The writing is on the wall for Mahiaddin


It looks as if (outgoing?) Prime Minister Mahiaddin Yasin is fast running out of options as the rug is pulled from under his feet.

His only option to stay in power would be as a minority government with a supply and confidence agreement with PH parties. But perhaps too much water has flowed under the bridge for that to happen.

That leaves Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Harapan parties, though still without a simple majority. Can they form a minority government while stitching a deal with other parties? As leader of the coalition with the largest number of MPs, Anwar is best placed to cobble a pact with the other parties, even if it is just a confidence and supply agreement, rather than a formal coalition. That said, many reformist-minded Malaysians do not want any kind of deal with the ‘court cluster’. Full article on Aliran website

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talking about coastal fishing as food security. how about rearing on land? why double standard? no mentioned about food security as pointed out in FMT?

PF and those opposed reclamation should stay in those places too. But it is always not at my backyard

How can living standard and income of coastal fishermen improve with the same routine? They kbkb more as fishes will decline and the consumers will face increase in cost.

Acquaculture – new skills, apply knowledge, increase in food production, fish will not be costly in the long run. win win solution


Coastal fishing is like [people] hunting for food. What education is required? Primary school is adequate. Productivity deceases due over fishing and tunlan and teh susu drinking kopi o and teh susu kau kau polluting the sea water.

Development and Productivity of fishing in 21 century is aquaculture


Judgement Day on 7 September 2021?