Two men detained, searched for Chin Peng mementos, released after 3.00am


Two men on a flight from Bangkok to Penang were detained upon arrival at 10.30 last night. They were taken to the Bayan Baru Police Station and searched before being released after 3.00am.

No ashes from the cremated remains of Chin Peng were found on them. But one of the men said that police confiscated some of the mementos from the funeral.

He noted that the national media were out in full force to cover the news.

The two men were released unconditionally but it is not clear if they will face any charges.

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semuanya OK kot

What do all these have in common?
– Sandalwood bark.
– Subsidised petrol and diesel.
– Fish caught in Malaysian waters.
– Stolen cars.
– Malaysians without travel documents wanting to make a quick visit.
– Untaxed Thai rice.
– Firearms.
– Illegal Burmese and Bangla workers.
– Burmese refugees, and Burmese and Thai beggars.

Don Anamalai

Chin Peng signs tripartite Peace Agreements:

Original footage of the signing of the tripartite Peace Agreements on 2 Dec 1989 at the Lee Gardens Hotel in Haadyai. The footage was screened at the 20th anniversary ceremony of the peace accords on 30 Nov 2009. It was made available to all media representatives at the event by the 21st Century Malaysia Friendship Association. The association comprises former CPM comrades now resettled on both sides of the Thai-Malaysian border.

TV3/RTM/Astro will never show this.

thean cheong

All be aware not to buy Ham Chin Peng kuih to eat , will get caught by police


It is plain stupid sandiwara. All those item “seizes” are not drugs, cannot detected by dog nor scanner. Not possible without some extremely specific tipping. It is logical to say this is nothing but another stupid umno cum police sandiwara.


Hey PDRM why don’t you frisk visitors who transit the border areas of Thai/M’sia?


From next year onwards the date 16 September will be the day Malaysians can
choose either to celebrate Malaysia Day or the anniversary in memory of the passing
of Chin Peng. Pick your choice. God works in a mysterious way.

Ahmad Sobri

Oh! Communism cannot be accepted. Malaysians must call for the Government of Malaysia to immediately break off all diplomatic relations with China. It was alleged that China supported the CPM during their struggles.

Stop communism! Stop all relations with China, Russia and Vietnam now! Will the Government act and NOW?

Don Anamalai

Professor Khoo KK and Perkasa Ibrahim Ali ought to remind Umno that the Portuguese fleet under the command of Viceroy Afonso de Albuquerque (with 1200 men and 17-18 ships) captured Malacca Sultanate after 40 days of fighting in 1511.

How many malays under Sultan Mahmud Shah were killed by the Portuguese?

Why Umno never settle the old score with the Portuguese, on the same basis they have done with CPM?


Umno selectively chose the Chinese to bully.
Chin Peng and communists will forever be bogeymen to make Malays submit to Umno.

Don Anamalai

Another good article to share:

Umno’s blunder in Chin Peng’s case

najib manaukau

Such vigilance for a dead man’s ashes ? But able to let in not one, hundreds or thousands but millions of them and worse still the million of these illegals are causing chaos, stealing, murders plus all the shambles that Malaysia is now facing. Where is the priority ? Now that these scaramouch are in control of this country, there is only one thing to do and that is for the co called coalition partners to leave the partnership just so these morons will only become the opposition. Therefore for the sake of this country and for the sake of… Read more »


First the RM 2.88 million madness, no wonder he was grinning like a cat after getting his `milk’ why worry `NOT from my bank!’ NOW the CP Ashes madness, neaxt time they will be checking and scanning anyone from Bangkok a…! Bodo punya …, no limit to `gila and buang duit rakyat!’ Bayar gaji cari Abu! The family dah cakap, tapi pekak tuli! They will bring it in with dignity because he is no rat… Cheated and lied in Baling 55, and again in HatYai 1989! Should all go hang thesleves for the deceptions and spins! Jadi kafir lagi baik,… Read more »


easiest way to carry momentos to Msian soil without being detected ?

Bangkok – Jakarta
Then Jakarta – Kota Kinablu
Then Kota Kinabalu – JB
JB by road to final destination

Don Anamalai

Suddenly Umno is having chinpengphobia?

Anyway, Najib may have cut subsidy but he has certainly forgotten about the financial deficit of the country when he continued his lavish spending of RM2.88 million (taxpayers’ money) to feed the 80,000 guests at his Aidilfitri Open House.