Thick-skinned, confused politicians


There are some thick-skinned, confused politicians around who are turning the concept of parliamentary democracy on its head.

The terminology that politicians use can sometimes be scary especially when it reflects their warped mentality. And the picture we get isn’t usually pretty.

There’s James Masing, who came up with this outrageous statement in the Borneo Post expressing the belief common among some elected reps that they are the masters or bosses of the rakyat:

The confusion, it appears, is concerning the role of the legislature – which are the elected representatives or YBs. All YBs are elected by the people/ voters. During polling day, the rakyat (people) who have been registered as voters are the ‘boss’. The power is invested on rakyat, by the legislature, to elect who should be the Administrator/ Boss of their lives for the next five years.

Once they have elected their YBs or the administrators, the role changes. The elected representatives become the administrators/ boss of the rakyat, while the rakyat plays a subservient role seeking assistance from the YBs from time to time.

Masing said there was no need for him to apologise for his ‘Jangan Lawan Tauke’ remark. “Apologise for what?”

It is James Masing who is utterly confused or ignorant about the nature of elected reps. Someone should tell him that elected reps are there to serve the people and not to lord it over them as bosses or taukeh. Typical feudal mentality!

It’s government of the people, by the people and for the people. Get it?

Then there’s PM Najib, who likens a general election to going to war, indeed “the mother of all battles”. Where once he was talking about defending Putrajaya at all costs even it means “crushed bodies and lost lives”, now he is talking of generals issuing orders to “attack”. This latest statement of his was reported in the Malaysian Insider:

Najib added that the concept of fielding only “winnable candidates” is the final hurdle in BN’s election plans and said all supporters should accept choices made by the coalition’s leaders.

“The choice must be supported by every one of us because we are at war, the mother of all battles. And if we speak of the mother of all battles, we must make preparations…,” he said.

“And there must be a chain of command. If the general says attack, you must all attack at the same time. We cannot win unless we move as a team. And when we are committed, God willing, Selangor will be returned to us.”

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gerakan K,

arent you proud with masing kind in the fold of BN.

loads of them in sarawak.

and (some are even) stealing land from the very same people they are supposed to represent. ya, thats why they are lords. (they) have not an iota of conscience. welcome to the … world of BN.

telur dua

The people are paying his salary and perks. If they are not his Boss then who?

He can go open a sundry shop. Then he can be his own boss.


None of UMNO leaders has conscience or sense of shame. Take this Shahrizat for example. She had been implicated and the proof of her family involvement in NFC in misusing the funds is 100% CBT. Yet, she can still put on this belligerent front. She is acting like a cornered … trying to fight her way out and those UMNO Wanitas are so dumb to stand by her. What signal are they giving to the Malaysian in general? ..that is is alright to cheat and commit this CBT and when you are caught, you will still be supported?

Anak Kuching

When a bird is eats Ants, When the bird is dead…. Ants eat the bird!

So..Time & Circumstances can change at any time..
Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in life.

You may be powerful today..But Remember….. Time is more powerful than You!!!

One tree makes a million match sticks….
But when the time comes.. Only one match stick is needed to burn a million trees..

So be good and do good………….

Ha Ha Ha

Anil got insider story from Kulim why Kadir opted out ?
First exodus in anticipation of demise of corrupted regime ?
wow, my inner circle buddies told me something is brewing towrads 3 June 2012 !

:)- :)- :)-

R.Prem Kumar

The Chairman knew what he was doing; so did the board of directors – but he was over board. She knew what the Chairman was doing. She lives under one roof. In fact they live as one entity. The Cabinet Minister, Deputy PM knew what Cowgate was amassing. Which means the now PM knew too. Yet investigation was not parallel to the expose by the Auditor Gen and the PKR. Prosecution was amazingly emphatic towards the Chairman. These people are not merely arrogant. In fact, she is vehemently vocal to the extent of being in denial and now defiant. This… Read more »

Pretty Obvious

When it comes to skin thickness, we don’t need to look across the South China Sea. We have our own home reared Ostrich … whose thickness will even put the ‘Cow’ Woman in the shade.

Pala Richie

Dear Najib, PM of 1 Malaysia, never take a democracy process as a war. We are different by our political belief, but we are common as M’sian, nobody should be enemy of anybody along this line or you betrayed the democracy process. Win this war would lost you the nation.

Dear PM, Najib of 1 malaysia, your enemy is corruption, abuses of process, little napoleon etc. etc., declare war on those enemy of nation, you will never walk alone, we shall win this war and get back the nation.

Gerakan K

Dear 1Malaysia PM Najib, You will never walk alone (YNWA). Together we will win the war.


Yes, all the ampu kakis walk along with Ah Jib Kor.

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆

😆 Ampu Gilakan K can work for jibby fat mama n carry her big mama beg n polish her diamond ring when she go to kangaroo land to shop again!!! hehehehehe 😆

Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆


Win the war against whom? Aren’t we 1 Malaysia in peace time. The communists are already gone. I feel free to go off road in the rainforest without Police Field Force permit. I feel free to listen to People Republic of China news without fear. And I feel free to buy a Mao Revolution cap from Petronas Twin Tower fashion shop without having to look left and right and back. So, Gerakan K. Are you still having phobia of the Sua Miao Chu (communist insurgent jungle rats)? Or are you fearful of your kedai runcit’s future? Today is the 20th… Read more »


i think Altantuya is “alive” … you really cant do that – c4 a person into powder and left behind 2 young sons orphaned, to the care of two elderly parents… and our onecare PM shared tears seeing the poor????????????

Gerakan K

kee, you still believe in that C4 story like pakatan september 16 frog project ??? Brother, it’s planned propaganda to bad mouth BN. Show proof if you are so confident about it. Like PKFZ and NFC, if you report it with solid proof then in no way BN/government/police will ignore it.


Gerakan K, just to share with you what it truly means to “Stand By Me”:

Oh yes, no back scratching necessarily or unnecessarily!


Kadir and UMNO people are now deserting Ah Cheap Kor by the drove. Only gilakan still left behind to swipe the b of Ah Cheap Kor

Ha Ha Ha

see this youtube to be able to identify with the typical face of the “1 thick-skin” species :

they have feudal thinking and go to war … !!!! LOL

najib manaukau

These deceitful Umno morons are so thick skin, as thick as the skin of Rhinos, when Najib so shamelessly assumed that they will be reelected even with a small margin. When he asks the voters to give the deceitful Umno/BN for a ‘comfortable margin’ in the coming GE in parliament. What he might not realized the Umno/Bn candidates in the coming GE will loose by a land slide and some of them will even loose their deposits, let alone to win by a comfortable margin. In fact their end of the rule is near and the only way out of… Read more »


“Thick-skinned”? No, that would not quite be the adjective I’d have used, Anil. Arrogant. Blatantly, crudely and crassly arrogant. That’s what I see it as. … poly-tick-shens so sure of their hold on power or immunity from justice that when they open their facial orifice, the smelly truth comes out, not exactly in a way which they may desire or are even fully aware of. Just like many young ladies tart themselves up with layers of make-up and sexy clothing, then bath in the attention of the many young, hot-blooded guys who swarm around them, and end up with snooty… Read more »

Pala Richie

Umno believe in; 1) They are the tauke of public sevice, why public service used as employment dam to shore up unemployed, partly is I am the tauke you must vote me. To najib, he is tauke of PMO. 2) Election is about money, is a money feast, is contest of who got more money. Election is part of democracy process, but the way they defined GE would eventually destroyed the country. Dear Tauke Umno, (basicaly BN is Umno’s component party) pls don’t win the election and lost the nation. Gerakan K, ok ok… you are a rich person but… Read more »


The likes of James Masing is ignorant and its not just about who an elected rep is suppose to be. They are confused about what even government is suppose to do, the harm they do (and the extent of) corruption …


NumbJibby wants to start a war every 4 years! What … is this Pee-Em? We don’t need an internal war. We need a ‘clean up’ of this going-to-the-monsoon-drain nation. Otherwise don’t war ourselves thin & drained of resources when other previously ‘backward’ Asean nations are thriving to overtake us any minute! This goes to show the pin-hole mentality of such a leader with nothing sincere or good but power-craving in his small mind of so-called Blue Ocean Strategy. I think a shark in our Blue China Sea is much, much better surviving as a species than this (person) that walks… Read more »

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

🙄 THICK – SKINNED ❗ ➡ methink n believe this ‘1’ skin from top to bottom is the THICKEST ‘1’ at the moment ❗ n her bossy also dare not … this ‘1’…ai yo yoyoyo ➡


This is political pornography at its lewdest and most obscene. All of it! The sheer arrogance offends all our senses.Obsessed with glamour and deranged by the false power of money.

Phua Kai Lit

In Malaysia, Far Right racists and racial supremacists accuse their critics of racism.

And people caught with their hands in the public’s till
claim that they are fighters for justice !

Malaysia, truly an upside down
“Alice in Bolehland” world !

Phua Kai Lit

They forgot to say:

“And, as your Masters, we also have the right to spend tax payer money anyway we like”