) will become the PM. Wow! that would be a real tragedy. Believe me, the smart cookies are all in Pakatan Rakyat. You only have to read… Read more »


With so much at stake financially, who can blame them !? With power, comes money. Corruption is their way of life.