This is what a ‘walkabout in KL’ looks like


Mingling with the masses. Sipping a refreshing drink with your buddies at a local stall (but not finishing it despite all that stirring; too sweet?). Finding out how ordinary Malaysians live.

And then off in a sleek long black limousine with outriders.

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Why must he do it now? Before no need to mix aa?
Anyway it is copying Lim guan Eng example in penang.
No big deal Najib


Yep kittykat… but thats normal for those who have climbed the ladder. They do not like to be seen in such plebian surroundings.


“Why was he stirring his drink so often?”
In terms of psychology, its a dead giveaway.

He’s really, really uncomfortable sitting in the sort of place ordinary people eat and drink, talking to common folks.

This guy has been an rich,elitist, backroom wheeler-dealer his whole life. Nothing to do with the sort of life which ordinary people live.

Good to show actual footage of his walkabouts, not just staged still shots. Shows clearly what he’s reallylike.


Quite different from TDM’s walkabout. TDM only had one visible bodyguard with a small entourage and there was genuine mingling with the people rushing out to shake his hand. DSN’s walkabout is so like a botox shot. Tight and fake. Video sure tells a thousand words.


Haha….If managing a country is that easy, I can think of at least 15 million Malaysian who’s qualified for the job.

Don’t worry stupid PM! We will help you to make UMNO and BN relevant again. We, the rakyat of Malaysia will make sure that you will be sitting in the opposition corner next election. So,enjoy your walk around while you can… unelected PM of UMNO.


He looked so uncomfortable in that short movie. For a politician he really looked constipated and if this is his publicity to promote 1 Malaysia he failed because he only interact and shake hands with PDRM?

Sad not only we have a ? PM but also not a very good communicator. I think Bush is much better than that and this come from a person that totally hate him for the Iraq war.

Chauncey Gardener

This is obviously part of his PR team’s first 100 day strategy, to palce a marker that the new PM is caring enough to “walkabout” with the rakyat – to see what happens at the ground level.

The attempt is flawed somewhat when you have outriders and minders all around you. It becomes a synthetic exercise.


He doesn’t look pleasant at all. Look miseable!! From this video clips. By walking around in downtown it won’t change rakyat mindset that umno are corrupted.


the scenario is like a pangarah doing his inspection round!!! not anything like a walk-about….maybe a walk-about with his bouncers


The way Najib was looking at his drink looks like he is thinking whether he might get diarrhea or some kind of disease by drinking it 🙂


know why he was stirring and stirring? The fan was playing havoc with his hair and he just wanted to get away and look respectably dignified again…


Thanks to a british pr person and now an ex media man, this kind of c… is to be expected.


Wow so suave, and somewhat afraid and at the same time looking suspicious. Also he made a quick exit. Not in the least 1 Mslaysian and friendly…..poor show! Not used to poverty and the casual way of life of the ordinary 1 Malaysian. I disqualify him. Strawing his drink and not drinking… is he above stall food, having wined and dined in the best of joints? Or did he think stall food was cheap and dirty…. “Hello PM we want change” Detected a certain shyness or was it guilt….you can’t fool people all of the time. What is the meaning… Read more »


Waa…really cares for the citizens, and popular too…. My foot

telur dua

Nothing but a PR exercise and eye-wash. Absolutely no substance at all.

Syiok sendiri.


please walk the town during weekdays and at peak period, say 7am to 9am or 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

walk on saturday afternoon and sunday, what for? Might as well walk during 2am to 5 am?:))))))

please walk the talk!!! not this kind of wayang for marketing purpose


no see any mingling. he looked so disinterested and really bored stirring in a glass lah. couldn’t wait to get back quickly to the comfortable limo …


Hey! Mr. PM, hire us citizen journalists to be your videographers. We CJ can do a better job, 100 times better. No motion shake, no bad transition, no bad framing, no bad ambience noises…And for 2 mins and 37 seconds, we can project bigger message.

*goes off to corner kaki lima to wait*


here’s a better idea if he really wants to go see how the people are living their ordinary lives on the streets. 1) wear a mask to disguise himself, proper disguise like the ones in mission impossible movie, surely they can afford that. 2) pick only 1-2 guys to accompany him, a band of outriders is a no-no way to go about “spying” on the lives of the KL people unnoticed. plus, it will only contribute to the never ending jam in KL especially at the Pudu station (for example). 3) take public transportation all the way…start at one station,… Read more »


ok, 1 point for trying
how about more ‘doing’ now?


u call that walk around? he can’t even notice his entire surrounding with the heavy guards and … carriers around.

i don’t think he learn much except for getting a lot of noise coming from the crowds and the guy who kept talking nonsense.


How many walkabouts did he go on before he was PM? Why was he stirring his drink so often? What kind of normalcy does he expect to see, if he dares not walk the streets ok KL alone? What message is he subliminally sending to the rest of us peasants? Sorry, do not trust him FULL STOP!


Najib=Abdullah. Their actual slogan is “No Action Talk Only”.

Andrew I

The Prince Charles approach. How novel.

Can you lend us a fiver, or don’t you carry any money on you as well?


I am shocked!! What were they thinking? Why was our revered PM allowed to walkabout without a lackey holding an umbrella over his majestic head? He could have gotten a spot of sunburn!! That was sheer negligence on the part of his minders, absolutely scandalous!!