The commotion at Anwar’s Gombak ceramah


A commotion and scuffling between Umno and PKR supporters resulted in a few people being injured before Anwar’s ceramah in Gombak last night.

Malaysiakini quotes Keadilan Daily as saying:

It occurred when a group of Umno thugs – some of them carrying BN flags – disrupted a ceramah at Dataran Sharuddin, Batu 8 1/2,” the report states.

“Some of the group were supposedly silat practitioners. Besides making noise (and) using foul language, they also threw stones at the venue.

Of course, the Umno guys have a different take. They say they had gathered for a briefing nearby:

And this is the ceramah proper:

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That UMNO Youth guy should only convince people UMNO need to kicked out of office and they will be fine. He (appears to be) lying … he should have no problem surviving and likely will switch camp instantly once he sees the gravy train is over in UMNO for him…