Talks on media, politics and identity


Tired of all that Himpun talk? Here is a series of talks in KL on media, politics and identity.

I will be speaking in Bangsar tonight with Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran as the discussant.

Join me in the discussion:

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We hope the talks will also discuss the shift of readership towards mainstream media alternatives; and how to capture more readership among the youngs to think out of box eg the scope of relevance of investigative reporting rather than poison-letter type of reporting.


Any live feed over those events ? Good to have the transcript of your speech published on your blog.

I am busy watching Taiwanese series over Astro & NTV7 but do allocate time to read your blog.

Happy blogging.


Anil in future please give advance notice as it is too late for me to go to Bangsar today to see you speak. Opportunity lost.

Himpun is a waste of time. As a muslim my faith is in my hand. Cannot understand why those flers cannot respect other religion.
Religion cannot be forced. If you cannot set a good example yourself, how do you expect others to embrace your belief?