“I don’t trust Malaysiakini!”


This one literally smacks of intimidation – notice the two ‘smacks’ on Malaysiakini journalist Lawrence Yong’s shoulder.

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Gerakan K

One thing is sure for MKini is partisan reporting


Gerakan K, Your intelligence report dated Gerakan K 8 March 2011 at 9.14pmReply According to my sources, Gerakan has chance to regain Penang in next GE. The chances of achieving that has been increased after Pakatan Rakyat MB bans lottery in Pakatan Rakyat states. At least two major events will happen before next GE involving PR. And the multitude of change/damage will be huge. Nevertheless, LGE is so handsome, so people don’t thumb down my comment. I praise your idol now. Thankyou. rajraman.After all you are the mouthpiece of UM no. MalaysiaKini a tabloid for Pakatan.Ha Ha.Your source from where… Read more »


One things is for sure. He is sick and acting just like a gangster



… He want (police) to shoot all … suspected involve in gangsterism and ask question later , after (they are) dead.

He even (allegedly) whack someone and the case (settled out of court).

After the suspected Indian dead case closed lah.

rajraman.why and mic why so silent? ( i had to downgrade even your name without capital letter.


A big bully!
He will soon do that to Najib?


rajraman.need update. Notify me of follow-up comments via email (Forgot since my mind boggling)


PDRM have lost 44 firearms (to the sea?), so Zahid Hamidi need to deflect the attention of this serious issue as Malaysiakini is pursuing this issue that Utusan chose to downplay.


PDRM lost 44 firearms into the sea? I don’t see why PDRM patrolling the sea,I thought thats Marine Police jobs.So all Marine Police lost 44 fire arms? My mind start boggling again with the excuses.
rajraman.Zahid already a loose cannon and can join Zulkifli Nordin , Perkasa Bos ( the Ali and Maha) and Utusan.
Anyway all of them in the same rocking boat call UM NO.
Indian Politician good of championing dead Indians and Temples issue including Pakatan.MIC good for nothing.


What is really dumb about Zahid Hamidi is that he is jumping the gun in drawing his battle lines clearly and absolutely. Its obvious his plan is to take no prisoners in his coming fights to come and any casualties in his plans are cost of his war. Its a re-iteration of Mahathir’s “end justify the means” and “I always know better” methodologies – perhaps a bit more polish and practise but still a marginal re-iteration of the old. Those on the other side, better get ready to take him on..So far, they have not been able to outstep him… Read more »


Zahid…..Nobody is forcing you to trust Malaysiakini nor any other alternate media.
Likewise, you too can’t force us to trust the mainstream media be it print or electronic.
As much as we distrust and dislike the people of the mainstream media, we don’t
go around intimidating them like a hooligan or a gangster, or worse, slapping them.

Bruce Sum

Nothing answered. Wasting time type of Q & A. Most of the time only heard the word SPIN, Don’t Trust M’Kini and Tulis Betul-betul. Nothing else. These have got no connection with the journalists’ interview. Only criticizing and condemning M’Kini. Not sticking to the agenda. He can take legal action against M’Kini if they write some SPIN Stories. Hitting hard at the M’Kini journalist just to divert attention and dragging away time to shy away from difficult and unpleasant question. Pity the M’Kini journalist who has got to endure despise and humiliation thrown at him and took 2 hard smacks… Read more »


Like Acton said, “Absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely”. Just look at what years and years of growing power and apparent immunity has done to classic Asian culture, in particular, Malay adat.

Would Zahid be able to offer any credible defence if someone charges him with being a swaggering arrogant bully?

Then again, he would have the company of other UMNO personalities who also have been described as such.

Will he now do a Rosmah? – Rhetoricaly ask a suitable crowd of fawning synchophants, “Do I act like an arrogant, swaggering bully? No, right?”


The Minister like others in power should be aware that all who shower praises may not be sincere. Similarly all those who criticize and condemn are not necessarily insincere. The country is going to the dogs. Ok Lets talk about the police. It is clear that they are not in control of the country. If they cant control stuff belonging to them how can they control stuff that people are deliberately concealing from them. Today the police and the IGP as well as the minister will find that when they talk to a criminal or a suspect they will get… Read more »


Why not ask Utusan the true liar

Bus Stop User

Hi Uncle Anil I am a student in Penang who takes RapidPenang buses to school. You always encourage us to take public buses and I salute many people like you who wants to inculcate such save environment effort and to minimise traffic congestion on the island. This may not be relevant to this topic but i hope you can put it in another subject heading. Besides young people like me, many aged and disabled people do not have proper shelter waiting for the buses in Penang. I urge more people to send strong message to MPPP to work closely with… Read more »


He just acted like a primary school language teacher insisting on parroting his every spoken word in his own style of syntax!!! And very p…-off with the said media.
La-la, la-la!!


Previously he TALK like a gangster and now he ACT more like a gangster


I don’t trust Shabery Cheek who gave shabby excuse on the K-pop sponsorship (RM1.6 million!) that eventually paid for by public fund. This is another case for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate.