Syed Hamid gets fewer nominations – but wins


Some of you may have missed this news item as it was just a small snippet in The Star:

Syed Hamid has won the Kota Tinggi Umno division head post uncontested – after the membership of his opponent, who actually secured more nominations, was suspended by the Umno disciplinary committee. It was 23-21 nominations in his opponent’s favour.

Syed Hamid wins uncontested
Compiled by V.P. SUJATA, LEE YUK PENG and A. RAMAN

HOME Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar won the Kota Tinggi Umno division head post uncontested after his challenger A. Malek A. Rahman’s membership was suspended, reported Utusan Malaysia.

Malek’s membership was suspended by the Umno disciplinary board chaired by Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithaudeen Tengku Ismail for three years or one election term.

Prior to the suspension, Malek received 23 nominations and Syed Hamid 21 for the division head post.

Syed Hamid, who is also the MP of Kota Tinggi, said he hoped that the division would refrain from any act which could weaken the party.

He said the decision of the Umno disciplinary board enabled all Umno members in Kota Tinggi to look forward and serve the community.

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This baldie really got no shame !
KT voters wakey wakey …


Don’t worry, Syed won’t be elected to the supreme council this time. When he was in charge of foreign affairs he went to quarrel with our neighbours. Now at home, he quarrels with the citizens. He is already proven that he is not a smart guy. I hope the smart malays don’t elect him to the supreme council anymore. …


Not that I care for UMNO but the election should have proceeded until Syed’s opponent’s appeal has been determined.

Are UMNO Malays now convinced that they should clamour for the abolition of ISA?


Sorry, side track a bit URGENT AND IMPORTANT!!! NEXT MONDAY 6th OCT AT PJ. REACHED THERE BEFORE 8.30AM. Proceedings are scheduled to start at 9am, which means RPK can be expected to be brought in earlier Its our ‘Reserve Group’ turn to do our bits (those who missed the trip to Kamunting) from PJ and KL to show support to RPK. Next Monday 6th Oct, take hald-day leave if you have to. It’s “RPK Sedition trial : Directions to the PJ Sessions Court” Pls go to to get full details. I will be be there. Pls be early. God… Read more »


Dear Anil, (He) is at it again. His opponenet is allegedly accused of money politics, thus the suspension. KT folks are enraged but what can they do … This … fellow somehow went missing when the hordes of anti ISA and Hindraf supporters went for the HR do at PWTC. Haris Ibrahim and his gang scanned for him during their short encounter with the PM…..but he was nowhere to be seen. And today, he had the cheek to comment about them and even went on to praise … SemiValue. If ever there was another round of voting for The Seven… Read more »


When truth is exposed and the pressure is too great, they use ISA!
… opposition gets suspended!
Worried later when they lose control of the government, will they use the emergency rule?
Where’s the damn logic!

Ex Neutral

If you realised what these putras can do within umno, what can’t they do within the BN. And the scariest thing is,what they can do to the common folks.
I really don’t mind losing 4 years of my life, I really hope the next GE is tomorrow.


It is still a moral victory for the challenger. Syed Hamid won by default, it is a shameful for a sitting Minister, to win in this way. This is Umno’s politics, saturated with all non-performing leaders with only have self-interest in their minds.
The main reason, Umno has stayed stagnant, with no talented leaders contributing new ideas for progress of the nation. Same can be said, for all the other component parties in BN.

artic turban

This sounds so ridiculous, like this also can meh?
syed hamid lost so his opponent was suspended, hahahah, no, no the truth of the matter is the opponent got ISAed , I SUSPEND AWAK…

Meng Yee

Democracy ala UMNO.
When you cannot win, (they) throw the hammer at him….or change the party completely (name it UMNO Baru)


… In our country, those political parties that survive based on race politics will keep on telling the people the importance in protecting their race and religion. They even have programs like the BTN to brainwash the people from young as well as the civil servants about the need to propagate the racial thinking in all fields and their ketuanan towards others. They will tell the people that they will champion the interest of their race above all. Without their protection, the people will not survive in the open. So the people must give them the full support to propagate… Read more »


I was wondering who are the guys who get suspended. WIth this, it makes sense. Syed Hamid should just resign.


ha2. why wasnt any reason given for the suspension? because his challenger has more nominations than him and he stands to lose? freaking shame for a Minister.

telur dua

Nothing to be proud. He … won on a TKO.

The Whisperer


Time for Kota Tinggi Umno to implode.

Time to PUSH HARD Now before it is too late. Perhaps, the next Parliament sitting would be appropriate.


… How many bald pure Malays have you seen? In Malays baldness is not a dominant trait or feature. So this botak Albar cannot be a pure Malay…

The real kampung malays pure fellows still struggling makan kangkong and ikan bilis…

Chan Ah Fatt

What else and why is it only a small snippet. Earlier he is destined to lose, but came the suspension.

… I am ashamed to be Malaysian for having a Home Minister like him.

For as long as he is not sacked, I will not pay my income tax in protest.


We know, from press reports, that his challenger A. Malek A. Rahman’s membership was suspended.

Does anyone know why he was suspended ?

Justin Choo


This is satirically relevent in my post today. You and all others are invited to view. Link rejected here.
The post is”Oh! Carol”.

Justin Choo


This is satirically relevent in my blog today:

Hope you publish my comment.

Thanks a million!


It appears some people in UMNO can only win if … the goalposts (are changed)…

Is this the party this country needs for the 21st century?