Umno gears up for rally at Bukit Jalil


Umno supporters have started trooping into Bukit Jalil Stadium for the party’s 66th anniversary gathering tonight.


Bukit Jalil Stadium is now surrounded with Umno flags. The stadium has an advertised capacity of 100000 people, but actual seating capacity is around 87000.

Umno Youth exco member Lokman Adam tweeted that LRT services had been extended to midnight, that is after Umno’s programme is over.

This is in sharp contrast to 28 April, in the late afternoon, when those attending Bersih 3.0 found LRT stations shuttered as they tried to return home after the rally in downtown KL.

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Gerakan K

Anil: “This is in sharp contrast to 28 April, in the late afternoon, when those attending Bersih 3.0 found LRT stations shuttered as they tried to return home after the rally in downtown KL” Umno really set a good example. If you want to hold mass gathering, then do it in a stadium. Stadium is the place to handle that level of traffic without causing any problem. Infrastructure is there to support them. April 28 gathering causing tremendous problems to the people including physical damages to properties. I believe LRT stations shuttered to avoid any physical damages by the protesters.… Read more »

Andrew I



If Perkasa can set up burger stall anywahere without lesen, maybe we could also set up char kway teow or bak kut teh stalls at the Bukit Jalil Stadium as well?



I have a question which has nothing to do with this post. Sorry 🙂

Read an interesting bit of news in The Sun today about how the Penang state government wants the Free Port status reintroduced here.

Is it true? Can you please provide some updates about it?

Gerakan K

Double standard happens everywhere even though this is your home turf. But that is the fact. It is OK to distract when the subject matter is related to Umno.

Ban me or don’t publish my comment if you can’t take criticism.

@dissidentist: You are good at distracting people from the issue being discussed, aren’t you? [1]

[1] Anil Noel Netto own words:

Ahmad Sobri

Ban you? Who do you think you are? Anilnetto readers need you, because of your stupid comments in every issue, you are the favourite punching bag of all readers! Besides, your presence here only further our beliefs that BN is all brawns and no brains! You are what is BN all about! Empty vessels! Anilnetto is a blog for all readers and it does not matter whether you are a BN or PR supporter! Continue your stupidity, and give readers here fun! And Andrew has always taken good care of you! Just compare your comments and that of Andrew? Just… Read more »

Andrew I

Well, thank you, Ahmad. I’m flattered. Gherkin’s stupidity inspires me. We must thank him too.

Look at the comparison he’s trying to make. I can see an apology in the previous comment. Did you see one in his link?


This may threaten the rice bowl of Langkawi, a pet island projek of this ApaNama who robbed us Penangites of the free port status to fulfill his dream on the Lang island.
Had it not happened, Penangites today would be as rich as SingKahPoh lang.
BTW, I Iove the Nature of Langkawi & its mysterious spirit-filled rainforest, notwithstanding its spoon-fed free port status.


For UMNO only,,if we can also extend moonlight untill 8am tommorow morning! For BERSIH,, go find your own torchlight!!
We’re first class democracy what!

Andrew I

Gherkin will be there and I will be sitting at home eating salad and watching TV. Will it be aired over TV1?

Andrew I

You’ll most likely catch a glimpse of him in the Troll Divisional Heads section representing Don’t forget to give us a wave, Gherks.


I think PDRM ought to be there with tear gas ready in case those Perkasa folks mengamuk!