Thousands throng Kota Bharu for launch of Reformasi 2.0


A large crowd turned up at the Padang Perdana Kota Bharu tonight for the launch of Reformasi 2.0. The event was organised by Kelantan Pas Youth and Kelantan Keadilan Youth.

Launch of Reformasi 2.0 in Kota Bharu

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Don Anamalai

Kudos to PAS!

In its effort to reach out to the Christian community and non-Muslims, a PAS MP wants to incorporate Penang Catholic Bishop Sebastian Francis’ statement of peace into the party’s “political manifesto


the world is watching Malaysia now.
after MH370, the focus is also on how Malaysia is performing under Najib with and old news resurface for global scrutiny none of umno spin doctors can main gasing lagi…..


Such malay solidarity really worries Umno.

najib manaukau

To all the Umno schmucks please start counting the days left in Putrajaya for you !