Thunderbolt for MCA: Soi Lek, CC members quit


Ooh la la, what have we go here: Chua Soi Lek has quit as MCA deputy chief while seven other MCA central committee members are expected to resign as well, according to a tweet from the Insider.

Khairy had earlier twittered, “Major MCA announcement at 2pm. Positive development, we hope.”

This could be an attempt to force fresh elections for the party leadership, with Soi Lek perhaps teaming up with Tiong Lai to oust Tee Keat. Tiong Lai is expected to hold a press conference anytime now.

So do you consider this as a positive development or a negative one – or just plain irrelevant?

Perhaps the BN can now focus on putting its own house in order?

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Anything to do with extreme arrogance and the wholesale view that everything else is wrong save one’s own view has no place whatsoever in a multicultural and multi-religious society.
The government or all of society has taken the prudent and well-timed step to intervene and chastise anyone who disturbs the very fabric of peace and prosperity in Malaysia by advancing a facetious and simplistic lop-sided debate…


From Steven

Chua’s dream team is Yen Yen, Mei Fun with backing from Edison Chen. Liow’s dream team (could be) Wee … (backed) by Saiful.

Gerakan K

OMG Yang !!!

A big NO to Yen Yen and Mei Fun (bad taste). I formally suggest the dream team members for Chua are Sora Aoi, Yu Namiki. I think you will agree with me.


Ai yoh! Syioknya! Salivating for the truth!


MCA is irrelevant to many Chinese. Most Chinese care about the MCA power tussle just because of PKFZ scandal. Without OTK, nobody is confident that this issue can have a fair and square ending.

Gerakan K

Don’t say something to please yourself. Please count with your hands and feets how many MPs and ADUNs from MCA and their total votes obtained during last GE. Need more evidences ??? Everyday when there are problems regarding to the chinese communities as highlighted by chinese newspapers, they will beg MCA for a helping hand. Only we can see complaints from the rocket. No contribution to problems faced by the chinese community. You know who is Datuk Michael Chong ??? He is from MCA and not the complaining rocket.


Gerakan K, Who is Michael Chong? Do you really know his background? Do you know who is behind him? Do you know what line of business he is in? I believe you travel to KL often, just ask around, and you will know! I am sorry, I cannot brief you in this blog as Anil will definitely not allow it, but do some checking bro! One thing I can tell you is, Michael Chong is no angel! If he is so popular as you say, why is he not contesting a seat in KL? In Chinese majority areas? Sure win… Read more »


Talking of Michael Chong, I believed he is more concern of the Ahlong than the people who approach him. Ah long is an illegal entity. We should not be negotiating with them. If there is any report of harrassment by the Along it should be reported to the police and for them to wipe out this menace once and for all. By negotiating with the Along he is (perceived to be) further condoning their activities and when problems crops up between the lender and borrower who are mainly gamblers, they will said On Yes we have a negotiator in Michael… Read more »


Gerakan K, A few points for you to ponder: – Do you really think that chinese who seek MCA help are MCA supporters? – Yes, you may be right by saying that people are seeking MCA help whenever they are facing problem. But you cannot deny that MCA need this in order to make them relevant, especially on issues of education and funding etc. – I myself have join a few community services, and yes we may have seek MCA help to facilitate our events, or some funding. But how many of us are doing this voluntarily. We are actually… Read more »

Gerakan K

Thus many people are grateful to MCA. That is the fact.

ong poh eng

iF possible ask Mca& Gerakan to closed shop. It only betray the chinese for money. Shameful.


They betray for that pittance and scrap


Ha ha ha, when i read that in the Chinese paper that now Chua and Liow are joining hands to oust Ong, it just proves one thing, that is, I have been right all the while to say that MCA politicians are all self seekers. Look at Ling Liong Sik, how wealthy is he and his son now ??? Ong Tee Keat was very respectable before he was the MCA’s president. But look at him now. He said even if he were to lose a vote, he would resign. But did he? Not only that he didnt resign as he… Read more »

Tony Loh

Wow! UMNO accepting members from all races. I wonder if there is any difference from BN. Will there be Bumipura members and non Bumipetra members just so that Bumi members have different benefits. If that is the case why bother to change.
If 1 Malaysia is to work Malaysians should only be Known as Malaysians, period. You recruit members and not Malays, Chinese or Indians.
A Malaysian


HahahHHa, wait till the Chinese community speak, there’ll be thunder claps that will send MCA down the swift chute of DOOM! …long overdue, 56 years is far too long.


A wrong move. Not that “smart” of Chua Soi Lek!
My opinion is he is digging his own grave by sucking up to Najib/UMNO – under pretext of ‘in the interest of the party’, he has once again demonstrated MCA will forever be under UMNO’s control.


CSL had once asked LiowTiong Lai whether he wanted his deputy president post and ask LTL to come out and say it openly. I think Ong TK should now also ask Chua SL the same question.

This new re-alignment has umno fingerprint all over it.


The Evil BN/Umno regime which MCA is a part of continues to persecute Christians in Malaysia with its racist and bigoted agenda. Any right thinking Christian would feel hypocritical to attend a function organized by a BN component party when issues like the desecration of the Host by the Al Islam journalist has been swept under the carpet by the Umno compliant AG. What about the banning of the use of ‘Allah’ by Christians and the confiscation of the Malay Bible and Christian literature, the forced conversion of Christian children (in mixed marriages) to Islam, body snatching cases, the Lina… Read more »


This was (probably) decided by Najib. Not MCA. Otherwise OTK would have gone ballistic. The lack of emotion among him and the other candidates cleary (suggests) this is the decision of Najib that prompted it. Their faces hide nothing..Also, its all over town among the Chinese community leaders…

Andrew I

Paul Augustine. They can all take a running jump.


OTK had been stupid. He should have CSL and LTL fighting. When number 2 and number 3 fight, Number 1 will be safe.


Now if only those amongst the Chua SL and his gang who are ADUNs or MPs had the guts to declare themselves INDEPENDANTS, that would have been a much more worthwhile thunderbolt. A thunderbolt which may rock Najib himself even. Of course, there may be a price to pay – those with Cabinet posts, government positions and appointments to Boards of GLCs and BN-friendly companies may lose their positions and the benefits they bring. (And come the next GE, they may also find themselves in a difficult position, competing against the BN and Pakatan machineries. Then again, if their performance… Read more »


Anil, Really give up on all these politicians, whether they are from UMNO, MIC, MCA and Gerakan or PKR! The temptations of power,ringgits, women, wine and songs are just too much for these people to resist! Looks like there are bigger power at play, and we can kiss PKFZ revelations of the PKFZ scandal goodbye! 12.5 billion! Very very frustrated with all these politicians! Had been helping out Nibong Tebal, Parit Buntar, Bandar Baru, Bagan Serai and lastly Bukit Gantang! Of the five, only two from PAS can be trusted and relied upon! What is there to say? All these… Read more »

Gerakan K

Ibrahim Ali from PAS turns independent. What is your say ??? Of all former PR MPs turn independent, Ibrahim Ali has the most quality to do damage/contribution (depending on your camp).


Gerakan K,

Ai yoh! Why are you so KL?

I told you in my lengthy explanation, that Ibrahim Ali was from UMNO, S46,UMNO Baru, sacked, then begged TGNA to allow him to contest under a PAS ticket, and TGNA took pity on him and allowed him to contest under a PAS ticket. He won and he immediately betrayed TGNA. Understand? My dear Gerakan K? Ibrahim Katak, had never been a member of PAS! Please correct me if I am wrong!…


Gerakan K

Oh My God !

My office in KL and my home is just above my office. What to do O ??? Did you mean I’m not qualify to post comment ???


Gerakan K,

Do not be petty and personal la. If you do not post your comments, I will also be absent!

Come on bro, we comment and be friends though we have difference of opinions! I had never ever mentioned you cannot post your comment ok, bro? Please do not be personal ok? Infact, I enjoyed reading your comments!


Fire Melts Iron

Gerakan K, I told you so many times already, Ibrahim Ali, from UMNO, joined S46, left S46, joined UMNO Baru, got sacked, contested as an independent, thrashed in 2004, begged with TGNA to let him contest under PAS, TGNA took pity on him and allow him to do so, and this King Frog, betrayed TGNA immediately after he won under a PAS ticket! He never was a PAS member at anytime, Please correct me if I am wrong. Do you get me now, my dear Gerakan K. Do not act like KL always, ok? What kind of quality do you… Read more »

Cina Bukit

Good news for all that Soi Lek is joining Tion Lai camp, hope that MCA members will bury them together this time


Now anyone can deal direct with the regime so it’s irrelevant now who is who in the party (coalition).

It’s more direct and cost cutting thus saving all the “agency’s fees” and time saving too. They learned from the recent election that the coaliton was just a spent-force so ada tak ada serupa juga.

After all when come the time for next election , the regime (might) just distribute “ang-pow” to all regardless black or white as long as you give them the vote.



sorry… not interested in MCA. they are so irrelevant


CHUA SOI LEK certainly know how to play his political cards correctly. With this newly declared move….he is able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

1) Revamp, reinvent & give a new lease of life to MCA.
2) Enable him to gain the reputation as a noble leader who cares for MCA & the entire Malaysian Chinese rather than his own self interest.

Whichever way one may put it….Chua Soi Lek is indeed a leader who is hard to crack & defeat. Perhaps, DAP leaders are (worried) now upon hearing this piece of positive news.

Kian Ye

This is indeed a NOBLE & POSITIVE move!!! Unlike DAP of which only know how to TALK, BLAME & GIVE EXCUSES, I see this as a GENUINE effort by MCA to “Revamp & Reinvent” (not for themselves but for the entire Malaysian Chinese community) Bravo CHUA SOI LEK!!! This move by you & the other 13 CC members truly showed you & team put PARTY & CHINESE interest before self. HATS OFF!!! Should you continue & pursue via this NOBLE way….even LIM KIT SIANG & LIM GUAN ENG will have no choice but to hide in their closet (let alone… Read more »


Kian Ye, Once UMNO opens its doors to all, by year end, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all mosquito parties in BN will become history! Chua Soi Lek, always aspires to be a star, and you cannot deny the fact that he made himself a superstar and the “action” in, in his last episode, was a Malaysian blockbuster of all time (in the bedroom of course)! In the last GE, Gerakan said “Reinvent” and Penangnites responded by voting in a new PR Government! When Tan Sri Phang wanted to reveal WKS role in the PKFZ fiasco, Wee had his lawyers stopped… Read more »

Andrew I

Do ya think I’m sexy Rod Chua is clearly aiming for the no. 1 spot again. He can sit but OTK can’t stand, or is it he can stand but OTK can’t…for the presidency?

Our Rod can sure stand, I hear. Maybe he’s on alkaline batteries, like the drumming and marching teddy bear that can go on and on.

That’s staying power for you.


Kian Ye,

If we can be an UMNO member, why bother to be an MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all the other mosquito parties? Agree? There is no way MCA, MIC, Gerakan can survive once UMNO opens up its membership, Either close shop or merge into UMNO, or move over to the PR for political survival!



No, there is no “talk”, only BS.

Gerakan K

Welcome Kian Ye

I hope you will actively post your comment here to balance the rampantly bias rocket cheerleaders. I welcome positive changes in MCA. There is hope in MCA for next GE.


Gerakan K.

Come on bro! How can you say I am from the rocket? I am from PAS ok? Bro, if you say I am from rocket, I tak syiok with you la! Don’t play play with political affiliations la. If you are doubtful, Mujahid Yusof Rawa and Malik from PKR can testify to it.



Fire Melts Iron

Gerakan K,

I had mentioned when UMNO Baru opens its doors to the public and direct entry is possible, we can screw all the racial political parties good bye!

Then I will join UMNO Baru as it is no longer, racial ok? When it opens its doors, I will request you to Jom sertai UMNO ok?



Gerakan, Yes, I am also for PAS but I won`t be a wannabe


Gerakan K,
Yes changes to a group that now rely on crutches (UMNO) to stay in power and just like zero KPI Gerakan KTK be subservient to them. Now OTK has admitted that MCA is relying on crutches. And just like all the others, you also rely on crutches and don`t say I am trying to frame you. You have admitted earlier that you wants discount forever for buying properties even though you are just a wannabe.

Gerakan K

Don’t jealous babe.


Kian Ye & Gerakan K, For someone so tainted in a sex scandal and has to rely on the crutches of Najib and UMNO, it would be a grave mistake if one thinks that CSL is resigning for the interest of MCA. In fact it (appears to be) a plan right from the start by Najib to put his good boy CSL in the MCA Presidency so as to put a stop to OTK genuine effort in pursuing the mother of all corrupters in the Port Klang scandal that (may allegedly) have involved (some) of the UMNOputra. When CSL was… Read more »


Actually I was wondering when this was going to happen earlier. Its the logical thing to do for CSL and Liow. OTK is done and all he can do is cause CSL and Liow to fight later on. This is feudalism and until UMNO change, its natural behaviour on part of the feudal lords..