Two MBs turn up at Perak Sultan’s palace


Perak Mentri Besar Nizar and his BN-appointed rival counterpart Zambry were both allowed into the Perak Sultan’s palace this evening to attend the royal banquet to mark the Sultan’s silver jubilee. It’s the first time that both of them are at the same place at the same time. Nizar was accompanied by Perak DAP chairman Ngeh.

The NST has the story here.

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It seems like Zambry is left alone fighting for his throne. We hear nothing form the others. Not even from the Federal BN leaders. Is he made to fight his own battle? In politics, REMEMBER that when you fall you FALL ALONE. YB Zambry has been made the ‘hero’ who will fall alone. Our former Minister Syed Hamid was all out helping the BN government against the Opposition. He was condemned left and right by the Opposition lawmakers. BN gained a lot, but now he is a fallen hero. I believe many of his close buddies have left him. THIS… Read more »


you all don’t know what you are talking about?
you ungreatful …. you think this is the USA is the right solution eh, see what bush did with the US economy. they re bankupt now.

lim yat toong

cos full name was use


Nizar the REAL MB.
Actually Zamri must be more embarassed because he is made “MB” not by popupar demands or votes!!!


There is only one Perak MB – Nizar. Zamree s/o Abdool Kadeer is … appointed by Najib and endorsed by Sultan. Thats all.

johanssm / khun Pana

It is a situation created by the sultan.
As stated by ‘karma” The State Assembly speaker remains the same.
The poor voters have to wait 4 long years to set things right.


The speaker remains as there was no assembly dissolution. This is the law.

lim yat toong

the sultan of perak is (unwittingly) helping PR IN THE LONG RUN NOT IN PERAK ONLY BUT THE WHOLE OF M SIA SEE IT BYE BYE BN IN 2013


Nizar….u the man. You have shown clear maturity. PM in the making…


Way to go Nizar!

You have earned our respect! You are definitely Perakians’ man. Whether they like it or not, you have our support, we love you!

Show them who is the “tipu Menteri Besar”!


Dear anil;

Please enlighten me. Can an emergency sitting of the Assembly be called, under these circumstances?
Has the police the authority to prevent the Aduns and House Speaker from entering the Assembly?


This embarrassing situation is brought about by no other, the sultan himself. This is the first occasion and definitely not the last. The real show will begin, when the Assembly is in the new session. It will be ‘Fire Works’ coming from both sides of the house. If it is true, the Speaker of the House remain the same, BN will have a taste of its own medicine. Given the way, the Zambry administration came to power be the back door, he will not get any sympathy from the rakyat.
How long will this circus will continue….only time will tell.