Umno anniversary concert falls flat in near empty stadium


A concert on Saturday night, as part of a three-day celebration to mark Umno’s 66th anniversary, was held in a near empty Bukit Jalil Stadium.

That was artiste Mizz Nina performing before a crowd on the field. Video by the website.

Another video on the Malaysia Waves websites shows the almost empty terraces in the 87000-seater stadium.

A sign of things to come?

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Too many free concerts. Even Zainal Abidin and Sheila Majid are complaining that malays refuse to pay for concert. That is why many local malay artists have to join Umno in order to cari makan on TV and government organised concerts.


Such ‘Jom Heboh’ event is wasting the productivity of our nation.


Seriously, how hard it is to get kids out for a free concert like this? I have seen worst act bring in larger crowd. It shows how UMNO machinery hardly touch the young..


gerakan k,

where were your buses?


Perhaps the rm300 (allegedly) paid to those to hear Najib did not include attending the concert.


There were 100K alright….100K of phantoms who will be voters


Yes, perhaps we can see these 100K phantoms watching the concert in the stadium if we use infrared camera!


On Saturday 12 May, there was laready a report that two buses carrying UMNO folks home had met with an accident near Seremban. The nest day, report of yet another bus with UMNO people had collided with a lorry up north in Perak. Their “100,000 crowd” were already heading home lah way before the end of UMNO’s 66th anniversary celebrations. Don’t know if the “rent-a-crowd” got it wrong… who knows, they may have paid the mercenary attendees too soon (before end of celebartions)? Whatever, as with the usualo UMNO General Assembly SOP, only on a much bigger scale, the UMNO… Read more »


Umno is really ‘Money Politics’.
Too bad many … still need easy money to sell their rightious souls.


Umnoputera need no SPM. just AP to be like that Jamal Yunus to flaunt his wealth.

Pala Richie

Mizz Nina is ‘HOT’, but she fails in pulling the crowd. But, Ambiga pulls big crowd localy and internationaly, why?

Umno must not allow this happen, if Nina can’t not pull crowd, then those sex clips of their political enemies, might not sell, how can umno survive this? they sure need reform?…


Where are you Gerkhin?
Still selling kacang puteh at Bukit Jalil entrance?


In London lah – spotted leaving KLIA on 1Malaysia Jet carrying a Berkins bag and may even now be shopping at Harrods with FLOM.


Gerkin, don’t forget there’s no gravy train in London Underground.
Just hantus for the Kotor EC.

Andrew I

Ok. Off topic and don’t complain Gherks. Reconciliation might be on the cards. Thanks to the Star for some free publicity.

Richie Hee

Mizz Nina’s black skin-tight outfit (as shown on the video) is accentuating her body shape. Wonder why Jakim could allow this?

queen kong

Mizz Nina is like UMNO going nowhere with half past six effeorts.

Mizz Nina wanna go international and get Flo Rida to collaborate with her. It was a mistake as they share different cultural values because Mizz Nina has too many restrictions imposed on her to be too sexy like Flo Rida (see Flo Rida’s Good Feeling mtv then you know why).

UMNO wants to transform like Mizz Nina but has many phobias to be successful hence aging dinosaur awaiting to be (extinct)???


Scntily-clad busty women are usually depicted as sex objects in the music videos of black rappers, Flor Rida inclusive. I wonder what price Mizz Nina has to pay to ‘collaborate’ with Flo Rida, as she does not have the innocence of tudung-topped Yuna.


Flo Rida indulges in the scantily clad women on its beaches in his new video for ‘Whistle’ where he relishes in a bevy of bikini-wearing women who splash about the surf and sand. He lounges on a bed on the beach and stares at the tiny threads on the buxom ladies….

I am afraid Mizz Nina will soon lose her malayness in her collaboration with Flo Rida. She should just stick with the local talent Cat Farish.

Andrew I

The rent a crowd companies (allegedly) must be withholding their services due to non payment.

Richie Hee

Most malay artists/celebrities become UMNO members otherwise they (may) not get work when BN owns all the TV stations. They can cari makan in TV3’s Jom Heboh or Astro’s Mania etc.

That is why we do not see singer Dayangku Intan on TV since she aligns herself with PAS.