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The larger-than-life billboard of Badawi that has fuelled speculation about his political future Photos by a passer-by

The website mentioned on the billboard contains the following message:

Grab the opportunity for your voice to be heard

E-mail your feedback and views to the Prime Minister in the form of your statement of support, complaint, suggestion, wish and hope as regards the performance and pledges of the Prime Minister, the national and state government leaders. Let us work together to preserve security, peace and prosperity for the people of Malaysia and the Nation.

Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Please provide valid e-mail address and phone number so as not to miss your opportunity to get response from PM.

A bit late in the day to be asking for feedback, no?


Nizar at a The packed PR ceramah on Perak in Shah Alam on 14 Feb

During the ceramah, one of the speakers from Pas speculated that the leadership transition from Abdullah to Najib could be delayed.

A similar ceramah on Perak is expected to be held at the Dewan Hamzah Majlis Perbandaran Klang at 8.00pm on Tuesday, 17 Feb. Among the speakers expected are Nizar, Ngeh, Kit Siang, Haris Ibrahim and Charles Santiago.

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Guess who is paying for the several infamous “rebana ubi” billboards & who is getting the cut?

Well, why not…another one for the road “to the last Ringgit” available before he steps down…

All your emails to him will be compiled for when he meets the King in April, to prove that he still has “some” rayaat support compared to the PM wannabe…plus the constitution clearly says that the PM need not be the President of the party…so he will “stay” ON !


Is this the infamous “rebana ubi” billboard?


The Agong has mentioned this today. His political career will end soon.

He and his son-in-law have themselves to be blamed since they have not kicked off any reform after the 2004 victory.

Too late now, it is a bitter lesson for them.


So, if you think that having Pak Lah around is better than Najib taking over, then this could be an outlet for us, well at least as an interim measure, before next GE. By the rate the in-coming PM is going, it is going to be hell for the country and not easy to get him to step down when his term expires.


This could be Pak Lah’s last attempt to gauge the rakyat’s response after he has sat back and allowed Najib to make blunder after blunder. If the rakyat take this as a channel to voice their dissatisfaction for the PM designate, then he can use this as an evidence to prove that the rakyat reject Najib. That means he can stay on as PM. He cannot terang terang conduct a survey or poll to get the rakyat to vote aganist Najib, right?


If only Pak Lah had implemented 20% of what he promised he would have been one of the best PM ever!

The truth is he did not even deliver 10%! SIGH!


Oh my God, why do you still have people like NTR in this world? Is this country meant to be like this? …. Stop in the name of GOD. You have ripped us of our pride in Perak. … Senseless.

Nicholas Lee

RAHMAN, i think UMNO Rules will ended by “N” Najib. There will be CHANGE on next GE.


wandererAUS: “…We don’t need a self glorified PM.”

Very well said. This guy is nothing but a laid back Prime Minister. Busy roaming around the world with tax payer’s money. Still can forget his previous foreign ministry post..I guess.

Najib’s tyranny is rising gradually!

najib manaukau

Like father like son !
He has nothing good to implement but hatred, Najib must never ever
be allowed to become the P.M…



no matter Badawi or Najib take charge to become the PM come march… BN is sucked and gone case… For Najib to incharge, rakyat will (get) screwed ever more…and more objections as well… so the outcome will be the same…

Justin Choo

Sorry, I mean:

“If you have objection please let me know and I shall delete it immediately with apology to you. Otherwise, thank you in advance.”

Justin Choo


Let’s all of us email our comments to him & see if he respond or not. I tell you all….. Better Badawi a PM till the next General Election as we know his style. He’s harmless…! If Najib becomes PM by March, we are all gonna be screwed…! Just look at the Perak ‘drama’….! He HAS taken the upper hand for his polictical stand ! (Spending) rakyat’s $$$ by the millions ….! How & who gives him the right to simply “play” with our money…?? Scandals…. plenty too ! Najib is NOT for the rakyat…! He & his … HAS… Read more »

Justin Choo


I “borrowed” your photo to post in my blog:

If you have objection please let me know and I shall delete it immwdiately with apologise to you. Otherwise, thank you in advance.

Justin Choo

Justin Choo

I think this is a trap to compile emails of friends and foes.


Anil, Nizar wasnt there that night at SA

It was Mahfuz Omar, Husam Musa & Khalid Samad from PAS. Azmin Ali from PKR and 2 state excos

Kamarulzaman Baharom

Very huge billboard for PM that will be retired next month.


Why waste our time on an outgoing PM…who has never ruled but led most of the time. How could he condoned the way the change of govt that took place.
Adding salt to injury, in his lastest statement on the position of the Speaker in Legislative Assembly State of Perak, he was suggesting that the Speaker could be removed…even the State Constitution says differently, if he has no intention to resign. What sort of PM is he…no wonder UMNO … kick him out for their own agenda.
We don’t need a self glorified PM.

Hjh Musalmah

Another silap mata? Ha! Ha!


Other than the automated email, I did not receive a word of response. A total waste of my time…