That Perkasa ‘brush’ against Guan Eng in Teluk Bahang


Guan Eng has issued his account of the scuffling incident that took place in Teluk Bahang yesterday afternoon when the Perkasa guys turned up as usual.

Photograph: FMT

This is not the first time that the Perkasa fellas have gone up close and personal with the Chief Minister.

Guan Eng wrote of the commotion:

The failure by police to immediately arrest Perkasa members involved in violence not just against members of the public and reporters but also make direct threats against my personal safety has only confirmed fears that Perkasa can do no wrong because they are supported by UMNO and BN. Police Should review their hands-off approach towards Perkasa to avoid public perception that they condone the violent tactics by Perkasa to intimidate PR leaders.

Yesterday’s incident in Teluk Bahang market, where Perkasa members were allowed to conduct a demonstration and throw anti-Lim Guan Eng posters close to me, only shows that whilst there was police presence the police just stood by and watched. The inaction by the police probably emboldened a Perkasa member to suddenly charge up behind me and succeeded in brushing hard against me. Even though the Perkasa member had brushed hard against me, I escaped injury. But if not for a PR local leader bravely dragging the Perkasa member away, I could have been injured.

Dragging the Perkasa member away from threatening my safety should have been the duty and responsibility of the police, not PR local leaders. The failure of the police to offer adequate protection was followed by the failure of the police to immediately arrest the Perkasa member involved. Just imagine how harsh police reaction would have been if this had involved the Prime Minister and not the Chinese PR Chief Minister.

This unfortunate incident had happened even though the Speaker of the Penang State Assembly, Dato Abdul Halim bin Hussain had informed police of the demonstration by Perkasa and ask for adequate protection and stern action. However despite a record of serial violence against the public, reporters and even PR leaders by Perkasa, Perkasa can still behave in a violent manner without fear of punishment.

Despite recording the second highest reduction in crime index as at May 2012(a reduction of 23%), police have been under scrutiny in Penang due to several high profile crime incidents in Penang in the heritage, tourist and some housing areas. Today’s failure to even adequately protect the Chief Minister will not lend public confidence in the ability of the police to ensure public safety when they can not act quickly against those who threaten the safety of the Chief Minister.

And this is Bernama’s version of the same incident. Its report gives the impression that Perkasa just so happened to be holding a gathering there and ‘came across’ Guan Eng, who happened to ‘stumble upon’ the Perkasa gathering.

Commotion In Teluk Bahang During Chief Minister’s Visit

GEORGE TOWN, June 30 (Bernama) — A commotion occurred at Teluk Bahang near here today when a delegation of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng visiting the local residents stumbled upon a gathering organised by the Malay right-wing group, Perkasa.

A police spokesman said the incident happened at 10.15 am when about 50 Perkasa members and local residents who had gathered for a peaceful demonstration at the Teluk Bahang market came across Lim’s group.

Based on a report lodged, he said, a Perkasa member claimed that one of his arms was twisted from the back and he was hit.

A scuffle broke out and there was a lot of shoving and pushing for several minutes until the police on duty intervened, he said.

Penang Perkasa chief Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin claimed that the commotion was orchestrated to make Perkasa look bad in the eyes of the local people.

North East District Police chief ACP Gan Kong Meng, when contacted, confirmed having receiving reports on the matter.

Why would anyone ‘orchestrate’ a commotion to make Perkasa look bad? They are doing a pretty fine job of it (making themselves look bad) on their own without the need for any outside help!

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2 Jul 2012 9.02pm

Policemen are supposed to be law enforcers, instead incidences like these are happening throughout the country. Good people get arrested, and the rascals like these are left on the loose to create trouble for others. Malaysia memang boleh! What a legacy we leave for our kids…

the mythbuster
2 Jul 2012 4.39pm

So long as Mahathir Mohamad Kutty is PERKASA adviser and patron, the Police, Najib and the Home Minister would not say or do anything that might hurt the feelings of the evil man who (appears to be) the master mind of these directionless zombies who claim to be fighting for Islam and their race. UMNO B the offspring of the demented… is desperate. Though it claims to change and transform, in reality it just cannot change because change would make it collapse overnight with all the warlords with vested interest would not let any change to happen. UMNO B, Najib… Read more »

A die-hard Malaysian
A die-hard Malaysian
2 Jul 2012 11.45am


Taiger Lambong
Taiger Lambong
2 Jul 2012 10.56am

Local movie producers like Yusof Haslam, David Teoh, Ahmad Idham or KRU Bros can easily recruit real-life samsengs for their underworld themed reality movies. Can contact the cast agents like amno-friendly folks always lingering whenever LGE on the field.
Sure MELETUP boxoffice !

2 Jul 2012 12.56pm
Reply to  Taiger Lambong
2 Jul 2012 8.47am

Police.?? din RCI said they are so corrupted … ? And yet BN stood by not improving the situation.

tan tanjong bungah
tan tanjong bungah
2 Jul 2012 2.27am

Hi everyone, Perkasa’s violent and uncouth actions is not Malaysia’s culture, neither is it Muslims’ culture! If PM and Home Minister, being UMNO’s leaders and federal govt leaders, and being Muslims as well, keep quiet, it clearly shows that at the very least they condone such Perkasa’s behaviour, which is an overt insult to all Malaysian muslims and all other Malaysians!! The more UMNO resorts to such physical actions, even outsourcing it to their NGOs, the more the people would gladly dump UMNO in the next GE! This uncouth behaviour is added fuel to the peoples’ utter disgust of UMNOputraism,… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri
Ahmad Sobri
2 Jul 2012 2.14am

A real shame to the Malay race and UMNO? The more they agitate, the more votes they are going to lose! Continue such acts, DAP does not even need to canvass come PRU 13! They will win hands down! Anyway, aided by the The Star, MCA/GELAKAN/MIC will die a faster political death. How often or have you read Jocelyn’s spin at all? Penangnites must bangkit without fear or favour, and vote overwhelmingly Pakatan Rakyat come PRU 13! Try as best as possible to ensure GELAKAN/MCA/MIC (sycophants) candidates lose as badly as possible. We must try to make them lose their… Read more »

Andrew I
Andrew I
1 Jul 2012 11.48pm

And one from their herd is here, repeating the same rubbish over and over…isn’t that right, Gherkin?

1 Jul 2012 10.49pm

Another sign of insecurity!

T… dropped from the dumno cart? So they already know they will be eradicated in the coming GE-13? Their stupidity sure plays well for Pakatan. The whole nation is watching.

Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho
1 Jul 2012 10.26pm

Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳

😳 The policia is USEless … bcoz they think bumNO pay their salary…..idiot….n perkasa … is bumNO ….n bumNO is perkasa ….


Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳